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Selling Metadata

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Selling Metadata
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Selling Metadata

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  1. Selling Metadata Mike Crandall PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference May 15, 2004

  2. Why Selling? • Metadata is mysterious • Metadata is easy • Metadata is expensive • Metadata is not an obvious contributor to the bottom line • Metadata is competing with technology solutions that have good sales forces • Metadata often doesn’t have a natural organizational home PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  3. So What to Do? • All of these issues need to be addressed for success in a metadata solution • As with any initiative, your organizational priorities will shape the best approach • Five components: • Define your scope • Know your competition • Use standards and best practices • Educate and communicate • Start small and show value PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  4. Define Your Scope • Start with a problem statement- what are you trying to solve? • Make sure this is something that the organization thinks is important • Quantify what it will take to succeed • How much metadata do you really need? • What are the short-term and long-term resources you’ll need to do this? • How long will it take to show success? • Who needs to buy in to ensure success? PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  5. A Short Example PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  6. PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  7. PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  8. PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  9. PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  10. Know Your Competition • Find out what other solutions could do the same thing you’re trying to do • Look outside and inside your organization • Be able to articulate why your approach is better than the others • Address cost, speed, resource allocation, quality, flexibility • Don’t start your project until you know why your solution is best and can justify that • Do this all the time!!!! PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  11. Use Standards and Best Practices • Standards and best practices help in many ways: • Establishing credibility • Reducing development time and rework • Providing a wider support base for your development efforts • But don’t let them constrict your efforts • Often in flux and you can’t wait • You will have local needs PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  12. Educate and Communicate • Be able to articulate what you’re trying to achieve in terms a non-specialist can understand • Don’t speak metadata, speak outcomes • Make sure you talk to your stakeholders, not yourself • Use reporting opportunities to show progress in concrete terms • Establish a formal relationship with your sponsors and users PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  13. Sponsors Ensure participation Business Owners Drive requirements Knowledge Architecture Board Communicate and Validate Information Services Architect, build and manage service An Example PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  14. Start Small and Show Value • Don’t try to solve all your problems at once • If you’ve scoped properly, you should be able to quickly demonstrate results • Use your early successes to build support and tackle larger problems • Pick areas that offer high visibility and ease major pain • Make sure you let people know what you’ve done- inside and outside the organization PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  15. Evidence of Success PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  16. Another Example • Microsoft’s internal portal invested heavily in taxonomies for navigation and search- here’s the results (early 2000): • A 62% reduction in the number of clicks • An average of 16 seconds saved per task • An 11% increase in task success rate • High employee satisfaction with the site • 42% VSAT in a field survey • Only 4% DSAT on same survey PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference

  17. Summary • Approach metadata like any investment • The more your work fits the business needs, the more support you’ll get • Show value as quickly as possible • Demystify your work- make it concrete and available to key stakeholders • Always focus on the results you’re looking for • Stay as simple as you can and still deliver PNC ASIS&T Annual Conference