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=. It’s a bird!. It’s a plane!. No, It’s…. Super. Service. “Flying Through The Aisles For You”. Executive Summary.

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It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!

No, It’s….



“Flying Through The Aisles For You”

executive summary
Executive Summary

Super Service is America’s first drive through super market. Its more organized than conventional super markets and allows for convenience while saving both time and money. By ordering online, by phoneor catalog, and even at the store, your order is processed quickly and it turns two hours into two minutes. We also deliver.

Our store appeals to those who shop for groceries in their home. Mainly women from the ages of 18-50. By visiting one of our many locations, customers are able to save time and money and carry on with their obligations.



“Our goal is to provide a supermarket experience like no other. We do all the work, so you get all of the convenience. We know time is money and we save you both.”

entrepreneurs business background
Entrepreneurs Business Background

Michelle Fernandez:

“I studied Business and Accounting at USF. I’ve worked at Publix as a manager so I have knowledge of the average customer. I grew up in Tampa so I know the general market”

Solanch Diaz:

“I enrolled in USF Business school. I have owned a successful business which taught me great social skills, how to be able to resolve problems at hand, and how to keep employees motivated.”

Yamilet Mera:

“I received my Bachelor’s degree in Business and International Studies, and my Associates degree in accounting. I help hire qualified employees and help keep Super Service running smoothly.”

Melanie Macias:

“I received both my bachelors degree and my associative degree in finance at USF. I have also worked in many places where entrepreneurial skills have been necessary.”


Drive-Thru Process:

Walk-ins:Customers who have not pre-ordered have the option of walking into the store and shopping for themselves. These customers still receive all the benefits of a conventional supermarket along with quality service.

Delivery: For an extra charge of $2.50 we deliver your groceries and toiletries to your home. Tips not included.

*NOTE: These Services are presented from the employees directly to the consumer. Quality is monitored by the on-site managers.

market needs assessment
Market Needs Assessment

Super Service appeals mainly to the market consisting of those who shop for groceries in a household. Based on this our growth potential is high and we strive to become national in a few years.

Super Service fills the need of Consumers who want to perform other tasks while not having to sacrifice health and home cooked food due to the amount of time it takes an average person to go grocery shopping.

average customer profile
Average Customer Profile

Average Age: 18-50 Years of Age

Median Income: $50,525

Preferred shopping Day: Saturday

Avg.Monthly Grocery Bill: $230.30 (Per Person)

Where Current Need Is Met:Publix, Wal-Mart, Sweetbay

  • Possible Research needed:
  • Popular brands
  • Household members
  • Population Diversity in Area

Start up Needs:

  • Cash Registers
  • Shelves
  • Boxes
  • Uniforms
  • Catalogs
  • Phones
  • Building
  • Advertisement
  • Ovens
  • Delivery Magnet
  • Filing cabinets
  • Shopping carts
  • Counters
  • Website
  • Email
  • Computers
  • Deli Slicing Machine
  • Food display warmer
ethical policy
Ethical Policy

These Guidelines have been put in place in order to be able to provide our customers a high quality of service and to provide our employees a safe workplace.

To Our Employees:

Before working at Super Service you must agree to these terms and conditions.

An employee must have at least a high school diploma OR must be enrolled in high School.

Honesty is the best policy.

Personality is key to a successful work ethic. Make sure to always smile and be respectful to all customers and fellow staff members.

Treat every customer equally. No preferences or discriminating.

Use integrity and work as if you are being supervised at all times.

If an employee disobeys any of these rules there will

be severe consequences!

ethical and social challenges
Ethical and Social Challenges

Challenge #1: A customer walks in with a bad attitude and is being rude to an employee.

Solution: The employee should remain calm and call the manager who will determine the situation and either help the customer or call security.

Challenge #2: An employee or customer is caught shoplifting.

Solution: We will call security and the law will deal with them.

Challenge #3: A Car breaks down in a drive-Thru lane.

Solution: We can allow the car’s owner and passengers to use the phone inside the store and call a mechanic. After they call they can remain in the store while they wait. While this happens the lane will be closed and other customers in line will be directed to the emptiest lane.

o pe rations and management
Operations and Management

Super Service is run as a corporation because there is Limited Liability, in which Super Service is protected against law suits. Compared to a business run by a sole proprietor, there are significant tax savings.


Employees Needed:

Education Requirements: All Jobs require Employees to have At Least a high school diploma OR to be enrolled in High School.

  • Employee Compensation:
  • Long Term Disability
  • Short Term Disability
  • Health Care
  • 401K Savings Plan

Additional Requirements:

Attorneys: Juris Doctor Degree

Bakers: Degree in Pastry arts

Deli: Degree in Culinary Arts

Note: Employees have these options but must pay a fee for each.

No Skills Required! New Employees will attend a week long Training Program.

accounting and finance
Accounting and Finance

*Note: Super Service’s revenue is derived from both selling shelf space to brands and by an extra commission of $0.50 added onto the price of every product.


Start up Financing request: $2,848,386

Start up Loan Funds

  • Employees (First Year) : $1,728,360
  • Location Rent(First Year): $36,000
  • Building Accommodations: $500,000
    • Building
    • Lights
    • Flooring
  • Operating Equipment: $300,000
    • Cash Registers
    • Shelves
    • Boxes
    • Uniforms
    • Catalogs
    • Phones
    • Building
    • Advertisement
    • Filing cabinets
  • Wall Paint
  • Window Clings
  • Decorations
  • Ovens
  • Delivery Magnet
  • Shopping carts
  • Counters
  • Website
  • Email
  • Computers
  • Deli Slicing Machine
  • Food display warmer

Emergency Money: $284,026


Visit us At:

2954 W. Hillsborough Ave.

Tampa FL 33614