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Doing the Pan

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Doing the Pan
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Doing the Pan

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  1. Doing the Pan The Pan-American Exposition 1901 Modernity at the Expo

  2. Why an Expo? • In the early 1900s they didn’t have the internet, television, cell phones, and the same amount of media we do today. • How do you think they stayed in touch with what was popular? Expositions of course!!

  3. What is an Exposition? • a large-scale public exhibition or show, as of art or manufactured products • Expositions brought people together, and gave a chance to vendors and companies to share and advertise their product. With out mass communication other than a newspaper you could see how it would be hard to reach many people.

  4. The Pan-American Exposition • In 1901, Buffalo, NY hosted the Pan-American Exposition. • So, Why do you think it was hosted at Buffalo?

  5. “City of Light” • How do you think they would have had the power to run those lights?

  6. Niagara Falls was able to provide the power with Hydro-electricity. • Power was still a spectacle to everyone who attended, and the falls were able to keep the exposition lit up at night, and no one had ever seen anything like it. • At that time, electricity was modernity. • What would you have said if you were at the Expo?

  7. Progress and Other Exhibits at the Expo • The Baby Incubator Exhibit Once again, something people had never seen before. The incubators had 18 babies on display. The incubators brought premature baby mortality rates down by 85%. • There was a constant line leading to and coming from this exhibit.This brought some science into the Expo.

  8. Some Foods that were Featured at the Expo • 1872--Blackjack chewing gum 1893--Juicy Fruit gum 1876--Premium soda crackers 1894--chili powder 1881-- Pillsbury flour 1895--shredded coconut 1886--Coca-Cola 1895--Triscuits1887--Ball-Mason jars 1896--Cracker Jack 1888--Log Cabin syrup 1896--Michelob beer 1889--Aunt Jemima pancake mix 1896--S&W canned foods 1889--Calumet Baking Powder 1896--Tootsie Roll1889--McCormick Spices 1897--Campbell's condensed soup 1889--Pabst Brewing Company 1897--Campbell's tomato soup 1890--Knox gelatine 1897--Grape Nuts 1897--Jell-O 1890--Lipton tea 1898--Nabisco graham crackers 1891--Del Monte 1898--shredded wheat cereal 1891--Fig Newton 1899--Wesson oil1891--Quaker Oats 1900--Chiclets gum 1893--Cream of Wheat 1900--cotton candy 1893--Good & Plenty 1900--Hershey's chocolate bar 1901--instant coffee

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