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The Anatomy of a Murderer

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The Anatomy of a Murderer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Anatomy of a Murderer. By Daniel Randall. Murderers and Serial Killers. A murderer is someone that kills another human being unlawfully. The murder is also premeditated . A Serial Killer is someone that kills victims in a series of murders.

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the anatomy of a murderer

The Anatomy of a Murderer

By Daniel Randall

murderers and serial killers
Murderers and Serial Killers
  • A murderer is someone that kills another human being unlawfully.
  • The murder is also premeditated.
  • A Serial Killer is someone that kills victims in a series of murders.
how can a persons childhood affect their adult life
How can a persons childhood affect their adult life.
  • Many scientists believe that most murderers and serial killers have a horrible childhood.
  • For instance, many of them have: alcoholic parents, suffer from neglect and abuse, etc.
    • The majorityof serial killers try to hide their true intentions from the police, usually pleading insanity.
jefrrey dahmer
  • Was born in Burbank, California.
  • Had a horrible relationship with his mother. She locked him in the basement because she was he would rape his sister.
  • At a young age, he showed signs of necrophilia and performed sexual rituals with his sisters dolls.
jeffrey dahmer the milwaukee cannibal
Jeffrey Dahmer: The Milwaukee Cannibal
  • His first victim was a hitchhiker. He took him to his dads house and offered to have sex with him. He then killed him with a 10 lb dumbbell.
  • Later on, he kept picking up people at gay bars and killing them after having sex with them.
  • By the summer of 1991, Dahmer was approximately killing every week.
  • After being convicted of 17 murders and sentenced to 957 years in prison, he was eventually beaten over the head by a broom and was pronounced dead Nov. 28, 1994
are the majority of murderers dysfunctional criminals
Are the Majority of Murderers Dysfunctional Criminals?
  • The majority of serial killers are everyday citizens.
  • Most of them have regular jobs, homes, families, and an established life.
  • Dr. David Buss, an evolutionary psychologist at The University of Texas at Austin says, “Though we may like to think that murderers are either pathological misfits or hardened criminals, the vast majority of murders are committed by people who, until the day they kill, seem perfectly normal.”
dennis rader
Dennis Rader

Born in Wichita, Kansas.

He was a active member in his church, and the leader of his neighborhood boy scout.

He had a family, a son, and a happy life.

Dennis Rader showed no signs of being a killer, and he lived around people who trusted him.

blind torture kill
Blind. Torture. Kill.
  • Dennis Rader was convicted of murdering ten people in Wichita.
  • He would tie his victims and strangle them until they died.
  • Thanks to letter BTK had sent to the police and a DNA confirmation, they were able to arrest Dennis Rader.
  • Although he was a normal person, he was a serial killer that killed almost a dozen people for pleasure.
how can sexual fantasies affect a person
How can sexual fantasies affect a person?
  • Many serial killers kill because they want to fulfill their darkest sexual fantasies.
  • Rape, molestation, and cannibalism are all ways of exploring a serial killers sexual fantasies.
albert fish real life hannibal lecter
Albert Fish: Real Life Hannibal Lecter
  • Albert Fish was a serial killer and cannibal that ate his victims for sexual purposes.
  • He would abduct children and cook them in stews with carrots and onions.
  • On January 16, 1936, Albert Fish was sent to the electric chair and was executed.
  • Shirley Lynn Scott is a writer at, and she writes a number of essays about many of the infamous serial killers.
  • She says, “In the end, all we can conclude is that serial killers are human black holes. That they are so normal, so generic, so invisible, they terrify us because they mirror us”.