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IMA Release 9.01 Enhancements PowerPoint Presentation
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IMA Release 9.01 Enhancements

IMA Release 9.01 Enhancements

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IMA Release 9.01 Enhancements

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  1. IMA Release 9.01 Enhancements

  2. Lesson Objectives Upon completion of this lesson, you should be able to: • Know the IMA 9.01 Release dates • Discuss the impacts of each enhancement • Recognize changes to IMA GUI as a result of Release 9.01

  3. Release Date IMA Release 9.01 Installation begins Saturday, March 23, 2002 In Production on Monday, March 25, 2002 6:00 AM Mountain Time

  4. Enhancements • Geographic Deaveraging • Spectrum Management • Add Resale Frame Relay(RFR) on Conversion as Is • Special Characters in LV1 Field Cause LSRs to Go Manual

  5. Enhancements, continued • Request for APTCON Edit • Request for Zip Code Edit • Miscellaneous IMA CRs • Additional UBL/LSNP SECNCI Codes Added • OVERRIDE Edit in Appointment Scheduler

  6. Enhancements, continued • LSR Rejection Related to CSR Retrieval • Extra IMA Product NC Codes Added • Appointment Scheduler - 3 Day Interval Supplement

  7. Geographic Deaveraging • This change to IMA establishes functionality for geographic zone rating for 13 states (Idaho is excluded). • Depending upon the state, deaveraged rates may be applied as either per rate group area or per zone pricing. • Affected product USOCs will only be offered at deaveraged rates; USOCs will not be manually rated. NOTE: The FTS enhancement adding the new functionality will occur in the April 11, 2002 FTS release. IMA functionality will not occur until the FTS portion is complete.

  8. Spectrum Management Currently CLECs can not order any of the new Spectrum Management categories when placing a new order. With this change to IMA, new NCI codes and their associated USOCs will be added to IMA as part of the LX-N NC codes. IMA will accept LSRs with these new codes. This enhancement will be available to all IMA previous releases currently supported in the in production environment.

  9. Add Resale Frame Relay(RFR) - Conversion as Is IMA will require that the RFR form be completed in addition to the LSR and EU forms when the product is RFR and the Activity type is “W”.

  10. Resale Frame Relay(RFR) Cont. When the request is for RFR with Activity type of “W” this new “Order Information for New LSR” screen should display the RFR form.

  11. Special Characters in LV1 Field Address validations have been failing because special characters are entered in the LV1 field. The CLEC needs to be aware that if special characters appear in the LV1 field on the EUI form it will cause a service order error. The specific value that is being screened is an “=“ in the first position of the LV1 field and it will be ignored by FTS. This will not affect the content of the LSR as submitted.

  12. Request for APTCON Edit Currently, some CLECs are populating “N/A” in the APTCON field on the LSR form. LSRs with this value in the APTCON field err out because edits expect to find a FID to follow a “/”. With this release there will be a new edit that accepts only the following alphanumeric characters as valid values for input to the APTCON field: • A – Z • a – z • 0 – 9

  13. APTCON Edit Cont. The BPL will reject the LSR if the APTCON field contains special characters (i.e., other than letters and numbers). This will also generate an error message: • "A – Z, a – z, and 0 – 9 are the only valid characters allowed in the APTCON field." If the LSO field on the LSR is populated, the APTCON field can not be populated. If both are populated IMA will reject the LSR with the error message: • "APTCON must be blank when LSO populated.”

  14. Request for Zip Code Edit Currently, the CALA/SAGA or Zip Code can be entered in the Loc Access/Inside Wire section on the End User form for New activity (ACT = N). When the Zip Code is blank the service order will err out. This enhancement adds an edit that prevents an LSR with an ACT = N and no Zip Code from being submitted by the CLEC.

  15. Check Entire CSR to Match the Listed COS With this change to IMA the edit will be performed using all COS present on the entire CSR instead of only the first COS shown. Conflicting USOC CSR to LSR ACT=C Only The USOC to USOC edit will be applied to the CSR to LSR comparison when the LNA=C instead of LNA=N, V, C. Miscellaneous IMA CRs

  16. Additional UBL/LSNP SECNCI Codes Added This change to IMA adds new SECNCI information to existing tables used to edit LSRs submitted via the GUI and interacting with Appointment Scheduler. These additions will be made to the SECNCI Code tables used for both Unbundled Loop and Loop with Number Port orders.

  17. This change to IMA adds an edit to the APTCON field, which will only allow the use of the word OVERRIDE in that field for an Unbundled Loop or Loop with Number Port request. This includes REQTYP – AB (Unbundled Loop) and BB (Loop with Number Port). OVERRIDE Edit in Appointment Scheduler

  18. LSR Rejection Related to CSR Retrieval IMA is incorrectly rejecting some orders that are correctly submitted. This is occurring due to the BPL not pulling the entire CSR at order time. If ownership information is not located within the pages retrieved, an error will be generated. "Ownership Error - CCNA does not match RSID or ZCID on the CSR and ACT is C (Account may be newly converted)" With this release the entire CSR will be retrieved to allow IMA to determine ownership.

  19. Appointment Scheduler - 3 Day Interval Supplement IMA will be adding a Negotiated Business Rule for Unbundled Loop with Number Portability (LSNP). If IMA receives an LSR for LSNP Supp 1 or Supp 2, or if the Manual Indicator set to Y, Appointment Scheduler’s editing will be bypassed.

  20. Remember!!IMA 9.01 - 03/25/2002 6:00 AM Mountain Time