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Vocabulary Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Vocabulary Learning

Vocabulary Learning

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Vocabulary Learning

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  1. Vocabulary Learning

  2. Discussion in pairs (1) Can you recognize the differences between AE and BE in vocabulary spelling? Make a list. (2) Can you recognize the differences between AE and BE in vocabulary usage? Make a list. (3) Do you think it is important whether you learn AE or BE? Why? (4) Can you recognize which accent is AE and which is BE? Give an example.

  3. Differences in vocabulary usage

  4. Differences in vocabulary spelling

  5. Make dialogues according to this example. British Betty: Would you like to see my flat? American Amy: Yes. I’d like to come up to your apartment.

  6. From the Indian-born linguist Braj Kachru

  7. 1. Inner circle means USA and UK make use of English as the first language. 2. Outer circle means countries such as India, once ruled by the British and use English as their own language. 3. The expanding circle means that in some countries, such as China, Russia, English is used as a foreign language.

  8. England (UK) Ireland America (USA) South Africa Canada Singapore Denmark Spain Malaysia France India China Russia

  9. Questions 1. What’s the official language of each country? 2. Some African countries speak English, why? 3. Why do some Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, India, also speak English? 4. English is spoken in Canada.Is there any other language frequently spoken there?

  10. Because of the influence of strong American economics, a number of people prefer to use American English instead of British English. Actually, American English comes from the British English. Internet also mainly use American English because America plays an important part in the world. China is a country with the largest population in the world. At present, many young people choose to learn English. Many of them can speak English fluently and have become fluent English speakers. Now the number of English speakers in China is so large that some Chinese words are used in the world, such asToufu, Kongfu.

  11. because & because of 因为你的关心,我发现生活充满了希望。 1)Because you are concerned about me, I find that life is full of hope. 2)Because of your concern, I find that life is full of hope. 因为雨下得很大,那个男孩穿过树林回家了。 1)Becauseit rained heavily, the boy went back home through the woods. 2)Because of the heavy rain, the boy went back home through the woods.

  12. such as: for example My doctor told me not to eat fatty foods such as bacon or hamburgers. 我的医生叫我不要吃油腻的食物,如咸肉或汉堡包。 The differences in pronunciation between AE and BE are greater. For example, Americans say dance [daens], and in Southern England they say [da:ns]. 英国英语和美国英语在发音上区别更大。例如,美国人发[daens], 而英国人发[da:ns]。 ★“such as” is used to list similar things. ★“for example” is used to illustrate the speaker’s argument.

  13. a number of & the number of a number of 大量的(其后谓语动词用复数) There are a number of students in the picture. 照片上有很多学生。 the number of ……的数目(其后谓语动词用单数) The number of people has reached 50. 人数已经达到了50人。

  14. play a part / role (in sth): play a part: to be involved in an activity 1)His parents played a part in his success. 他的成功有他父母的因素在内。 2)Her suggestions play a very important part in our decision-making. 她的建议在我们的决定中起了很重要的作用。 3)He has played all kinds of roles in his life. 他一生中扮演了各种各样的角色。

  15. at present: now; at this time, at this moment • She’s busy at present and can’t speak to you. 她现在很忙,不能跟你谈活。 • 2) At present he is a professor of mathematics • at Cambridge. • 目前他是剑桥大学的数学教授。

  16. Ex.2: It is not easy for Chinese person to speak English as fluently as a native English speaker. One reason is that English has a large vocabulary. It also has different usage in different English speaking countries. If you use “flat” instead of “apartment”, people in American will know you have learned British English. If you use the word “elevator” instead of “lift” in Britain, people will know you have studied American English.

  17. Key answer: come up, At present, Because of, such as, make use of

  18. WORD PUZZLE • A.It’s used to take people upstairs and downstairs in the • high buildings. What is it? • B.It’s a kind of liquid and very necessary for the car. Car • can’t move without it. What is it? • The form of this word is very similar to “naïve”, but it • has one letter more than “naïve”. What’s more, they • have different pronunciation. Which word is it? • D. It is often used as an adjective and matches with “language, position, duty, permission” and so on. Its root is office. Which word is it?

  19. Homework 1. Do the Exercise 1 and Exercise 4 in Learning about Language of SB. 2. Do the Exercise 1, 2and 3 inUsing Words and Expressions of WB.