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ZIJA COMPENSATION EXPLANATIONS. Moringa Life Drinkers LLC. By Homer Krehbiel. Terms . Terms that will help you understand how compensation is calculated .

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zija compensation explanations


Moringa Life Drinkers LLC.By Homer Krehbiel


Terms that will help you understand how compensation is calculated.

  • PC - Is a Preferred Customer. A preferred customers buys Zija products for the same wholesale price as a Zija Distributor. An active (on autoship) PC can sponsor another PC and earn retail commission. A Preferred Customer may upgrade to a Distributor at anytime.
  • DIST - Is a distributor. You can sign up to be a distributor for a fee of $39 plus shipping. Annual renewal fee of $25. You will receive a Zija Web Site and a Zija Office.
  • PV- is personal volume or personal purchases. Every product has a PV value. Example-1 case of mix or drink has a purchase price of $90 and the PV is 75 points. An XM3 Personal System costs $200 and has a PV of 150 points.
  • GV - is group volume. That is all purchases in your organization. Your organization is all of the Distributors and Customers in your down line.
terms continued
Terms (continued)
  • Autoships - Autoshipsare the products you ordered to receive every 28 days, you will automatically receive these products every 28 days.
    • You must have an autoship every period to stay qualified for compensation.
    • The autoship may be cancelled any time, they will continue to ship if not cancelled.
    • You are never committed for more than 28 days
terms continued1
Terms (continued)
  • Period - A period is 28 days. There are 13 periods in a year. There are also 4 cycles in a period.
  • Cycle- A cycle is 1 week. It starts Friday midnight (Mountain Time Zone) and ends the next Friday midnight. This is also our pay cycle. We are paid each week, if we earn compensation from the previous cycle.
    • If you sponsor someone in cycle 2, they will get their first autoshipin cycle 2 of the next period.
terms continued2
Terms (continued)
  • Active 75 - You are on an Autoshipof at least 75-PV every 28 days (one period).
  • Active 150 - You are on an Autoship of at least 150-PV every 28 days (one period).
becoming qualified
Becoming Qualified


It is simple:

  • Become a Distributor
  • Become an Active 75 or an Active 150.
  • Sponsor 2 people who are at least an Active 75
  • You are now a builder and can receive compensation.
binary pay plan
Binary Pay Plan

- The Zija compensation plan is a binary pay plan.  While it may appear to be a pyramid, it is not, pyramids are illegal.  A binary plan consists of a left leg and a right leg.  The leg with the smallest volume in each cycle becomes the "Pay Leg".

compensation plan
Compensation Plan

This is how you will get paid ,once you are qualified.

  • Sponsor a preferred customer. I would recommend that you sign a new prospect up as a Preferred Customer, IF THAT PERSON ONLY WANTS TO TAKE THE PRODUCT. You can always upgrade that person to a Distributor. You will receive a FOB and $18.75 for every autoship after the first order. You could receive up to $280 a year from each PC you sponsor who is on a 75 autoship.
compensation plan continued
Compensation Plan (continued)
  • FOB - Is First Order Bonus. You will receive a FOB for sponsoring a NEW Preferred Custom or a NEW Distributor. If you are an Active 75, you will receive 10% of the PV. If you are an Active 150, you will receive 20% of the PV. Example: First order has a PV of 150. FOB will be 10% times 150($15) or 20% times 150($30).
  • BUILDER BONUS - Is a $25 bonus you receive for helping your personally sponsored Distributor become a builder. You both must be an Active 150.
compensation plan continued1
Compensation Plan (continued)
  • VOR (PERSONAL) - Is Volume Order Rebate(Personal). If you personally order more than 250 PV in a Period, you will receive a 5% or a 10% bonus for all PV greater than 250. Active 75 receives 5% and an Active 150 receives 10%. Example: 450 PV in a Period. Difference is 200(450 minus 250). VOR will be 5% times 200($10) or 10% times 200($20).
  • VOR (SPONSOR) - Is Volume Order Rebate(Sponsor). Is exactly the same as the Personal VOR. You will receive the same bonus for every one of your personally sponsored Distributors.
compensation plan continued2
Compensation Plan (continued)
compensation plan continued3
Compensation Plan (continued)
  • TEAM COMMISSIONS (Continued)
  • Team commissions are earned on your lesser volume leg and begin at 500 accumulated GV on this leg and every 100 points thereafter. All unpaid team volume carries over each week, as long as you remain an Active 75 or greater.
  • In the example above you would have a carry over of 100 points of banked volume on your left leg. Your right leg would be back to zero as you got paid for 500 GV. THESE CARRY OVER TO YOUR NEXT CYCLE. You will get paid Team Commission every cycle IF YOUR LESSER LEG IS OVER 500 GV.
compensation plan continued4
Compensation Plan (continued)


