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CUB SCOUT FALL RECRUITMENT 2009. Monmouth Council, BSA. Why Do We Do This?. To Give every boy the OPPORTUNITY to join Scouting Grow our Packs More Kids=More Fun More Volunteers=More Help!. How Do We Do This?. Fall recruitment is a two part process!

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cub scout fall recruitment 2009


Monmouth Council, BSA

why do we do this

Why Do We Do This?

To Give every boy the OPPORTUNITY to join Scouting

Grow our Packs

More Kids=More Fun

More Volunteers=More Help!

how do we do this

How Do We Do This?

Fall recruitment is a two part process!

Part One: THE BOY TALK- Boy Talks are and inschool presentation to the youth at your school about 1-3 days before your recruitment night

Part TWO: THE SCHOOL NIGHT- This is the special night your pack has designated to sign up new families

what is a boy talk

What Is A Boy Talk

Boy Talks are an inschool presentation done by Pack Leaders and your District Executive to get BOYS excited about joining Cub Scouts.

These can be done in 3 Ways- Classroom presentations, School-wide assemblies, or Lunch time announcements

Boy Talks are what get kids wanting to bring the fliers home!!

what is a school night

What Is A School Night

School Nights are a SPECIAL night that is designated by your Pack for the sole purpose of signing up new Scout Families

These aren’t back to school nights in the school, these are to recruit new members. At Back to School Nights parents come to see teachers- Scouting School Nights parents come to sign up for Cub Scouts

These should be well organized and fun

what resources are available for my pack

What Resources are Available for My Pack?

There are lots of resources available for your Pack!!



Yard Signs


School Night Folders

School Night Crates

Your District Executive & District Committee

what is this www beascout org

What is this brings Scout recruitment into the 21st century

It is a website that anyone can go to 24 hours a day and find information about a local Pack or Troop

Your Pack can update its contact information and description at anytime, all you need is your password from your local District Executive!

www beascout org


fliers posters signs oh my

Fliers, Posters, & Signs…Oh My!

We have thousands of fliers and hundreds of posters and yard signs to put out in the community to promote your recruitment, all you need to do is ask!

School night fliers are always available and can be printed up for your unit, with advance notice!

Help us promote this fall recruitment and get your posters and yard signs at your local Scout Service Center! Get them to businesses and yards in your neighborhoods today!

school night resources

School Night Resources

If this is your first time running a school night, you may feel overwhelmed or not know where to begin...DON’T WORRY we CAN HELP!

Your DE will have a special packet of resources JUST for your Pack’s School Night. They also have a great bag of tricks- called a school night crate that they can bring to your school night that will provide every resource you need to help sell the sizzle of scouting to prospective families!

The school night crates include handbooks, leaders guides, applications, boys life magazines, posters, insurance information, and much, much more!

boy to boy recruiting

Boy To Boy Recruiting

Do you know who is the best recruiter of Cub Scouts? A CUB SCOUT WHO LOVES YOUR PACK!

This year we have evites that families, and scouts, can send to their neighbors, little league teammates, and friends.

Find our evites on!

tips for a great fall recruitment


Have a Unit Recruitment Chair

Promote, Promote, Promote

Have yard signs and posters at local restaurants and shopping plazas

Have each family use evites to invite friends

Tell people about

Have Scouts wear their uniform to school on the day of your recruitment

Work with your District Executive on planning your Boy Talk and School Night

Ensure parents fill out applications at your school nights, don’t just send them on their way with information