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North Carolina

North Carolina. This Nickname is North Carolina’s State!!!. Carolina Tar Heels!!!!!!!. North Carolina Fun Facts!!!!!!!.

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North Carolina

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  1. North Carolina

  2. This Nicknameis North Carolina’s State!!! Carolina Tar Heels!!!!!!!

  3. North Carolina Fun Facts!!!!!!! • Admitted to Union November 21, 1789 Capital Raleigh Nickname Tar Heel State, Old North State Motto Esse Quam Videri (To be, rather than to seem) Total Area 53,821 square miles Rank 28th Total Land Area 48,708 square miles Rank 17th Total Water Area 5,103 square miles Rank 10th Length 500 miles Width 150 miles Highest Point 6,684 feet (Mount Mitchell) Rank 16th Lowest Point sea level (Atlantic Ocean) Rank 3rd Mean Elevation 700 feet Rank 35th Highest Temp 110 degrees on August 21, 1983 at Fayetteville Lowest Temp -34 degrees on January 25, 1985 on Mount Mitchell Highest Monthly Avg Temp 88.3 degrees Rank 23rd Lowest Monthly Avg Temp 27.3 degrees Rank 39th Population(U.S. Census, April, 2000) 8,049,313 Rank 11th Population per square mile(Population/Total Land Area) 165.26 Rank 17th

  4. More Fun Facts!!!! • Ten Largest Cities by Population(U.S. Census, April, 2000) 1. Charlotte 540,828                         6. Fayetteville 121,015 2. Raleigh 276,093                           7. Cary 94,536 3. Greensboro 223,891                     8. High Point 85,839 4. Durham 187,035                          9. Wilmington 75,838 5. Winston-Salem 185,776              10. Asheville 68,889

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