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Marketing, China Business or MIM as your major

Marketing, China Business or MIM as your major. Dr Vincent Fok Dept. of Marketing. Your Future is NOW!. http://finkorswim.com/2011/02/01/the-future-is-now-or-coming-soon/. Year 2030. Not only Hong Kong – what China needs most? More accountants? More finance people? More IT persons?

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Marketing, China Business or MIM as your major

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  1. Marketing, China Business or MIM as your major Dr Vincent Fok Dept. of Marketing

  2. Your Future is NOW! http://finkorswim.com/2011/02/01/the-future-is-now-or-coming-soon/

  3. Year 2030 • Not only Hong Kong – what China needs most? • More accountants? More finance people? More IT persons? • What is needed after production? • Many jobs in finance is about selling • Rules for Success(30s): You have to love your job!

  4. The world is flat What is your relative advantage? • Better in technology knowhow? • More hard working? • Better in numeric skill? • What HKers are best in? • Flexible, creative

  5. What (other) Chinese are not that good at? • Calculations? • IT? • Marketing! And understanding customers!

  6. For HKers, you have to know China • Politically • Economically • For China market, we have advantages! • We reach more info than people in China • We can read Chinese. Westerners cannot

  7. Nothing you can skip • Without China, marketing has limited market, e-business in HK is small scale • Without marketing, China has too many products available for buying, Internet cannot bring profits • Without the Internet, China grows slower, marketing works more costly and ineffective

  8. You have to know these all! WE MEANS PRACTICAL! WE MEANS LIVELY!

  9. What Marketing is about? • Starting from CB 2601 “Marketing” • Knowing your customers • More than 4 P’s • About COMPETITIONS

  10. Our courses • Advertising • Public Relations • Marketing Financial Services • Services Marketing • Retailing • ALL PRACTICAL • E-marketing, Customer Relationship Management: Internet • China Elective courses

  11. What China Business is about? • Chinese Culture and Management • Chinese Multinationals • Partnership Management • Marketingin China • Marketing as well as e-marketing electives • Including e-marketing and CRM

  12. What MIM is about? • Marketing Information Management • E-Marketing • Customer Relationship Management • Social Media • Analytics • BOTH SIDES, + China Business workshop

  13. Learning soft skills • TEAMS, TEAMS, and TEAMS • Strong Bond with classmates • Leading, coordinating • Presentations • Communicating, persuading

  14. Learning knowledge a CEO needs • Without customers, all business functions means NOTHING • FRONT line or back office?

  15. Career: listen to our ALUMNI • Marketing executive • Sales • Advertising account service • China business executive • E-Marketing executive • Can be accountant, can be civil service, can be entrepreneur

  16. Want to Know more? • Alumni Sharing • WED (March 12, TOMORROW) • Advertising and Sales • Every WED (week 8 to 12) 1930 – 2130, Y4302 • CHECK your EMAIL!

  17. http://www.ctgoodjobs.hk/english/eflash/20140310/hsbc.html


  19. Dedicated Team • Meal with Mr Alex Tham桂常飯局 – Personal Growth Plan: lunch and dinner, 5 days a week • In-house Career Advisor Ms Wisteria Cheung (2 times Teaching Excellence Award winner) with >10 years HR experience – Career Plan • REAL work experience: event, sales, service, retail, banking, dot.com, IT project management, hotel, FMCG

  20. Who got the most guest talks?

  21. We means PRACTICAL!

  22. Final Year – REAL Company Projects

  23. Career Camp every winter break

  24. What we ALSO have? • Internship • 0.35 to 0.45 place per student • Exchange • 30% to 60% of students go in one sem of 2 years time • Salary more or less same • Employment almost 100%

  25. What Dept. of Marketing can bring you?

  26. What kind of students we are looking for? WE MEANS PRACTICAL! WE MEANS LIVELY!

  27. What kind of students we are looking for? • Marketing: communicate, presentable, high EQ, GPA only one of the considerations • ChinaB: love China, really interested in China, can read Chinese, fluent PTH not a must • MIM: interested in both IT and MKT, not only FB, good GPA and English

  28. We INTERVIEW! • All those put us NO. 1 CHOICE WILL BE INTERVIEWED • No. 2 and 3 STILL GOT A CHANCE! • JULY 3 interview date • Group and individual interviews

  29. Interview Tips? • Separate session right after your final list of choice submitted • Only for those put MKT, ChinaB or MIM as top 3 choices

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