Centers against domestic violence in austria
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Centers against Domestic Violence in Austria. Upper Austria. Headoffice and Regional Offices against Domestic Violence in Upper Austria. Upper Austria. Freistadt. Ried. Linz. Gmunden. Kirchdorf. DSA Mag.a Maria Schwarz- Schlöglmann

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Headoffice and regional offices against domestic violence in upper austria
Headoffice and Regional Offices against Domestic Violence in Upper Austria

Upper Austria






Centers against domestic violence in austria

DSA Upper AustriaMag.a Maria Schwarz-Schlöglmann

Juristin, Sozialarbeiterin und Psychotherapeutin (Systemische Familientherapie),

Lawyer, SocialworkerandPsychotherapist

Geschäftsführerin des Gewaltschutzzentrums OÖ

CEO oftheViolenceProtection Center Upper Austria

Gewaltschutzzentrum ober sterreich

Gewaltschutzzentrum Oberösterreich Upper Austria

Violence Protection Center Upper Austria

Development Upper Austria

  • May 1997:

    The Austrian Gewaltschutzgesetz (law against domestic violence) is enacted.

  • October 1998:

    The Intervention Center is established in Linz

  • Spring 2001:

    The first branch of the Center opens in Freistadt

  • 2005 - 2007:3 more branches

  • January 2006:

    Law for support in criminal justice is enacted.

  • April 2006:

    “Intervention Center” is renamed “Gewaltschutzzentrum” (Violence Protection Center)

  • July 2006:

    Anti-Stalking law is enacted

  • June 2009:

    The 2nd Gewaltschutzgesetz (law against domestic violence) is enacted, including several changes of the former law

Organisation chart
Organisation Chart Upper Austria


Executive board


Deputy management



social workers



Office cleaning


Kinds of violence
Kinds of Violence Upper Austria

  • Physical violence

  • Sexual violence

  • Psychological violence

  • Economic violence

  • Social violence

  • Stalking, including Cyber-Stalking

Tasks Upper Austria

Providing legal and social counselling to victims of domestic violence

Supporting and accompanying them when taking legal steps

Support in criminal procedures (due to victim‘s rights prescribed by the law)

Counselling of stalking-victims

Cooperation with different public and social institutions

Training of police officers

Public relations

Prevention of violence

Our clients
Our clients Upper Austria

88 % are women

47 % of them have children

93 % of our clients were abused by men of which 64 % are partners or ex-partners

76 % Austrian

67 % of them are between 22 and 50 years old

60 % are referred to us by the police after a domestic intervention

(Status: 2011)

Eviction orders
Eviction orders Upper Austria

Number of clients
Number of Clients Upper Austria

Team life
Team life Upper Austria

  • Team Meetings:

    • Team Meeting

    • Case Review

    • Review of the year/planning the next year

  • Counselling

    - Team Counselling

    - Case Counselling

    • - Personal Counselling

  • Team Life in general: time to discuss and exchange opinions, experience…

  • Further education and seminars

Centers against domestic violence in austria

Discription of system of protection Upper Austria

against domestic violence in


Law against domestic violence model of preventing violence
Law against domestic violence – Upper AustriaModel of preventing violence

The Austrian „Gewaltschutzgesetz“ –

The successexists on threeprinciples:

Eviction order fromthepolice

Restraining order fromthecourt

ViolenceProtection Centers / Intervention Centers

These institutionsgetinformationfromthepoliceaboutevictionordersand Stalking, theclientsarecontactedimmediatelyfromthe Center againstdomesticviolence; thefocusofworkiscreatingsecurityplansandrestrainingorderswiththeclientsandaccompanyingthemthroughthissteps

CooperationbetweenpoliceandViolenceProtection Centers is a legal duty

Process of interventions
Process of interventions Upper Austria

Police informs

the Violence Protection Center

client is interested in taking further steps

client does not want

to take further steps

Police intervention

Get in touch

with the client

  • Counselling:

  • Analysing current situation

  • Legal and social counselling

  • Danger evaluation

  • Security plan

Close the case with

possible referral

to other social institutions

Report was made to the police
Report was made to the police Upper Austria

We inform the client about the

criminal procedure and his/her

rights as a victim

Discuss the possibility of apply-

ing for a restraining order and

support the client in obtaining



a lawyer

Go along

to court with

the client

Final review of the

trial and the case

The case is closed

Data 2010 eviction orders law against domestic violence
Data Upper Austria 2010: Eviction ordersLaw against domestic violence

Data 15 years clients law against domestic violence
Data 15 Years: Clients Upper AustriaLaw against domestic violence

Gewaltschutzgesetz parliament

Law against domestic violence

  • §§ 382b, 382e EO:

  • Enablesvictimsofdomesticvio-

  • lencetoapplyfor a restraining

  • order in courtthatprohibitsthe

  • offenderfrom

  • returninghome / order toleavehome

  • - being in certainplaces

  • - havinganycontactwiththevictim

§ 38a SPG:


- toremove a violentoffender


- andtoprohibithimfromreturn-

ingforthedurationof 2 weeks

Psychosocial und lawyer support in criminal procedures1
Psychosocial und lawyer Support in criminal procedures parliament

Information about advertisement and accompanying to the police

Making contact to the lawyer

Accompanying to court hearings

Psychosocial Councelling and support

Information about further steps (Crime Victims Law, Psychotherapy)

Support in criminal procedures
Support in criminal procedures parliament

Support is financed by the Ministry of Justice

Legal support:

 We provide and pay for a lawyer who is familiar with domestic violence and the local court system.

 If time allows, we accompany the client to the first meeting with the lawyer

 The lawyer provides us with a detailed report of the trial and outcomes achieved for our clients

Social support:

 We explain the criminal procedures to the client

 Inform them about their rights as victims and testimony at trial

 We prepare the client for court (where is it, who will be there, what does the courtroom look like, what does a testimony have to do etc.)

 We go along to court and stay with the client all through the trial

 We make a final review of the outcome

Stalking parliament

Round 10 % of the clients are affected by Stalking

(most of the offenders are former relationship partners)

Anti stalking gesetz
Anti-Stalking-Gesetz parliament


  • Restraining order prohibiting the

  • stalker

  • from personal contact with the victim

  • from contact via letters or the

  • telephone

  • from lingering in certain places

  • From passing on personal data or pic-

  • tures of the victim

  • from ordering goods or services on be-

  • half of the victim

  • From having a third party contact

  • the victim

criminal offense with a

range of punishment of

up to one year of impri-


Stalking list of recommendations for victims
Stalking - parliamentList of Recommendations for Victims

  • Abstinence(not call back or answer – 1x and unmisstakeable declare that no contact is welcome)

  • Transparence (to inform the social environment workplace – forbid giving informations)

  • Documentation (for evidence)

  • Consequence (recommendations have to be followed, empowering victims do not make any contact)

Continued violence as a new criminal law 107b stgb since 1 6 2009
Continued Violence as a new Criminal law parliament(§ 107b StGBsince 1.6.2009)

Who continues a longer time

physical violence acts to another person

can be prosecuted by criminal court

For example:

slap somebody in the face,

to spit at somebody,…

such assaults have not been a crime


Cooperation partners
Cooperation partners parliament

  • Police

  • Court

  • Youth welfare office

  • Lawyers

  • Other social institutions

Centers against domestic violence in austria

Thank you for your parliament