  • Active 75 will receive FOB of 10%, VOR'S of 5% and Team Commissions of 10-15%.
  • Active 150 will receive FOB of 20%, VOR'S of 10%, Builder Bonuses, and Team Commissions of 10-15%.
  • ACTIVE 150 - Being an Active 150 will reward a Distributor in many ways. Zija has many promotions available for Active 150 Distributors.
compensation plan continued5
Compensation Plan (continued)

There are more ways to earn compensation

  • Leadership Check Match (LMC)
  • Diamond Pool
  • Multiple Business Centers
  • Profit Participation Plan
team building
Team Building

Some Factors for team building and residual income include:

  • Train and teach your new distributors to duplicate the Zija Systems
  • Have a strong reason "WHY" you want to do the business and be successful
  • Choose to be successful and stay focused.  When you stumble, GET BACK UP
  • Continue to reset your focus...reset your sail...move forward and stay engaged in the system
  • Challenge your team to stay engaged with the Zija products and the Zija business
pin ranks
Pin Ranks

Number Of Active Auto Ships Needed In Your Lesser Leg To Achieve Pin Ranks

  • This Is Based On Average Auto Ship(PV) Of 95 Per Member.
  • Keep in mind your Pin Rank is based on the volume in your smaller leg.
  • Its also the volume in one cycle or seven days.
  • Therefore your other leg has to be equal to or greater than your smaller leg.
a true story
A True Story

A true story about a couple who became engaged in the Zija business because the product worked for them, had the following results with the Zija business.

  • The above team members, all on an Active Auto ship, the compensation from the auto ships vary, however, this business minded couple realizes an opportunity like Zija, probably only comes around once in a life time and are very grateful for the opportunity to share it with others.
  • Feb. 2009 - 15 team members the first month which paid for their product and they shared their story
  • May 2009 - 38 team members and receiving an extra $300 a month.
  • Aug. 2009 - 77 team members and receiving an extra $1,000 a month.
  • Nov. 2009 - 145 team members.
  • Feb. 2010 - 212 team members.
  • May 2010 - 300 team members.
  • Aug. 2010 - 501 team members
  • Nov. 2010 - 868 team members.
  • Feb. 2011 - 1230 team members
  • Aug. 2011 - 2028 projected members.
today s reality
Today’s Reality
  • 77% Percentage of Americans that live paycheck to paycheck 
  • 61%Percentage of Americans that would prefer  to be their own boss
  • 67% Percentage of people that think about quitting their job "regularly" and "consistently”
  • According to the Direct Selling Association, in 2008 the United States' direct sales industry grossed $29.6 billion. This impressive figure was generated by just 15 million direct sellers in the U.S. alone. And of these 15 million people, 90+ percent of them report working less than 30 hours a week, or what would be considered "part-time."

Become a Speed Qualifier!

Enroll 2 new Distributors within your first 30 days in the business! When their minimum total Enrollment Volume is 250 PV or higher you can earn a free AutoShip the following Period.*

*Please refer to the Team 250 Rules/Rewards document for complete details.


Ongoing T.E.A.M. 250 Status

During each Period maintain 2 previous Enrollees on AutoShip, and introduce minimum Enrollment Volume of 250 PV and earn a free AutoShip the following Period.*

*Please refer to the Team 250 Rules/Rewards document for complete details.


Team Benz Luxury Car Program

We are pleased to announce Team Benz, the Zija Car Program Bonus! Qualifying members may earn a cash bonus to put toward buying or leasing a Mercedes Benz.

The Zija Car Program bonuses range from $400-$1,000 per period, based on Pay Rank.


