an examination of fiscal planning and facilities management n.
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An Examination of Fiscal Planning and Facilities Management PowerPoint Presentation
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An Examination of Fiscal Planning and Facilities Management

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An Examination of Fiscal Planning and Facilities Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Examination of Fiscal Planning and Facilities Management. Jennifer Blum Tracy Alberry EDAM 732 Spring 2009. Riverside Unified School District. How are enrollment projections done?. Janet Dixon examines: Historical Data

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an examination of fiscal planning and facilities management

An Examination of Fiscal Planning and Facilities Management

Jennifer Blum

Tracy Alberry

EDAM 732 Spring 2009

how are enrollment projections done
How are enrollment projections done?

Janet Dixon examines:

Historical Data

K – 12 with additional state run preschools and Federal Head Start preschools.

Economical Changes

New Neighborhoods

Potential for new construction

cohort survival
Cohort Survival
  • Kindergarten is the hardest to project
    • Private preschools
    • Parents don’t send students to school until 1st.
  • Frequent jump in numbers from K to 1st
  • Grades 1-9 fairly consistent
  • Grades 9-12 counts drop significantly
calculating enrollment projections
Calculating Enrollment Projections
  • Take the percentage increase from prior year and apply it to the next year.
  • Make adjustments based on:
    • Your knowledge of economy,
    • New construction
    • Other factors that may affect student population.
  • RUSD down 200 this year
  • Last two year downward trend
  • Because of changing economy 5 year progression is not done. 2 Year used instead.
  • New Construction considered as well as “build-ability”
no child left behind act of 2001 school choice
No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, School Choice
  • School choice can change numbers
    • especially at the middle schools where historically more students transfer due to Program Improvement (PI) school choice.
  • Based on CST scores and PI status
  • PI Choice Transfers and Parent Choice
  • The school district boundaries are set by Janet Dixon usually according to historic boundaries.
  • In the 1960’s due to inequalities of schools, with the inner Riverside schools being of lower quality, many students were bused and integrated into more affluent community schools.
education specifications1
Education Specifications
  • Developed by special committees including teachers in various content areas, parent groups and administrators. Final specifications are board approved.
  • Many specifications are seen at all schools.
  • Specifications are used in modernization as well.
school site selection
  • Site size (acreage)
  • Number of students expected
  • Street circulation
  • Potential hazards such as soil density or earthquake fault lines are considered.
  • Freeways due to noise and pollution should be at a minimum of 500 ft.
  • Railways
  • Air Traffic
  • Electrical Poles
facilities master plan
Facilities Master Plan
  • Currently at RUSD there is not a Facilities Master Plan but it is in creation.
  • Key elements:
    • enrollment projections
    • future faculty needs
    • future upgrades for sports facilities and technology
    • current financial status as well as future needs for bond funding
alternative funding and general fund
Alternative Funding and General Fund
  • “Measure B”
  • Community Facilities District partnerships
    • Partnerships with the department of water, sewer, and transportation help gain funding through Mello Roos taxes
      • funds roads, sewers, parks, water facilities, and school facilities.
    • There are also developer fees for homebuilders that fund school facilities.
alternative funding and general fund1
Alternative Funding and General Fund
  • General Fund usually pays for items that last less than ten years
    • Supplies
    • Textbooks
    • Personnel
  • Facility Funds take care of:
    • building of the school
    • furniture
    • equipment
    • even library books
  • Engineers
    • Civil
    • Electrical
    • Structural
    • Soil
  • Environmental consultants and hazardous materials report consultants
  • Construction Manager and one city Inspector
Keep updated on laws….they change constantly.
  • Attorneys…know them and use them!
  • Be organized
  • Utilize community support as well as support from principals and teachers.
  • Keep your district school board aware of all aspects current and future facilities issues.
  • Create a network of help and support in colleagues from other local districts.
  • Stay current in Sacramento politics that could effect funding in the future.
  • CASH: Coalition for Adequate School Housing;
    • This is a great group to network, find support, answer questions, and remain updated on changes in facilities
  • State Agencies: Using state agencies and consultants will avoid “surprises” and potential pit falls.
  • Office of Public School Construction;
    • This organization ensures that funding sources for school construction is appropriate and correct.