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Football. By: Hamad Al-Hinzab. Where did Football originate from?.

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Hamad Al-Hinzab

where did football originate from
Where did Football originate from?
  • Football was not originated in one specific country or region. Lots of cutlers use football in different ways, for example the Chinese used it from over 3000 years ago for entertainment. Although the ancient Greek and Romans used football to get their warriors ready for battle. But football really started to take shape in England. It started in the year 1863, when two football associations split up and they both went different ways. So basically football was from England.
who made up the first organized set of rules for football
Who made up the first organized set of rules for Football?
  • The first set of rules of football was created in the Cambridge University in 1848. It was called the “Cambridge Rules”. By a committee that included Winton and J.C. Thring.
how many countries play football as their national sport
How many countries play Football as their national sport?
  • There are a lot of countries play football as there national sport. More than 60 countries play football as there national sport.
  • And some are: Brazil, Nigeria, México, Vietnam, Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, France, Italy, England, Myanmar, Ukraine Spain
why do you think football has become so popular around the world
Why do you think Football has become so popular around the world?
  • The game of football is easy and simple to understand. It is a very exiting and entertaining game to watch. The game has a lot of movement and excitement.
Do you think there are different ways of playing, or styles, of Football indifferent are as around the world?
  • It depends on the culture you grew up in. it also depends the place or environment you play in and also the way you like to play it.