Gold & Platinum: $400 per Period - $100 per Cycle

Emerald & Diamond; $500 per Period - $125 per Cycle

Double Diamond/Triple Diamond; $700 per Period- $175 per Cycle

Diamond Elite; $1,000 per Period- $250 per Cycle


• Any Mercedes Benz in black or silver

• Car cannot be over 5 years old when bought or leased


Zija Incentive Program – ZIP Points

  • How to Earn Points
  • Be Active and Qualified
  • Be TEAM 250 Qualified
  • Receive 1 Point for earning EBB
  • Receive 1 Point each Period if you are a TEAM 250 Charter Member (CM) or Speed Qualifier (SQ)
  • Receive 1 Point each Period if you are in the Zija Chairman’s Club
  • Receive 3 Points for every 3 consecutive Periods of TEAM 250 qualifications
  • Receive an additional 13 Points for every 13 consecutive Periods of TEAM 250 qualification

Zija Incentive Program – ZIP Points

  • How to Earn Points
  • Receive Points for achieving each of the following NEW ranks:
  • 5 Points for Builder 500
  • 5 Points for Builder 1000
    • 10 Points for Bronze
    • 10 Points for Silver
    • 15 Points for Gold
  • 20 Points for Platinum
  • 30 Points for Emerald
    • 50 Points for Diamond
    • 50 Points for Double Diamond
    • 50 Points for Triple Diamond
  • 100 Points for Diamond Elite
  • 100 Points for Double Diamond Elite
  • 100 Points for Triple Diamond Elite
  • 100 Points for Crowne Diamond Elite

Step 1: Select Your Enrollment Package

$330 (250 PV)

$660 (500 PV)

Increase your Team Commissions by 50% for 3 months

$1320 (1000 PV)

Increase your Team Commissions by 50% for 6 months


($330/250 PV)

1 Box of XMam Caps

1 Box of Premium Tea

2 Cases of SmartMix

2 Boxes XM+ Energy Mix

• FREE Enrollment

• FREE Shaker Bottle ($8 value)

• FREE Business Kit ($39 value)

• FREE 8 XMam Trial Packs ($42 value)

• FREE 8 XMpm Trial Packs ($42 value)

• FREE 8 SmartDrink / SmartMix

Pocket Guides

• 8 Sample Pack Boxes

• *Includes Shipping & Handling

($1320/1000 PV)*

8 Cases of SmartMix

8 Boxes of XM+ Energy Mix

4 Boxes of XMamCaps

4 Boxes of Premium Tea

• FREE Enrollment

• FREE Shaker Bottle ($8 value)

• FREE Business Kit ($39 value)

• FREE 32 XMam Trial Packs ($42 value)

• FREE 32 XMpm Trial Packs ($42 value)

• FREE 32 SmartDrink/SmartMix

Pocket Guides

• 32 Sample Pack Boxes

• *Includes Shipping & Handling

($660/500 PV)*

4 Cases of SmartMix

4 Boxes of XM+ Energy Mix

2 Boxes of XMam Caps

2 Boxes of Premium Tea

• FREE Enrollment

• FREE Shaker Bottle ($8 value)

• FREE Business Kit ($39 value)

• FREE 16 XMam Trial Packs ($42 value)

• FREE 16 XMpm Trial Packs ($42 value)

• FREE 16 SmartDrink /SmartMix

Pocket Guides

• 16 Sample Pack Boxes

• *Includes Shipping & Handling


Peak Performance Starter System

  • 1 Bag of PR1ME90 Dutch Chocolate Shake
  • 1 Case of XM+
  • 1 Case of SuperMix
  • 1 Box of Tea
  • FREE - 1 Bag of PRIME 90 Vanilla Bean Shake
  • FREE - 1 PRIME 90 Shaker Bottle

Peak Performance Speed Builder 1

  • 2 Bags of PR1ME90 Dutch Chocolate Shake
  • 2 Cases of XM+
  • 2 Cases of SuperMix
  • 2 Boxes of Tea
  • FREE - 2 Bags of PRIME 90 Vanilla Bean Shake
  • FREE – 2 PRIME 90 Shaker Bottles

Peak Performance Speed Builder 2

  • 4 Bags of PR1ME90 Dutch Chocolate Shake
  • 4 Cases of XM+
  • 4 Cases of SuperMix
  • 4 Boxes of Tea
  • FREE - 4 Bags of PRIME 90 Vanilla Bean Shake
  • FREE – 4 PRIME 90 Shaker Bottles
zija builder systems application
  • Zija Personal System ($330/250 PV)
  • Zija Builder System 1 ($660/500 PV)*
  • Zija Builder System 2 ($1,320/1000 PV)*
  • SmartPack1 ($200/150 PV)
  • SmartPack 2 ($200/150 PV)
  • SmartPack 3 ($200/150 PV)
  • PlusPack 1 ($200/150 PV)
  • PlusPack 2 ($200/150 PV)