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Football. Sarah J. Football.

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  1. Football Sarah J

  2. Football • Football officially started during the 19th century in Tavern in London “under the pens of several clubs that formed the Football Association and wrote the Laws of the Game” (1863). It didn’t take long for football to turn from a local event around England, to an international game loved by nearly 3 billion people around he world.

  3. Football History • Football developed in medieval England and it didn’t take long ‘til it was introduced in England public Schools to keep boys fit. This sport became more organized, “with well-defined teams, positions, referees and coaches” • It started with football matches played between school, but not every school had the same rules so it was hard to actually play in tournaments… Football also spread and factories and other organizations started building their own teams.

  4. Football Rules and Laws • “In 1862, a solicitor by the name of Cobb Morley, formed a semi-professional soccer club in Barnes, called the Barnes Club. Seeing that the game needs more organization if it were to be played properly, he suggested creating a governing body for soccer in a local newspaper and the idea grew roots.”On 26 October, 1863, his idea was put to action. • “Cobb Morley is rightfully considered the father of soccer, but that's not just because he was the one to spark the idea of the Football Association. He also drew up the Laws of the Game, probably the most important document in the history of soccer, since it held all the official rules around which the game would be played. “ • Cobb Morley's rules were agreed and accepted by the Football Association on the 8th of December 1863.

  5. 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP • The 2010 FIFA World Cup was the 19th FIFA World Cup. It took place in South Africa from June 11 ‘till 11 July 2010. • The matches of this world cup were played in ten stadiums in nine host cities all over South Africa. The final match was played in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg at the “Soccer City” stadium.

  6. The Teams • 32 teams were selected through a “world wide qualification tournament” that began in August 2007. • “In the “first round” of the tournament finals, the teams competed in “round-robin” groups of four teams for points” and the 2 teams in each group with most points proceeding. Those 16 teams went up to the “knockout stage” in which three rounds of playing told which 8 teams will reach the final.

  7. The Final • In the final, Spain, defeated Netherlands (Holland) 1–0 after the extra time given, with Andrés Iniesta scoring a goal in the 116th minute, awarding Spain it’s 1st world cup.

  8. The Goal • Fernando Torres passed to CescFàbregas who passed it to Andrés Iniestawho scored and amazing goal <3 • The defense could have spread out in a more effective way to help stop the goal • They spread evenly and more effectively and also worked cooperatively than the other team which helped lead to the goal. • Not really, there was no movement “off the ball” by other attackers to draw defenders away from the goal scorer. Actually the defense was more but didn’t spread out effectively.

  9. BIBLIOGRAPHY • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_FIFA_World_Cup_Final • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_FIFA_World_Cup • http://expertfootball.com/history/soccer.php • http://www.soccer-fans-info.com/history-of-soccer.html • http://www.soccer-fans-info.com/the-history-of-soccer.html • MY AMZINGLY AMAZING brain =D

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