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unit 1 scientific investigations n.
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Unit 1 Scientific Investigations PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 1 Scientific Investigations

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Unit 1 Scientific Investigations
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Unit 1 Scientific Investigations

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  1. Unit 1 Scientific Investigations JEOPARDY Study Guide S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  2. Miscellaneous100 The horizontal axis of a graph runs from (where to where)... And is also called the ____ axis. A: What is left to right, x axis ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  3. Miscellaneous200 The elements of an experiment that are kept the same for each subject tested throughout the experiment are called….. A: What is constants ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  4. Miscellaneous300 In science, a hypothesis must be…. A: What is testable ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  5. Miscellaneous400 The independent variable is always graphed on which axis? A: What is the x-axis (horizontal axis)? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  6. Miscellaneous500 The mean (average) of this set of data 2 cm, 5cm, 5cm is…. A: What is 4cm ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  7. Vocabulary100 Form of a number used to simplify really big or really small numbers. A: What is scientific notation? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  8. Vocabulary200 Basic metric unit of mass. A: What is gram ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  9. Vocabulary300 Part of the experiment that “I” change on purpose. A: What is independent variable ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  10. Vocabulary400 Basic unit of length in the metric system…. A: What is meter ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  11. Vocabulary500 Amount of space an object takes up… A: What is volume ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  12. Experimental Design100 A student tests the effect of heat on bacteria growth. The independent variable is…. A: What is heat ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  13. Experimental Design200 A student tests the effect of heat on bacteria growth. The dependent variable is…. A: What is bacteria growth ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  14. Experimental Design300 Researchers typically test several subjects rather than just one because…. A: What is they need to make sure the results are consistently the same. S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  15. Experimental Design400 List the parts of a scientific experiment (including procedures). A: What is make observations, create a title, create a hypothesis (if-then statement), experiment (set up a control group and experimental groups), collect data, make conclusions, re-test. S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  16. Experimental Design500 State the relationship shown in the data table between plant growth and pH of soil. A: What is as pH increases plant growth increases until a pH of 7.0 is reached, then growth decreases? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  17. Lab Safety/exp.design100 The first thing you should do if an accident occurs in the lab is…. A: What is notify your teacher? http://www.emc.maricopa.edu/faculty/farabee/BIOBK/BioBookCELL2.html S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  18. Lab Safety/exp.design200 The most important lab safety rule is… A: What is always follow your teacher’s instructions and textbook directions exactly ? http://www.biology4kids.com/files/cell_er.html S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  19. Lab Safety/exp.design300 The title of this experiment should be….. . A: What is The effect of pH on the growth of plants? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  20. Lab Safety/exp. design400 An if-then statement is called a(n) …. A: What is a hypothesis? http://www.science.siu.edu/plant-biology/PLB117/JPEGs%20CD/0074.JPG S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  21. Lab Safety/exp.design500 The hypothesis this experiment might be designed to test….. . A: What is if pH increases, then plant growth will increase until the pH reaches a certain point ? http://www.science.siu.edu/plant-biology/PLB117/JPEGs%20CD/0076.JPG S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  22. Metrics 100 The metric system of measurement is based on the number…… A: What is 10. S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  23. Metrics200 Mnemonic device used to aid in figuring out metric conversions. A: What is King Henry Doesn’t Usually Drink Chocolate Milk? Image by Riedell

  24. Metrics300 680 kg = ________ mg A: What is 680,000,000 mg? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  25. Metrics 400 4.6 km = ____________ cm A: What is 460,000 cm? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  26. Metrics500 380 cm = ________ km. A: What is 0.0038 km? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  27. Scientific Notation Convert this number into standard notation 8.976 x 107 A: What is 89,760,000

  28. Scientific Notation Convert this number into standard notation 4.321 x 10-8 A: What is 0.00000004321

  29. Scientific Notation Convert this number into scientific notation 0.0000003869 A: What is 3.869 x 10-7

  30. Scientific Notation Convert this number into scientific notation 670,000,000,000 A: What is 6.7 x 1011