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Movie Analysis Project By Andrea Hansen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BS311. Movie Analysis Project By Andrea Hansen. Introduction . I will be discussing The Firm motion picture’s portrayal and impact of… Organizational structure Organizational goals S ystems theory H idden agendas I will then summarize and analyze the areas mentioned.

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Movie Analysis ProjectBy Andrea Hansen

Introduction l.jpg

  • I will be discussing The Firm motion picture’s portrayal and impact of…

    • Organizational structure

    • Organizational goals

    • Systems theory

    • Hidden agendas

  • I will then summarize and

    analyze the areas mentioned.

Organizational structure l.jpg
Organizational Structure

  • The Organizational Structure of Bendini, Lambert, and Locke…

    • Small, Memphis law firm

    • 41 Lawyers

    • Divides its labor

      into distinct tasks

    • Differentiation exists,

      but integration is


      • (Anthony, Gales, & Hodge,


Organizational structure cont d l.jpg
Organizational Structure (cont’d)

  • Formal structure

    • Oliver Lambert & Executives are top authority

    • The rest of the firm employees are pawns that the Executives use as they see fit to maintain their shady existence.

    • Avery is a mentor to Mitch

      • Evolved into a more informal


      • Different dynamic than the

        rest of the characters

Organizational goals l.jpg
Organizational Goals

  • Stability and maintaining an upstanding appearance

    • “Mitch, I hope you don't think us intrusive, but stability in the family has a special importance for us.”

      • Oliver Lambert (Pollack, 1993)

  • Control of clients and employees

    • “I won my life back. You don't run me.

      And they don't run me!”

      • Mitch Alderman (Pollack, 1993)

Organizational goals cont d l.jpg
Organizational Goals (cont’d)

  • Do what is necessary, whatever it takes.

    • “I get paid to be suspicious when I've got nothing to be suspicious about.”

      • William Devasher (Pollack, 1993).

  • Satisfy clients (especially the Mob)

    • They flew to Cayman Islands to

      secure a client

  • Make M-O-N-E-Y

Systems theory l.jpg
Systems Theory

  • It conveys the idea that organizations are made up of parts and that the parts interact with each other to accomplish the organization’s goals (Anthony, Gales, & Hodge, 2003).

  • The firm represented is a closed, self-perpetuating system that receives no outside energy or resources (Anthony, Gales, & Hodge, 2003).

  • They have made sure the firm is private because of their shady dealings with the Mob.

Systems theory cont d l.jpg
Systems Theory (cont’d)

  • Bendini, Lambert, and Locke’s parts include Executives, lawyers, criminals, and investigators.

  • The Executives appoint lawyers on cases, the lawyers follow the orders, the investigators locate threats, and the criminals clean up the mess.

  • All of these parts interact with each other to maintain the organization’s goal of making money, while appearing ethical.

Hidden agendas l.jpg
Hidden Agendas

  • Mitch McDeere is an up-and-coming young lawyer with a promising career coming from little money.

    • Agenda: to make something of himself; to become rich; goes from idealist to realist

  • Avery Tolar

    • Agenda: to survive, but to

      have fun and make a little

      waves in the process; to be

      a philanderer

Hidden agendas cont d l.jpg
Hidden Agendas (cont’d)

  • Oliver Lambert & Company

    • Agenda: to control and continue to prosper aiding the Mob in money laundering; to do anything necessary to keep up appearances

    • “We know you'll do whatever’s necessary to protect the firm… wont’cha Mitch?”

      • Oliver Lambert (Pollack, 1993).

Summary l.jpg

  • Bendini, Lambert, and Lockeuses a formal organizational structure.

    • However, there are employees not on the proverbial organizational chart.

  • Organizational goals for the firm revolve around making money, whatever the cost.

  • The firm is a closed system, which enables their secrets to remain unknown.

  • There are three main agendas present at the firm.

Analysis l.jpg

  • Mitch McDeere was left in the dark on the business dealings of his new firm. This shows…

    • The absence of coordination between McDeere and the rest of the firm

    • The reluctance and severity of letting their secret out

    • There were hidden agendas that McDeere had to find out on his own.

    • The system was closed rather

      than open because they used

      resources without venturing

      outside to get them.

Analysis cont d l.jpg
Analysis (cont’d)

  • The organizational goals of the firm do not match the strategic goals and actions.

  • I believe that the goals for this firm are contradictory because in order to satisfy clients you must make helping them your main goal.

    • Bendini, Lambert, and Locke are incapable

      of putting clients first.

  • The firm’s standards were set high

    in outward appearance but

    internally set very low.

Analysis cont d14 l.jpg
Analysis (cont’d)

  • As the book states, “Organizations are purposeful, goal-oriented entities,” but when I think of the purpose and goals of the firm in the movie, they seem to be the same; to make money.

    • (Anthony, Gales, & Hodge, 2003).

  • You would think that the purpose of a law firm would be to help people, but this law firm was as crooked as it gets.

  • Social responsibility and ethical

    behavior guidelines are nonexistent.

    • Without these components,

      the firm will lose clients and

      eventually fail.

Analysis cont d15 l.jpg
Analysis (Cont’d)

  • This movie depicted an overall very ineffective organizational structure, as well as a very unethical firm.

  • The concepts from our book helped me to judge the firm’s actions without bias, but with fact.

  • The organizational goals were not disclosed in the movie outright, but were decipherable by their actions.

  • I learned that all of the concepts in

    our book are important, but some

    are more important than others.

References l.jpg

  • Anthony, W. P., Gales, L. M., & Hodge, B. J. (2003). Organization Theory: A Strategic Approach (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

  • Pollack, S. (Producer and Director). (1993). The Firm[Motion picture]. [With T. Cruise]. United States: Paramount Pictures.

  • Cover Image: The Firm

  • Avery and Mitch Image

References cont d l.jpg
References (cont’d)

  • Avery Tolar Image

  • Desk Image

  • Eye

  • Oliver Lambert Image

References cont d18 l.jpg
References (cont’d)

  • Running Image


  • The Firm Image

  • William Devasher Image