Inspiring aspirational travel discovery
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Inspiring Aspirational Travel & Discovery. Brian C. Silengo Regional Director, Travel Supplier Relations October 24, 2012. Agenda. What is Groupon? What is Groupon Getaways? How can Groupon Getaways help to grow your business? What does the future hold for Getaways?. Groupon History .

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Inspiring aspirational travel discovery

Inspiring Aspirational Travel & Discovery

Brian C. Silengo

Regional Director, Travel Supplier Relations

October 24, 2012


What is Groupon?

What is Groupon Getaways?

How can Groupon Getaways help to grow your business?

What does the future hold for Getaways?

Groupon history
Groupon History

Groupon is a breakthrough marketing platform, offering a daily invitation to millions and millions of subscribers to do, buy, see and eat in over 48 countries. Members are loyal to the brand and incredibly engaged with partner offers.

Through collective buying power Groupon has captured the power of social media and put it to work at a local level, providing a win-win for businesses and consumers alike.

With a massive member footprint, Groupon can solve for a wide range of strategies across a variety of channels. The intersection of local, social and mobile has arrived and Groupon is leading the charge.

The launch of getaways
The launch of Getaways

  • A dedicated channel and team for a special industry.

We’ve assembled a team with a rich travel history that works solely with our partners within the travel industry.

Your day-to-day operations are different than those of a restaurant or a spa, and we don’t pretend to believe your business needs are the same. Our team will work directly with you on creating a custom offer that makes the most sense for your property.

Exactly the travelers you want to see
Exactly the Travelers You Want to See

Our subscribers don’t scour sites for the lowest prices; they turn to Getaways to discover new experiences.

What’s more, they’re affluent, influential, and always in the mood to travel.

85%of Getaways customers have already booked a leisure hotel stay in the past year, and 44% have booked three or more.1

66%of Getaways subscribers are female and often play a deciding role in determining when it’s time to get away.2

33%of our subscribers make more than $100,000 per year, which means they’ve got the freedom to go where they want.3

1Internal Data, May 2012

2Internal Data, June 2012

3Groupon Getaways Brand Study, May 2012

Gain large scale exposure to valuable travelers
Gain Large-Scale Exposure to Valuable Travelers

  • Take advantage of Groupon’s massive audience footprint.

The average feature sells

1,000 room nights2

38 million active subscribers1

83% of customers say Getaways make them want to travel3

55% of customers spent more than $1,000 on leisure trips4

1Internal Data, June 2012

2Internal Data, August 2012

3Groupon Getaways Value Study, May 2012

4Internal Study, May 2012

Partnering with Groupon Getaways gives you large-scale exposure and branding through one of the largest opt-in email programs in the world.

Most marketing for travel businesses encourage customers to travel when it’s cheapest, whereas Getaways attracts new travelers who are ready to spend.

In fact, 97% of our customers1say that they wouldn't have traveled to the hotel they visited had they not seen it on Getaways.

Unmatched performance
Unmatched Performance

  • Our offers help businesses around the globe reach their occupancy and revenue goals faster, and our flexible deal structures encourage guests to spend on additional amenities.

  • We work with you to showcase your property, and enhance your brand perception unlike any other travel distribution channel:

  • Visually feature your property’s personality through the slideshow platform

  • Our editorial staff puts you in the spotlight

Etaways success stories

Success Stories

The Queen Anne Bed & Breakfast in Denver worked with Groupon to fill rooms during slow months.

“After running the promotion, we had 90-95% occupancy.” – MilonDashi, Owner

The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Toronto worked with Groupon to reach new customers and gain a better market share.

“Going with Groupon, with their database, and on their website- for my money, this is the best ROI.” – RicPoeltl, Director of Revenue Management

Groupon helped Adrift Hotel and Spa in Long Beach, WA target their target market and expand their customer base.

“Groupon customers have been fantastic. They stay extra nights and purchase other goods ” – Tiffany Turner, Owner