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Expert Treatment from Nelson Kraucak PowerPoint Presentation
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Expert Treatment from Nelson Kraucak

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Expert Treatment from Nelson Kraucak - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Expert Treatment from Nelson Kraucak with Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary medicine combines traditional (allopathic) and alternative treatments to find complete health solutions. The name “complementary medicine” developed as alternative medicine and western medicine began to be used to “complement” each other.


Dr. Nelson Kraucak has been offering Complementary and Alternative Medicine for almost two decades now. He is a well-known physician in New York.He has done his Internship in Internal Medicine and Residency in Family Practice at the Albert Einstein Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in New York City.


Dr. Nelson Kraucak is Board Certified in Family Practice and is a fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice. Nelson Kraucak, Florida also holds advanced certificates by the American Board of Holistic Medicine, International Board of Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine, Heavy Metal Detoxification, and Immuno Modulation.


Nelson Kraucak offers Complementary Medicine at Life Family Practice Center

Dr. Nelson Kraucak practices Complementary and Alternative Medicine at Life Family Practice Center since 1995. Ever since then, he along with other experienced and compassionate healers has been helping people to lead a better life with alternative, holistic, and natural healing methods


It is one of the few centers using natural approaches coupled with innovative and cutting-edge technology to find the body’s innate mechanisms to heal itself. Dr. Nelson Kraucak makes use of both Alternative Medicine and the traditional approach to figure out the root cause of diseases and treats his patients with therapies that help the body return back to its natural balance.


To know more about Complementary and Alternative Medicine offered by Nelson Kraucak, please browse through