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Cultivating Youth Leadership PowerPoint Presentation
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Cultivating Youth Leadership

Cultivating Youth Leadership

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Cultivating Youth Leadership

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  1. Cultivating Youth Leadership Youth Empowerment Through Student-Directed Initiatives Franklin County Supervisory Union’s School and Community Approach

  2. Why? • We want to engage and empower youth at the school and community level. • We want to create a community that functions with the youth. • We want to empower the youth to make better choices to avoid the cycle of destructive decisions.

  3. Engage and Empower Youth • Students are able to start their own clubs. • A great majority of BFA students are involved in some kind of extracurricular activity at school. • Clubs cover a wide range of activities and interests • Students and youth serve on the various boards throughout the school and community. • Youth are given the opportunity to lead community and school projects

  4. Creating a community that functions with the youth • Student-centered action planning and implementation • Informed by analysis and data driven decision-making • Students serving on the boards and councils • Data driven decision-making- YRBS initiative

  5. Empowering youth to make better choices • Giving students at BFA opportunities participate in clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities before and after school. • Creating ways for students create relationships with adults and mentors. • “Project New Beginnings”

  6. “Project New Beginnings” Mission • Prescription pills have taken over our community and they have become an epidemic! My generation has dealt with this addiction problem and I want more to be offered for myself and the other recovering addicts who deal with my same struggles. We have created a project called “Project New Beginnings” in an effort to make our community a better, safer place. we want to insure that our children have a choice/ chance against drug addiction and are made aware of the services/support our community has to offer.

  7. “Project New Beginnings” • Educate youth about drug addiction and the road to recovery. • Partnered with Dr. Fred Holmes, a local pediatrician who first noticed the community problem with prescription drug dependence. • Katie surveyed 39 Suboxone patients where she identified the major factors that may have caused the individuals to substance abuse. • She, and other young recovering addicts in the community are leading initiatives to prevent and treat prescription drug abuse. • They are working with a steering committee with the promise of submitting a budget and a sustainable plan for the future.

  8. The Future… • Challenges • We have to move beyond students as “tokens” and have them become actual members of boards. • “Project New Beginnings” is having difficulty getting to the demographic they need to reach. • We see that we have to change the “culture” of the region in order to achieve our goals.

  9. Contact Information • Project New Beginnings • Katy Tanner • Dr. Fred Holmes 527-8189 • Liesl Ulrich-Verderber • • FCSU School & Community Coordinator • Loli Berard • VT Department of Health • Mary Pickener