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Workplace Skills. Workplace . Workplace – a place of business where an organization accomplishes the tasks that earn the profit that keeps the organization productive. Workplace Safety.

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Workplace – a place of business where an organization accomplishes the tasks that earn the profit that keeps the organization productive.

workplace safety
Workplace Safety
  • Workplace safety guarantees a safe and hazard-free work environment for you as well as all employees of the organization.
  • When an on-the-job injury occurs, WORKMANS COMP will be paid
    • Workman’s Comp – benefits paid to an injured employee for living expenses while injured
dress code
Dress Code

Dress code will vary across the career spectrum

People who work there help you set the proper dress code

Professional Business jobs require a professional dress.

dress code1
Dress Code

Professional Dress

  • Men
    • Blue, Black, or Charcoal Grey suit
    • Button-up shirt and matching tie
    • Brown or Black shoes and belt.
  • Women
    • Skirt and Blouse or
    • Pants Suit
    • Closed toed shoes
emergency procedures
Emergency Procedures

The Safety Hazards and Emergency Procedures will vary depending on the job.

When hired, ask about the procedures that apply


Tools of the Trade – The tools that you need to know and master in order to be the best employee possible at a certain job or position.

Tools will vary depending on the job at hand

tool maintenance
Tool Maintenance

Tools that are used on the job are used every day.

That results in a lot of WEAR AND TEAR on the equipment.

A Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Maintenance schedule will help extend the life of the equipment and create a safer work environment for the workers.


Technology has made most jobs simpler in some way

Email and cell phones allow better communication

Digital plans and maps help increase the level of understanding

Equipment is easier to operate and maintain

How has technology made your career choice easier?


How has technology made your career choice easier?

Send me 2 examples of this in a student email.

organizational structure
Organizational Structure

Organization - A group of people working together in a coordinated effort to reach certain goals.

Organizations are structured into levels

The higher level has authority over all levels below

organizational structure1
Organizational Structure

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

COO – Chief Operating Officer

Operative – Employees who have no authority over anyone else and is only responsible for their job

organizational structure2
Organizational Structure

Authority - The power based on the rights that come with a position.

Different levels create clear lines of authority and a chain of command

organizational structure3
Organizational Structure

Chain of Command

The clear line of authority within an organization.

In the business world, the chain of command starts with the CEO

improving productivity
Improving Productivity
  • In early industrial times, it was proven that assigning specific tasks to individuals or groups will improve productivity
  • This technique is called Division of Labor.
  • Division of Labor may include:
    • Specialization
    • Job Rotation
    • Job Scope
    • Job Depth
improving productivity1
Improving Productivity
  • Specialization - groups of workers perform very specific tasks or sets of tasks.
    • Makes training employees easier
    • Can increase productivity
    • May cause boredom among employees
improving productivity2
Improving Productivity
  • Job Rotation - Periodically moving of workers from one job to another.
    • This will help prevent workers from becoming bored
    • It also creates a multiskilled workforce
improving productivity3
Improving Productivity
  • Job Scope - Refers to the number of operations involved in a job
    • Narrow job scope means few operations involved and may become boring
    • Broad job scope means many operations, which most people find more satisfying
improving productivity4
Improving Productivity
  • Job Depth -The freedom employees have to:
    • Plan and organize their work
    • Interact with co-workers
    • Work at their own pace
      • A job with depth allows for the workday to be much less regulated than those with minimal job depth
organizational structure4
Organizational Structure
  • During industrial times (late 19th and early 20th centuries) many companies were centralized:
    • Power held by a few senior managers who are responsible for making most important decisions
  • Decentralization - The process by which decisions are made by managers at various levels within an organization.
types of organizational structures
Types of Organizational Structures
  • Line Structure
  • Line and Staff Structure
  • Matrix Structure
  • Team Structure
    • Each type can be shown by an organizational chart, which is a visual representation of a businesses structure.
    • Shows who reports to whom and what type of work each department does.
line structure
Line Structure
  • Authority originates at the top and moves downward in a line.
  • All managers perform line functions.
    • Line functions – functions that contribute directly to company profits.
    • EX. Production mgrs, sales reps, marketing mgrs
  • What type of companies have a line structure?
line and staff structure
Line and Staff Structure
  • When line managers of larger corporations cant perform all tasks required to run their department, other employees are hired to help by performing staff functions.
    • Advise and support line functions
    • EX. Legal dept, human resources, public relations
      • Contribute only indirectly to company profits
      • Staff are usually specialists in one field, and only advise line managers.
matrix structure
Matrix Structure
  • Allows employees from different departments to come together temporarily to work on special project teams.
  • Allows flexibility to respond quickly to customer needs by a team of people devoting time to the project, then return to their departments after completion.
    • Common for companies that take on very large projects
    • EX. Boeing, new aircraft design
matrix structure chart
Matrix Structure Chart

