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aim what does addie s chapter reveal n.
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Aim: What does Addie’s chapter reveal? PowerPoint Presentation
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Aim: What does Addie’s chapter reveal?

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Aim: What does Addie’s chapter reveal?

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  1. Aim: What does Addie’s chapter reveal? Do Now: How does Addie’s chapter compare to what you expected?

  2. Addie & Words • « I knewthatthatwordwaslike the others; just a shape to fill a lack; thatwhen the right time came, youwouldn’tneed a word for thatanymorethan for pride or fear. » • For Addie, why do wordsseem to lackmeaning?

  3. Addie as Mother • “And when I knew that I had Cash, I knew that living was terrible and that this was the answer to it. That’s when I learned that words are no good; that words dontever fit evenwhatthey are trying to say at. Whenhewasborn I knewthatmotherhoodwasinvented by someonewhohad to have a word for itbecause the onesthathadthe childrendidn’t care whethertherewas a word for it or not. » • « Mychildrenwere of me alone, of the wildbloodboilingalong the earth, of me and of all thatlived; of none and of all. Then I foundthaI hadJewel. When I waked to remember to discoverit, hewastwomonths gone. » • Whois the he? • « I gave Anse Dewey Dell to negativeJewel. Then I gave himVardaman to replace the child I hadrobbedhim of. And nowhe has threechildrenthat are his and not mine. And then I couldgetready to die. » • Addie says Anse has threechildren – who are they? • Who are Addie’schildren? Why? • How isAddie’sidentityseen in herchildren?

  4. Addie as Teacher • “… instead of going home I would go down the hill to the spring where I could be quiet and hate them.” • Who are ‘them’? • Why would Addie become a teacher if she hates her students so much? • What do you think is the source of Addie’s angst?

  5. Addie’s Jewel • “He is my cross and he will be my salvation. He will save me from the water and from the fire. Even though I have laid down my life, he will save me.” • Water - Biblical Flood. Sent as a form of divine retribution. Flood waters are described as a measure for the cleansing of humanity. It is seen as the reversal of creation – appropo considering Addie is being destroyed. • Fire – Sodom and Gomorrah. “Divine judgment by God was then passed upon Sodom and Gomorrah and two neighboring cities, which were completely consumed by fire and brimstone.” They were punished for their sins. • Both references refer to punishment for sins committed? What sins has Addie committed? • In this reference, who does Jewel become?