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Humans Vs. Zombies Fall 2011 Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Humans Vs. Zombies Fall 2011 Orientation

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Humans Vs. Zombies Fall 2011 Orientation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Humans Vs. Zombies Fall 2011 Orientation. Director : Alex Daise Veterans: Please take a seat in the back to allow newer players to be up front (the ideal place to ask questions). Meet your Administrators!. Alex Daise – Director Phone: 610-909-4254 Forum Alias: Murphy_MacManus

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Presentation Transcript
humans vs zombies fall 2011 orientation

Humans Vs. ZombiesFall 2011 Orientation

Director : Alex Daise

Veterans: Please take a seat in the back to allow newer players to be up front (the ideal place to ask questions)

meet your administrators
Meet your Administrators!
  • Alex Daise – Director
    • Phone: 610-909-4254
    • Forum Alias: Murphy_MacManus
  • Nolan Galbraith – LeadAdmin
    • Phone: 724-831-8398
    • Forum Alias: Alaunos
  • Steve Hite – Lead Admin
    • Phone: 610-914-6368
      • He gets lonely
    • Forum Alias: NotRealButter

Morgan Wardrop – Admin

Phone: 814-574-2169

Forum Alias: Whitemagemeister

Ian Gerrity – Admin

Phone: 570-351-2766

Forum Alias: Purge

what is humans vs zombies
What is Humans Vs. Zombies?
  • A game simulating the Zombie Apocalypse
    • Played 24/7, all over the world, 2 weeks long
  • 3 win conditions :
    • The Zombies infect all of the Humans
    • All of the Zombies starve
    • The game time runs out, it becomes a stalemate
  • 3 Factions play a part in this game
    • Humans
    • Zombies
    • Dead Players
factions in depth humans
Factions : In Depth (Humans)
  • Objective: To outlast the Zombie horde, and complete missions.
  • Arsenal:
    • Socks (with only other socks attached if anything)
    • Approved Blasters
    • Marshmallows (not minis)
  • Can be identified by :
    • A green bandanna on the left arm
    • Sporting/shooting blasters
factions in depth zombies
Factions : In Depth (Zombies)
  • Objective: To infect all Humans so that only Zombies remain.
  • Arsenal:
    • Their body
    • Any contact will cause a tag, infecting a human
  • Can be identified by :
    • A green bandanna on the left arm
    • An orange bandanna on their head
      • Visible from ALL angles! You can’t cover it up
    • Not sporting/shooting blasters
factions in depth dead
Factions : In Depth (Dead)
  • Objective: Assist the Administrators by playing HvZ during missions as a Non-Player Character, or NPC. (Admins will request you)
  • Arsenal:
    • Varies, admins will let you know
  • Can be identified by :
    • If a Zombie NPC
      • Green Headband
    • If a Human NPC
      • Orange Armband
when we say you can be tagged anywhere
When we say you can be tagged anywhere…
  • We mean anywhere
    • Famous tag locations include New York City, NY
    • As well as Baltimore, Maryland
  • This game has no boundaries, except for during certain missions
    • If this is the case, the admins will inform you
yeah yeah but what constitutes a tag
Yeah yeah, but what constitutes a tag?
  • A tag is any physical contact made by a Zombie on a Human.
  • It can be a kick in the leg (note Breakfast is Dangerous), anything that isn’t the Neck or Head.
  • Backpacks count as extensions of the Human body, as do coat-tails, anything you are “wearing”
  • Tags may NOT use excessive force
    • Be gentle, kids, it’s a game.
a unique situation appeared
A Unique Situation Appeared!
  • When a Human stuns a Zombie at the same instant that the Zombie tags the Human, the Zombie gets the tag, but IS STUNNED.
  • What is stunning you ask? Moving right along.
stunning not good looks
Stunning (not good looks)
  • When a Human player hits a Zombie player with any of the approved weapons, that player becomes Stunned. (Not in head or neck)
  • A Stunned Zombie may not :
    • Get tags
    • Continue to wear a headband (it must be put around the neck once stunned)
    • Pursue humans (Exception in next slide)
  • A Stunned Zombie will remain stunned for 15 minutes, then return their headband to the correct position
stunning continued
Stunning (Continued)
  • Stun timers (as we like to call them) will be shorter in Missions, and will be announced by the admins.
  • A stunned zombie may :
    • Remain stationary (used to block darts)
    • Leave the scene (not following Humans)
    • Call other Zombies
    • A Stunned Zombie MAY follow and get assist on an Incubating Human. More on these topics right now!
  • Once tagged, a Human is considered Incubating, and becomes a Zombie in 15 Minutes!
  • An Incubating Human may :
    • Help the Zombies
    • Help the Humans
    • Cry in a corner, whatever
  • When the timer is up, the player puts on his/her Orange Headband, and is now a Zombie.
feeds starvation
Feeds / Starvation
  • When a Zombie tags a Human, they get a “Feed”
    • The Human, when tagged, will rip off the large portion of their ID, and hand it to the Zombie IMMEDIATELY
    • This “Feed Card”, when entered in on the website will provide said Zombie with 50 hours added onto their Starvation Timer!
