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  1. Portugal Iiyonna Walker, Samantha Walker

  2. President [ Anibal Antonio] • Anibal Antonio is the president of Portugal he has been serving since March,9,2006.He was born 1939 July 15.He served two years of compulsory military time in 1964 and became a teacher in 1966.He entered politics after the carnation revolution , joining the social democratic party{ Psd} and later became its leader in 1985.He became the prime minister in 1988 and served till 1995.He ran for president 1996 and was defeated and 2006 ran again and won.

  3. Portugal Capital • Lisbon is Portugal capital its population is 11,317,192.Their religion is mostly Predominant .Summers in Lisbon is very hot and dry, the state experienced snow in 2006 that covered the beaches .In 2010 the snow broke down houses from the ice getting to cold and freezing it.

  4. Festivals, holidays One of the most favorite festivals in October is International Jazz festival. Its has been celebrated since 1966 one of the foods they served in the festival is fried octopus they have a contest to see who can eat the octopus in the fastest time .One of Portugal favorite National Holiday is New years. They have a festival for new years and the total number of people that came is 20,000 people.

  5. Popular foods Portugal people love all kinds of food they go from raw meat to well done meat, but most of all they love fruit. Two of the most popular food is Cuisine and roast suckling pig.

  6. Famous/historical Places • 1.) The Gulbenkian MuseumIf you love history and culture, then this museum located in Lisbon is for you. There are a lot of ancient Egyptian artifacts here as well as paintings done by famous artist. The museum's garden alone is enough to captivate the tourists' awe.2.) St. Jorge's CastleThis castle is also situated in Lisbon. Once you get to the hill where the castle stands, be prepared for the view of the city and the river below you. You can also visit Alfama along the way.3.) Praca de ComercioThis is a beautiful plaza that can also be found in Lisbon and is a must-see in this city. This faces the river, giving a wonderful view of that body of water. What is also nice about this place is that it is a part of the downtown of Lisbon, so it is a good place for you to stroll along.4.) BelemThis is a wonderful neighborhood to visit if you love to see historical monuments as well as buildings. Here, you can see the Belem Tower as well as the Belem Culutral Center. You can also visit here the Royal Place of Belem, which is now the Presidential Palace of Lisbon.Read more: Creative Commons License: Attribution