Projects are formed from by employees coming together from each department in their division to work on special projects

team structure
Team Structure
  • Brings together people with different skills in order to meet a particular objective.
  • More and more companies are using this over Line and staff.
    • Allows them to meet customer needs quicker than traditional structures
  • Teams make their own decision instead of having to get approval of senior mgrs
flat structure
Flat Structure
  • An organization that has a small number of levels and a broad span of mgt at each level.
    • This calls for a good bit of delegation on the part of the mgr.
    • Employees have more power within the company.
      • Advantages
        • Greater job satisfaction
        • More delegation
        • Increased communication between levels of mgt.
tall structure
Tall Structure
  • Organization that has many levels with small spans of management.
    • Power is centralized on the top levels and there is more employee control by senior mgrs.
      • Advantages
        • Greater control
        • Better performance

A group of people working together with delegated responsibility to accomplish team set goals

Delegate – to divide up responsibility within the team

Collaborate – information combined from all members of the team to achieve goals or answer common problems

working in teams
Working in Teams


1.sharing of ideas

2.motivation - not wanting to let the team down. Shared targets and aims for the team to meet.

3.Employee needs - employees have social needs, go to work not just for the money but for human contact with workmates etc. Employees can therefore be happier in a team.

4. Personnel support - more experienced members can help, mentor and develop the less experienced members.

working in teams1
Working in Teams


1. not all work is suited to working in a team - there are some one man tasks.

2. Teams can cause conflicts - personality clashes between members.

3. The contribution of quieter members of the team can get crowded out by members with larger personalities. Some good ideas can get lost this way.

4. Team mentality. Workers start to identify just with their own team and this harms relationships between different teams and departments and harms communication in the organization


Marketing – Department that will determine how your company will inform customers about the product. Department head should include place to advertise: newspaper, television, storefronts, billboards, radio ads, mailers, mass emails

Sales – Department that will determine where and how to sell the product created and the price to sell it for. Include places to sell and the area in the store to sell it.

Production – Department that will determine how to assemble the product. Include all steps in the process of building or creating the product

corporate financial practices
Corporate Financial Practices
  • Company Credit Card – Charge card given to employees to pay for JOB RELATED expenses.
    • Gas
    • Hotels
    • Client Dinner
  • Expense Report – Form to be filled out when an employee returns from a business trip, or periodically if charges are a standard of the job
corporate financial practices1
Corporate Financial Practices
  • Fraud – being dishonest on an expense report
    • Spending money on the company charge card for non-business related items
    • Not itemizing all purchases correctly
    • Not recording the place of business of the purchase correctly
corporate financial practices2
Corporate Financial Practices
  • Embezzlement – possessing Company money without prior approval
    • Unauthorized purchases and returns
    • ATM withdrawals
    • Petty Cash
      • Small amount of money kept on hand for emergency purchases
working in a public environment
Working in a Public Environment

When working on Public computers, security of files and information is a MUST!!!

When sending confidential info, or things you don’t want others to see, ENCRYPT the file before sending

secure sending of information
Secure Sending of Information
  • Encrypt – the transforming of information using an algorithm that makes it impossible for others to read without the decryption code
    • Algorithm – AKA Cipher – changes the decrypted message into a readable format
  • Decrypt – change the encrypted message back to normal text by inputting the decryption code
  • To encrypt a document in Microsoft Word
    • 2007
    • Go to circle in Top Left > Prepare > Encrypt Document
    • Enter a password that you can remember
    • 2003
    • Go to Tools > Options > Security > Encryption
encryption sending decryption
Encryption, Sending, Decryption
  • Attach the document to an email and send it to me at Put the password in the body of the email so I can decrypt the message once it is sent.
    • Encrypted message and password included worth 50 points possible