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Latency. CM for automating business processes beyond source code by David Norfolk MBCS, CITP, CEng, ARPS Practice Leader, Dev. & Gov. at Bloor Research Bloor is one of the leading European technology analyst groups. Agenda.

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CM for automating business processes beyond source code

by David Norfolk MBCS, CITP, CEng, ARPS

Practice Leader, Dev. & Gov. at Bloor Research

Bloor is one of the leading European technology analyst groups


Introduction to people-centric CM

for automating business processes

Use cases


Business continuity



Success metrics

Feel free to interrupt with questions

Introduction key message
Introduction: Key message

People-oriented CM helps to deliver:

people-centric automated business processes

Not just software


actionable insights into what is going on


trust in the automated processes

even comfort

Intro what this means is
Intro: What this means is...

Managing everything critical for business service delivery

Configuration Items (CIs)

Whatever they are, e.g.:



Key people

“Everything is a CM problem”

My thought for today

Secretary use case
Secretary Use Case

Old secretary stereotype

Types, closes laptop, loses all his typing!

Cue laughter!

But he's a good secretary

It's quicker to retype than get IT to fix it

Why shouldn't it work as he expects?

With integrated versioning, it could

Secretary use case1
Secretary Use Case

“People-centric CM for secretaries”

Like working with a PA, a notepad and a filing cabinet – but with a PC

Overwriting things not a problem

if you overtype today's message tomorrow, why should you lose it?

Different “live” text versions

for different stakeholders


between text and the process using it

Signs of the coming times
Signs of the coming times

Think CM for business assets

managing requirements for different stakeholders

NYSE builds its systems on a CM software platform because:

“everything we do is potentially audited or regulated”

Pixar uses CM for stories and sound clips

So what is a cms then
So, what is a CMS then?

A Configuration Management System is the automated system that tracks the attributes and history of “everything” necessary to delivering a business service

plus, relationships between these things

it implements a CM process

It could manage, e.g. training courses, SLAs, telephones and office desks

but, probably, not down at the pencils level

Use case business continuity
Use case: Business Continuity

Be confident of resilient service delivery

before the unthinkable happens

Recreate business services elsewhere

complete with everything you need to deliver the service

CM tells you what you need

and the version of it you want

Use case regulation
Use case: Regulation

Be confident that what the regulators asked for is still in production

even through process changes

Recreate the service as it was when the customer complained

so you can investigate

with minimal disruption

Demonstrate that you're in control

so the regulator bothers someone else

Use case testing
Use case: Testing

Set up test environments reliably

for different stakeholders

Scale test environment down from production

in a known, defined, way

Test in defined environments



Success metrics
Success metrics

The CMS is actually being used

by people doing useful business

Staff are enthusiastic about it

the CMS makes their lives comfortable

Your “good governance” is respected

regulators believe that you're in control

Stakeholders sleep well at night

no surprises!

Best of all
Best of all

Say it again:No Surprises!

An effective CMS helps your business run smoothly and effectively.

how can you expect to function if you aren't managing the things essential for business service delivery?



Configuration Management: Expert Guidance for IT Service Managers and Practitioners

by Shirley Lacy and David Norfolk

Remember, the ITIL CMS isn't just for software


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