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Marine research and the role of the shipping industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marine research and the role of the shipping industry. Peter Hinchliffe w ith thanks to: OceanScope and. The burning questions. 50%. 25%. 25%. The Oceans and Climate?. Climate (CO2) control by biology (& chemistry).

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Marine research

and the role of the shipping industry

Peter Hinchliffe

with thanks to:

OceanScope and

The burning questions




The Oceans



Climate (heat) control by physics

SO how can the shipping industry help out ?

The ocean conveyor belt

Modified after

Commercial ships go where few scientists have gone before

and much more frequently

Oceanography all day everyday and everywhere

Using Ships of Opportunity (SOOs)

OceanScope is leading the way in how best to do this

Repeating track

Power & water intake

Real-time transmission

What is a ship of opportunity (SOO)?

  • Climate

  • Circulation

  • Biodiversity

  • Invasive species

  • Pollution baselines

No impact on ship’s normal operation


Rig Supply Vessels

Cruise Ships

Cargo Vessels

Oil tanker

Cargo Vessels

Types of ships of opportunity (SOOs)

Measuring physics

measuring currents



~60 cm

9 cm

8 cm

ADCP Transducer

Adcp transducers
ADCP Transducers

mounted in wells near the keel amidships

University of Miami

Where in the World : CO2 uptake data

Database is full of holes

More data

Less data

Takahashi et al., 2009

No year to year information either

The current global CO2 network is small

Filling the holes using SOOs

International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project

Major benefits of SOOs





Major benefits of SOOs – To SCIENCE

  • Collects scientific data on a regular basis

  • Observes change in the ocean impossible to get

  • by other means

  • Fills big holes in data/understanding

  • Highly cost effective

  • A global perspective

Major benefits of SOOs – To SOCIETY

Helps inform on how to respond to

  • Climate change

  • Pollution

  • Awareness raising

  • Underpins regulation/policy

Major benefits of SOOs – To INDUSTRY

  • Better information on their environment

  • Educational & promotional outreach to stakeholders

  • & public

  • Influence policy (e.g. setting of emissions reduction)

  • Informs environmental & corporate responsibilities

SCOR* OceanScope

  • A science-industry partnership for the sustained systematic

  • study of the global ocean water column using SOOs …

  • making the vision a reality

  • Using instrumentation that operates without the need for

  • human presence and to operate automatically

  • No interference with the ship’s normal operation

  • To transmit quality data in near real-time

  • Merchant vessels as “satellites orbiting the Earth at sea level”

*Scientific Committee for Ocean Research