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An Informative PowerPoint By: Caleb Zatto PowerPoint Presentation
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An Informative PowerPoint By: Caleb Zatto

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An Informative PowerPoint By: Caleb Zatto
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An Informative PowerPoint By: Caleb Zatto

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  1. PERU An Informative PowerPoint By: Caleb Zatto


  3. Population Population: 29,248,943 (July) Ethnic Groups: Amerindian 45%, Mestizo 37%, White 15%, African Descent, Japanese, Chinese, and other’s consist of 3% Spanish and Quechua are the official languages, while AymaraAshaninka, and smaller Amazonian languages make up the rest. Age Distribution: 0-14 years: 28.5% | 15-64 years: 65.1% | 65 years and over: 6.4%

  4. Economics/ Demographics Unemployment Rate: 7.9% | World Rank: 86 Economic Growth Rate (past 3 years): 19.8% Growth GINI Coefficient: 49.6 (2009) | World Rank: 25 Lowest: 10%: 1.5% Highest 10%” 37.9% (2006)

  5. Three Biggest Industries The three biggest industries in Peru are: Agriculture-of: asparagus, coffee, cocoa, cotton. Mining-of: minerals, petroleum, natural gas. Fishing

  6. Government Type Peru is currently a Constitutional Republic. It became an independent country from Spain in 1824.

  7. Three Important Events 1800’s: Liberation from Spain in December 9th 1824, at the Battle of Ayacucho 1900’s: Peru’s constitution was re-written in 1979 after a ten year military reign. It was put into effect in 1980 1900’s: Chile declared war on Peru and Bolivia over the mineral rich province of Tarapacafrom 1979-1983.

  8. Significant Current Issues Illegal Drugs: Peru used to be the worlds largest coca (cocaine) producer until 1996. It is now Columbia but Peru is still a major export. Deforestation: Deforestation is a huge issue. About 715ha is cut down everyday. Most of it illegally, and coca farming is a huge contributor to this number. Peru’s wealth distribution (GINI coefficient) is very large. Its poor aren't getting a chance to improve their wealth as much as the rich are.

  9. Important Historical Figure is never found without his marmalade. Paddington Bear, unknown to most people was born (originated) in Darkest, Peru. His story starts in Darkest, with him living with his Aunt Lucy. When his Aunt was admitted to Senior living, Paddington was sent to England. The kind people who picked up the young bear named him Paddington after the train station they picked him up from. That’s where his career kicked off as a international household name. He is best known for his television shows where he

  10. Important Cultural Feature Peru ‘s most important cultural feature (along with many other South American countries) is its love for soccer. Or as it is called in Peru, football. Although Peru has never won the world cup, their love for football has made them memorable in many games.

  11. Relations with the U.S. are good.Hopefully it stays that way.

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