  • Starvation Timer:
    • If a Zombie does not receive a “Feed” within 50 hours, they will starve, and become a Dead Player.
feeds starvation continued
Feeds / Starvation (Continued)
  • Assists :
    • The 2nd and 3rd tags to be made on a Human/Incubating Human are the assists.
    • The Zombies who did the assisting will receive the smaller cards on the Human’s ID.
  • Assists will also provide 50 hours to the Zombie.
    • They can no longer be attained once an Incubating Human has become a full Zombie.
    • 50 Hours is the CAP. If you have 24 hours, and get a feed, you will be at 50 hours.
a f ew reminders
A Few Reminders
  • A Stunned Zombie CAN chase after Incubating Humans and get Assists.
  • There is vagueness surrounding the “Do not follow while stunned” rule
    • If you are stunned, but want to head in the same general direction as a human/group of humans, try turning down a street, and go the direction on a parallel street, out of sight.
    • Zombies ignoring this rule will have hours removed.
  • It is PROHIBITED to show your ID card to anyone but the Zombie who tagged you
soldier class
Soldier Class
  • Soldiers are individuals who will be identified by:
    • A green armband on BOTH arms (if Human)
    • A green armband on BOTH arms, plus an orange headband (if Zombie)
    • If in mission, both armbands go on the right arm
  • They stun Zombies for an extra 5 minutes
  • They are stunned for 5 less minutes
    • These amounts will change during missions
  • Soldier will be awarded to certain players by the administrators
    • When a Human Soldier is tagged, they turn into a Zombie Soldier.
game structure
Game Structure
  • 2 weeks long
    • First two days are “Pregame”
    • Next 10 days will be Normal Gameplay
      • We normally do 11, but the final day would be a football game
  • Before the game begins
    • The Administrators will choose One lucky individual to become the Original Zombie.
      • This Zombie is responsible for providing the giant horde of Zombies necessary for a Zombie victory later in the game. Many players view the OZ as a leader-figure.
  • The scariest two days of the game.
    • Pregame lasts from 8:00am, Monday, Sept. 12th until 6:00pm (First Mission) on Tuesday, Sept. 13th
    • ALL players wear their green armbands on their left arms (CAN NOT BE COVERED UP)
    • Zombie DO NOT wear headbands.
      • Everyone looks human.
      • The OZ is released, and Zombies can NOT starve.
    • Human Weaponry is limited to :
      • Socks
      • Marshmallows
pregame continued
Pregame (Continued)
  • Zombies can lie about being Human
    • They can not, however, use weapons
  • Pregame transitions into the Normal Game when the First Mission begins.
    • Once you arrive at the Mission starting point, you will now be out of Pregame, and may use your blasters. If you are a zombie, you don your headband.
    • If you cannot attend the first Mission, Pregame will end for you at 6:00pm. (That is when the Starvation Timers begin ticking on the website)
normal game
Normal Game
  • Zombies can no longer claim to be Human, no matter over what medium.
    • You can avoid answering, but you cannot lie.
  • Humans must attend a predetermined amount of Missions every week (More on that next)
  • Zombies Starvation Timers have begun. When they reach 0 seconds, you will be set to Dead.
  • Every day during the “Normal” portion of the game, Evening Missions will be held.
    • On some days, Day Missions will be held.
  • Humans and Zombies will meet up at certain locations, and will be given objectives to complete within a time limit.
    • For example, Rescue a Scientist from a locked car, and escort him around campus.
  • It will be required for Humans to attend a minimum of 2 missions per week.
    • If you cannot attend the minimum, please contact me or one of my Administrators. Day Missions count for ½ of a Mission credit.
missions continued
Missions (Continued)
  • Day Missions will vary in length, and will consist of objectives posted on the forums, that the factions will have the majority of the day to complete.
  • Make sure to Check the Forums regularly for updates and Mission information.
    • Missions will have shortened Stun Timers, Incubation Timers, and other fun parameters!
    • Humans are encouraged to attend every mission!
      • They’re a lot of fun
      • You get to act out the storyline, and take an active role in your faction’s destiny!
missions continued 2
Missions (Continued 2)
  • Players participating in a Mission will switch their green armbands to the opposite arm
    • This will take place when the Admin instructs you to switch them.
  • When in a Mission, players will be in a separate “plane of existence”
    • Mission players can not affect outside-of-Mission players, and Vice-Versa
    • If a Safe Zone is used by an In-Mission player, they are removed from the mission.
      • IE: Running into a classroom building
faction loyalty clause
Faction Loyalty Clause
  • A player must play to benefit his/her faction.
    • Human players must work to better the game for a Human victory.
