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Iso Certification Cost PowerPoint Presentation
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Iso Certification Cost

Iso Certification Cost

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Iso Certification Cost

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  1. ISO Certification UAE We are ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 consultants with operations in the United Kingdom and across the Middle East. Set up in 1997, Environmental and Quality Solutions (EQS) specializes in helping companies streamline and maintain their management systems to achieve ISO standards of Quality, Health & Safety & Environmental Management. We also specialize in providing leading ISO maintenance software. We offer business solutions for ISO certification and maintenance plus online backups in one great package, at an unbeatable price

  2. ISO Certification Dubai Our ISO Maintenance schemes are designed to free your personnel and ensure your management system is managed professionally. Are you a fast-growing business facing the pressures of competition? Stretched for time, personnel and resources? Are you conscious of the need for certification to global standards of excellence? We designed the Qshare Small Scale Scheme for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) like yours. • We specialize in: • ISO 9001 Certification Maintenance • ISO 14001 Certification Maintenance • ISO 29001 Certification Maintenance • API Q2 Certification Maintenance, and • OHSAS 18001 Certification Maintenance • Our schemes are supported by highly qualified and experienced Consultants.

  3. Consultant Support • Onsite support • Internal audits • Management review meeting • Readiness review in preparation for registrar’s visit • Consultant’s presence at registrar audit • 24/7 online support • Reach your Consultant through the Qshare ticketing system ISO Certification Dubai This package includes full on-going Consultant support. EQS consultants will be assigned to your account and can be reached through our state-of-of-the-art Qshare ticketing system found within your Qshare application.

  4. ISO Certification UAE With access to Qshare Central, your assigned company administrator or your consultant can create and manage user accounts of your employees, giving them specific access rights to areas of your quality system. Every employee is assigned a unique username and password to facilitate access to the system from anywhere in the world. All they need is an internet connection. For example, your administrator (or anyone assigned rights) can • remotely schedule internal audits and management review meetings • raise, monitor and close corrective and preventive actions, and • interface with your Qshare consultant and certification Registrar..

  5. ISO Certification UAE Employees in your organization can • View Procedures • Submit Document Change Requests • Enter Customer Complaints And Feedback • Manage Suppliers • And Work On Corrective Actions Assigned To Them. You will be able to gain access to your quality system from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. This is important for companies with several remote locations, or for traveling executives.

  6. ISO Certification Abu Dhabi Qshare Central is a management system maintenance portal unique to EQS primarily for the maintenance of ISO management systems. The software does not require any installation on your computer infrastructure. The Qshare enterprise web application software is based on the new cloud computing concept, where your software is hosted by us 24/7. User accounts are created for your users and they can access their accounts from anywhere in the world – all they need is an internet connection.

  7. Why maintain your system the Qshare way? ISO Certification Cost Professional maintenance frees your personnel to focus on core business The Qshare way of maintaining management systems simply makes sense. It releases people in your organization to concentrate on other things while professionals take care of your management system. Even if you have specific management personnel responsible for your management systems, engaging outside consultants to complement these managers is more cost-effective and adds more value than expanding the department with additional employees. Competitive costs The competitive cost of Qshare Central coupled with its unique benefits make it the most attractive proposal in the area of management systems so far.

  8. Continuity The Qshare solution offers a far better guarantee of continuity than company employees that may leave the company. In many cases companies have lost or very nearly lost their certifications due to the loss of a key employee that was the only one who knew where everything was. ISO Certification Cost With our secure online backup solution, your data is encrypted and compressed even before it leaves your computers.

  9. ISO Certification UAE For inquiries please visit :