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Jean Christian Bourcart! PowerPoint Presentation
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Jean Christian Bourcart!

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Jean Christian Bourcart! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jean Christian Bourcart!

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  1. Jean Christian Bourcart!

  2. This photograph is the most famous photograph that The famous photographer has created. Bourcart had many different albums and marriage was one of them. He believed in a life with a partner and they go through, joy, happiness, love and tragedy. Obviously, this I a tragedy photo and it is showing a man twice on the same bench, one with his newly wedded wife and one on his own. The man on the right looks envious and as you can probably see, there is fire on his head. FIRE ON HIS HEAD!!!

  3. The fire could resemble hell and that the man did something wrong and went to hell. Or he died as did his wife. He is in hell and she is in heaven as he is separated from her and he is remembering what good times he had with her. An alternate interpretation could be that the woman is gone and he is missing and loosing his mind over her hence the fire on his head.

  4. If you look at the rule of thirds, the photograph is a good example as the subject is not in the centre but on both sides. You could throw the leading lines rule in as firstly, you look at the couple, then direct your eyes towards the left and look at the man alone. If you look closely, the characters are kind of faded which could show that they are ghosts and dead or that Bourcart is just very good at using shutter speed and exposure.

  5. Many people think that Jean Christian Bourcart is a troubled man and that his photographs are very disturbing. However, some of his photos are very realistic as it shows real people going through real life situations so he maybe trying to say that human lifeisdisturbing. I find this photo fascinating and it ties in with are theme of seeing and believing. Because, when you see this photo you can tell that it is staged and very figurative. This may represent a failed relationship which is the fault of the male and envy’s what he has become.