    • Zombie players must work to better the game for a Zombie victory.
    • The only exception is that an Incubating Human may play for either side.
non players dead players
Non-Players / Dead Players
  • May not :
    • Interfere with the game
    • Shield players
    • Reveal locations of players
  • May :
    • Escort players into and throughout Residence Halls
    • Give static information about players (class schedules, work schedules, daily routines, housing)
    • Non-Players and Dead may still be involved in missions
      • The Administrators will contact you, but you may post your want and availability in the forums.
escort policy
Escort Policy
  • You must be escorted into a dorm building if you do not live there.
  • An Escort may have up to 6 followers.
  • Escorts must have visual contact with each follower every 5 minutes or explicit permission from the RA on duty to leave them be.
  • A special item that can be obtained by players through missions
  • If used, takes the place of a Human’s feed card. (Spares the Human’s life)
  • After use :
    • The Human is invincible for 15 minutes (can not be tagged/shot)
    • If used in a mission, the Human is now out of the Mission
  • Antidote can be used anytime during your incubation period
safe zones
Safe Zones
  • The only technical boundaries placed upon the game
  • Safe Zones both exist for players safety as well as the sake of not disrupting Daily University Activities
    • Only ONE Zombie per Human may follow within a safe zone.
  • Here is a list of locations that will ALWAYS be safe.
safe zones always safe
Safe Zones (Always Safe)
  • Commons Buildings
  • Campus Classroom Buildings
  • Bathrooms
  • Libraries, Labs, Studios, Bars, Bookstores, Firing Ranges, Gyms, Hospitals, Airports
  • Religious Events
  • Eisenhower Auditorium
  • Buses (and for 30 seconds after exiting)
  • Athletic fields/arenas during University-Sanctioned athletic events
  • Any University-Sanctioned Club Meeting
  • Workplace while at work
  • Any place not listed above while a player is working on a project
safe zones temporary
Safe Zones (Temporary)
  • The HUB :
    • 10am – 2pm, EVERY DAY
  • While on a Mobile Apparatus, you are safe
    • Bike, Skateboard, Car, Scooter, Longboard, Roller-blades
      • Once dismounted from a Bike/Skateboard etc, you are taggable
  • All local, state, and federal laws must be followed.
    • When exiting a car, it must be parked. The driver may not leave the vehicle unless it is parked legally.
    • A Zombie may not follow a Human who is in a car.
    • It is PROHIBITED to use a mobile apparatus for the purpose of being safe.
more safe zones temporary
More Safe Zones (Temporary)
  • When you enter a car, you are “stunned” for 3 minutes, which means that you cannot fire and stun zombies.
  • When using a Mobile Apparatus, park it off campus, as close to campus as you’d like, then walk to your destination.
  • If they ask you to not play the restaurant, store, etc. Stop play and let an admin know
safe zones residences
Safe Zones (Residences)
  • A player’s place of residence is considered safe if one person (who lives there), declares it a safe zone
    • Once it is declared a safe zone, it cannot be undeclared as such
    • Touching the door of your residence makes you safe
    • Humans may shoot out of residences that are not dorm rooms. In the dorms, you may only use socks.
  • Bottom floor of Brill Hall is technically an area you need to “swipe” into, so you must be escorted inside
safe time
Safe Time
  • You may apply for safe time for various situations (Going to Exams, equipment usage, etc.)
  • Post in the HvZ Support forums for safe time, it is kept confidential between you and the admins.
  • If approved for safe time, the time will be posted on the general HvZ forums.
  • If approved for safe time, wear your armband around your neck, unless you’re wearing a uniform for work or ROTC or etc.
nerf at night
  • Past Civil Twilight (Sunset + 30 minutes)
  • Blasters may not be used within these boundaries :
    • Park
    • Atherton
    • College
    • University
  • If you are stopped by the Police
    • Lay down your blasters
    • Give the Admins a call
  • Do not jump over or climb any object that is over WAIST height/3 feet.
  • DO NOT CLIMB out of your apartment windows.
  • If your residence building must be swiped into, like EastView or some Apartment buildings, the hallways are still not safe.
    • Blasters may also not be used here.
  • No Trespassing.
  • Stay off Frat property.
  • Please no Camo.
most importantly
Most importantly…
  • Have fun!
  • It’s a game, relax, enjoy yourself.
  • If you feel you have been wronged, you probably haven’t.
  • We would love to hear your feedback, but save it for AFTER the game is over.
  • We put a lot of work into this game for you, so we hope you enjoy it!
  • Whenever you get tagged, remember, being a zombie is also fun
new additions
New additions:
  • Do not purposefully block darts/socks/mallows with your head
  • Do not climb inside dumpsters
  • Remote controlled robots cannot be used to stun zombies
  • During missions, admins may set up temporary safe zones using cones or something similar