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Internet Safety for Your Business – Monitoring Your Digital Reputation PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet Safety for Your Business – Monitoring Your Digital Reputation

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Internet Safety for Your Business – Monitoring Your Digital Reputation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internet Safety for Your Business – Monitoring Your Digital Reputation

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  1. Internet Safety for Your Business – Monitoring Your Digital Reputation Tami Norris Custom Training Solutions a division of Northwest State Community College Archbold, Ohio Toledo, Ohio

  2. In a Matter of Minutes….

  3. Agenda Digital Reputation Management – Definition Pros & Cons of Social Media Tools for Monitoring Social Media P & P Privacy Settings

  4. Digital Reputation Management What is being said about you/your business/your brand online? Is it accurate? Do you need to address that or not?

  5. Does Anybody Really do This? To effectively monitor the online brand reputation of its six different Las Vegas Shows, the marketing team at Cirque du Soleil looks for: • Customer Experiences Cirque du Soleil considers its customer experience to encompass everything from purchasing the ticket to when they leave the theater. They look online for both good and bad customer comments relating to any part of the overall experience so they can address concerns and build strong brand connections. • Information Accuracy The team looks into any negative online mentions of Cirque du Soleil to correct any inaccurate information. • Brand Mention Wording With six different shows in Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil’s marketing team wants ensure each show is getting mentioned distinctively and not under the Cirque du Soleil umbrella term. • Sphere of Influence The team looks for indications of how far and wide mentions of Cirque do Soleil spread, to see if one blog post mention can spread into social networks, bookmarking sites or even mainstream media.

  6. Social Media in the Workplace PRO CON

  7. The conversation is happening whether you are taking part in it or not… Shouldn’t you at least be aware of it?

  8. Monitoring Tools -- Which One is Right for You? Why do you want to use it? How much time do you have? How web savvy are you? What are your peers/competitors/customers using? Do you want to pay or use a free resource? Who will manage it?

  9. Web Search Tools Traditional search engines: Bing, Google, Yahoo, Namechk allows you to see if a name is being used on a social media site. Google Alerts allow you to save searches of news, groups, web, video and/or blogs. Alterian SM2 monitors conversations, and, potentially; competitive information through social media channels. Their free version is called “Freemium” Board Reader also a forum search engine; but it includes pictures and videos posted in forums, as well as Twitter and other microblogs. Visit Omgili is a forum search engine and it lets you search communities, message boards and discussion threads. Omgili's search features make it a powerful tool. Social Mention is similar to Google Alerts as it can send you email updates, but the focus is on social media sites, The focus of Technorati is blogs.. Trendpedia search blogs and compare results for up to 3 topics at once.

  10. Namechk

  11. Twitter Search Tools Monittor allows you to view real-time tweets on Twitter for up to three topics and optionally limit your search to a specific geographic region. Trendistic,, allows a scan of Tweets on a topic and provides an accompanying graph to help illustrate trends. is a powerful application that allows you to save several searches of Twitter conversations and view them on your computer, iPhone or iPad. Tweet Scan allows email alerts and can create a backup of your Twitter account,

  12. Monitter

  13. Monitoring Tweets

  14. Search Customer Compliments/Complaints Angie’s List is a tool for finding reputable service providers. There is a fee for you to join. Yelp is meant for local services or destinations. You can also use Yelp to find reviews of everything from doctors to tennis pros to parks and museums. It is free to join. YouTube is actually becoming a popular search engine and forum for venting about consumer experiences

  15. Yelp

  16. YouTube

  17. Social Media Privacy • Don’t post anything that you… • Wouldn’t want a customer to see • Wouldn’t want a competitor to see • Discussion: Creating policy regarding Social Media and your company

  18. Control Who Sees Your Posts

  19. Questions? Thank you Tami Norris