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Introduction to Beginning Computer

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Introduction to Beginning Computer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Beginning Computer. Rondo Community Outreach Saint Paul Public Library. Drives are different places on your computer to save information. 3 ½” floppy disk drive (C:) Hard drives CD drive Flash/jump/USB drive

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introduction to beginning computer

Introduction to Beginning Computer

Rondo Community Outreach

Saint Paul Public Library

Drives are different places on your computer to save information.

3 ½” floppy disk drive

(C:) Hard drives

CD drive

Flash/jump/USB drive

Some computers use different letters, or may not have all the drives listed above.


Portable Data Storage Devices

Floppy Disk


Flash Drive

  • Work like a floppy disk, but hold more info (1-2 gigabytes, or more!)
  • Plug into USB ports
usb ports
USB Ports
  • A USB port hosts input & output devices
    • INPUT: items that you can put IN information (like a keyboard, microphone or flash drive)
    • OUTPUT: items that send OUT information (like a printer or speakers)
  • USB Ports are the rectangular holes on your computer, often indicated by this symbol:

Find them on thefront or side of the computer!

what is a computer program
What is a Computer Program?
  • A set of instructions that tells the computer how to perform a task
  • Also called computer software
  • Most computers include basic software to make it start and display things on the screen
  • Buy more in a store or on the Internet
  • Programs need to be “upgraded” as the software improves or when if becomes out of date
microsoft word
Microsoft Word
  • Word Processing Program
  • Like a typewriter except you can edit, copy, move and delete text.
  • Word can check your spelling and grammar
  • Use for letters and documents which are mainly words
microsoft excel
Microsoft Excel
  • Spreadsheet Program
  • Use with documents which are mainly numbers or graphs
  • Adds and multiplies numbers
microsoft powerpoint
Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Presentation program
  • Use for posters and presentations
  • This presentation

was created on


internet explorer
Internet Explorer
  • This software allows you to use the Internet.
  • It is also called a web browser.
  • Use this to access an E-mail account and explore the Internet

The “window” is what you view a program in.

You can open up multiple “windows” to view more than one program at the same time.


What is a Home Page?

  • Page that automatically opens when you start your web browser
  • The first page of a web-site
  • Often referred to as “Links”
  • Something you can click to take you to another web-site or part of the web-page
  • Links are often blue and underlined
  • The “cursor” of your mouse will turn into the Pointing Finger when you can click on a link.


minimize maximize restore and close
Minimize, Maximize, Restore and Close

When using Internet Explorer or other programs, these are important to know!

Any Questions?

Thank you!