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Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence Internship PowerPoint Presentation
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Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence Internship

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Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence Internship - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence Internship. Melissa MacCord April 25, 2013. Who am I?. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.- Margaret Mead Why I picked the Coalition? Internship process.

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who am i
Who am I?
  • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.-Margaret Mead
  • Why I picked the Coalition?
  • Internship process
thoughts concerns
Thoughts & concerns!
  • Feelings and Concerns
    • Will I be good at advocacy?
    • What kind of projects will I be doing? Will I be able to complete it with my job?
  • Primary learning interests
    • Learn about history of bills and laws of DV
    • Learn about legislative process
  • Most exciting
    • Spending time at Legislative Hall
    • Writing Policy Briefs
    • Planning workshops/writing curriculum
  • Most challenging
    • Planning workshops/writing curriculum
internship how to s
Internship How to’s
  • Be Organized & prompt
  • Be prepared to work! Try your best!
  • Be proactive-take initiative
  • Ask questions
  • Smile
  • Step out of the “comfort zone” and work in a new field, project, etc- it will pay off in terms of skills or learning experience
  • No matter how large or small the organization is-try to meet and work with as many different people-talk to them, utilize their experience, use the different class and internship projects to gain as much knowledge about the organization and the different backgrounds of all the people you work with)
  • If you make a mistake-own it- take responsibility- stop making excuses- come with suggestions- no one like a constant “whiner”
  • Be professional-Keep the boundary lines of client, supervisor, coworkers very clear
agency context
Agency Context
  • Mission-
    • Acting as an educational and informational resource to our member agencies and the community;
    • Advocating for domestic violence concerns in Delaware;
    • Providing a strong, unified statewide voice for victims of domestic violence and their children, domestic violence programs, and victim service providers.
  • 10 person staff/16 member board
  • Resource/technical assistance to community and members
  • 4 full members-YWCA, Community Legal Aid, DE Center for Justice, People’s Place
  • Many other supporting organizations and individuals(about 140)
  • Who does DCADV service??
ethics standards
Ethics & standards
  • Statement 11- “…keep informed of current social issues as they affect the client & the community…” -working with my supervisor on sending alerts out and getting new information about new bills that would be relevant to the members and the community
  • Statement 16- “…advocate for rights of all members.. Particularly those who are members of minorities & groups at which discriminatory practices have been historically directed…” -working with my supervisor at Legislative Hall on advocacy issues
supervisions needs
Supervisions & needs
  • Wants and needs in a supervisory relationship
    • Communication
    • Feedback
    • Interactive process
    • Efficiency
  • Effective management skills
    • Asking employees “How would you do it”
    • Make sure they can handle duties if you leave
    • Don’t leave them so dependent on you and your advice
    • Great leaders encourage growth and training-it starts within
    • Getting comfortable stating “this is not acceptable”
my strengths
My strengths
  • Strategic-find alternate ways to succeed, look at best options, find solutions
  • Relator- build close relationships, utilize them, enjoy helping others reach their objectives, often asked “what do I think”
  • Communicator-good communication, presenter, relate to people who rationally think rather than emotionally think, try to help people understand through experiences or situations
  • Context-enjoy thinking about the past, the past shapes how future will be determined, intrigued by like-minded people
  • Adaptability-go with the flow, here and now, each day is a new surprise and will be able to handle it as it comes, resist standard plans
supervision challenges
Supervision challenges
  • Challenges
    • Time constraints of both myself and my supervisor
    • Hard to find time for actual one-on-one “formal” supervisions
    • I myself don’t always need the “validation” of a job well done-can take verbal clues and “informal” great jobs
      • However- everyone processes work differently and some employees may need the one-on-one time
  • I’ve had the most experiences working with individuals/families
  • I’ve had the least experience within the community-although I gained more experience in this area at DCADV
  • Most interested in administrative/community interventions
cultural competence
Cultural Competence
  • Cultural differences /insights encountered
    • I didn’t work directly with any clients-I did learn more about the intersection of disabilities, mental health and domestic violence
    • I also learn a great deal about the culture of Barbados through the culture assignment
    • bullying and prevention programs the Coalition does in the schools for youth.
    • Working at the Coalition helped to further my understanding of TANF recipients and the financial power abusers often have over those in poverty and the importance of economic empowerment
    • There is a whole different culture at Legislative Hall
  • My own culture insights/challenges
written and oral reports
Written and oral reports
  • Did a lot of writing at DCADV
  • Ability to comprehend and infer information


  • Not completely grammar free-need to slow down
  • Strong speaking skills
  • Confident
  • Personable
  • A lot of opportunities to communicate at meetings


  • Still get nervous
  • Tendency to talk fast-need to slow down



stress stress management
Stress & stress management
  • What have I learned about myself?
    • I enjoy the human service work/ administrative side immensely
    • I prefer to work in a different field than welfare
    • Policy/prevention is where it’s at!
    • Always be confident
  • Stress management/avoid pitfalls
    • Better time management
    • Less time spent on social media
    • Discussing ideas with supervisor and delegating at my job
    • Balance
    • Make lists/prioritize
  • External Factors
  • Internal Factors
ending thoughts
Ending Thoughts
  • Appreciation
    • Working with a new population
    • Working in policy
    • Creating curricula
    • Attending committee meetings/taskforce hearings
    • Attending board meetings
    • Seeing how another organization runs things
    • How dedicated each person was to mission and work
  • Regrets
    • It’s over! 
    • Not getting enough time to see the legislative work all through
career goals
Career Goals
  • Long term goals
    • Policy and advocacy on a state level
    • Prevention or training events and raise awareness for domestic violence or people with disabilities
  • Short term goals
    • Continue supervisory role and gain skills, knowledge and confidence
    • Look for training for my staff to continue to develop morale
    • Stay on top of my professional development
    • Look for funding for my current job
    • Continue to develop the mentor relationship with my supervisor
final goals
Final Goals
  • Join professional organizations
  • Join committees or task forces
    • My supervisor suggested the Domestic Violence Task Force or the Victims’ Rights Task force
  • Be more involved in hearings/ proceedings related to issues I am passionate about
  • Get updates/email on policy issues being heard at Legislative Hall
  • Begin these this summer (as soon as I pass this internship and graduate! )