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PCard. PT Card. Similarities. For business expenses only Does not require personal liability, charges are paid by the university Requires statement to be processed on a bi-weekly basis Must include original detailed receipts

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PT Card


For business expenses only

Does not require personal liability, charges are

paid by the university

Requires statement to be processed on a

bi-weekly basis

Must include original detailed receipts

Requires supervisory approval (which implies all expenses are supported by receipts and appropriate)



PT Card


Charges are only made to one account number

Employee must reimburse the university for any unauthorized expenses or inadequately documented expenses

Failure to provide such reimbursement for unauthorized expenses or inadequately documented expenses can result in loss of card

allowable charges
Allowable Charges


PT Card

  • Airfare (Travel Agency Fees)
  • Vehicle Rental (including gas)
  • Hotel (No incidentals allowed)
  • Business internet charges
  • Business telephone calls only
  • Registration/Conference Fee
  • Webinars
  • Parking
  • Ground Transportation (Train, Bus, Shuttle, or Taxi)
  • Books - Classroom or Office
  • Supplies
  • Postage, Fed Ex. Charges
  • Slide Duplication
  • Dues and Memberships
    • (Only one payment per individual or institution per year)
  • Subscriptions— New And Renewal
    • (Only one payment per individual or institution per year)
disallowed charges
Disallowed Charges


  • Ammunition or Weapons
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Cash Advances
  • Personal Items
  • Consulting Services
  • Printing or Photocopying
  • Conferences or Training Fees
  • Flowers
  • Prizes, Gifts, or Awards (need prior approval from A/P)
  • No gift cards
  • Food, Refreshments, Meals
  • Any business travel expenses
  • Academic Support Services
  • Entertainment
  • Air Conditioners
  • Insurance
  • Alarm or Security Systems
  • Leases
  • Sales Tax of any kind
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Legal Services
disallowed charges1
Disallowed Charges

PT Card

  • Supplies
  • All PCardallowables
  • Food
  • Gasoline for personal car
  • Tour charges
  • Lodging amenities or incidentals
  • Personal phone calls or internet charges
  • Fuel Service Option (FSO) on rental cars (prepaid gasoline)
p card reminders
P Card Reminders
  • Services are allowed if pre-authorized by Accounts Payable, including advertising, labor, and repairs.
  • Common items that are generally NOT allowed include:
    • Picture Frames
    • Kleenex /Sanitizer for personal use
    • Paper plates, forks, spoons, napkins, etc. (for office parties)
    • T-shirts
    • Promotional candy or food
    • Flowers
    • Cards of any type (i.e. Thank you, Birthday, Sympathy, etc.)
purchasing guidelines
Purchasing Guidelines
  • Per Transaction Limits
    • Purchases over $5,000 must be pre-authorized by Program Administrator
    • Serial purchasing not allowed
  • Mandatory State Contracts
    • MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations)
    • Cleaning Chemicals and Janitorial Supplies
    • Office Supplies (Staples)
pcard statement processing requirements
PCard Statement Processing Requirements
  • Itemized Receipts (including any shipping charges)
    • If ordering online, always print the order acknowledgement
    • If ordering by phone, have vendor fax acknowledgement
  • Attached list of attendees and class syllabus for any event tickets purchased
  • Item description required
    • If purchase is unique, provide a detailed explanation
  • Memberships/Subscriptions -
    • 1 year unless substantial savings
    • Individual memberships not allowed unless substantial savings or justification/benefit to university is documented and attached to log
p card summary log form
P Card Summary Log Form

** It is no longer mandatory to process a PCard summary log. IF you choose to process a summary log, please use newest version of PCard Log form located at Purchasing website **

pt summary log requirements this is still mandatory
PT Summary Log Requirements** this is still Mandatory **
  • Brochure with agenda if attending a conference with a registration fee
  • Original detailed receipts required (scotch tape removes ink)
  • Conference site hotel proof required
  • Destination – City
  • Purpose of Trip
  • Copies of receipts if filing a TER for miscellaneous expenses
  • Group Travel
    • Include list of all participants
pt summary log form this is still mandatory
PT Summary Log Form** this is still Mandatory **
  • Use newest version of PT Log form located at Purchasing website
airfares pt card
Airfares* PT Card *
  • Online reservations must be made through the UW TravelWIse portal ( (no other online reservations allowed)
  • May phone Fox World Travel at 1-866-230-8787
  • For groups (greater than 5) and complex international travel, may use non-contracted travel agency (online reservations not allowed)
  • Need receipts for baggage fees
lodging in out of state pt card
Lodging (In/Out of State)* PT Card *
  • Maximum reimbursement rate is $70.00 per night unless staying at a state approved high cost city
  • A one-night lodging deposit can be charged when required and documented by the lodging property. No other pre-payment for lodging is allowed including the use of lodging brokers (i.e.,,, etc.)
  • Conference site hotels can be utilized
  • Incidentals not allowed
    • Room Service/Food
    • Personal Telephone calls
    • Movies
    • Alcohol
    • Etc.
vehicle rentals pt card
Vehicle Rentals* PT Card *
  • There are two vehicle contracts to choose from depending on driver eligibility:
    • Big 10 Contract:  Employees, Graduate Students, Guests, Consultants - all must be over 21 years of age and on University paid business.  Employees and graduate students must be UW Risk Management authorized drivers.  NOTE:  Undergraduate students are not allowed to rent under this contract no matter what their age is.
    • The State of Wisconsin/WSCA contract:  Undergraduate students and other drivers who are less than 21 years of age who are authorized drivers and travel on University funded business. 
  • Requires itemized receipt
    • Website of rental agency
    • Fax from rental agency
  • Gasoline for rental only
  • Non-contract vendor can be used if the contract vendors cannot accommodate your needs
    • Documentation required with log


choose FSO (Fuel Service Option)

-or- Refuel at rental agency

corporate card
Corporate Card

For business travel expenses only

Is a Personal liability card (paid by staff/faculty)

The following message will appear on all corporate cardholder statements:"The UW Corporate Travel Card has been issued to you for business purchases only therefore personal purchases are not allowed.  Using the card for personal purchases will result in card suspension or cancellation.  Balance due in full one month from statement date. 1% late fee assessed at 61 days past due."

student travel
Student Travel
  • Students are not allowed to obtain either procurement credit cards being offered
  • If possible, departments should try to make travel pre-payments for student travel if it is being funded via a state account
  • Students on state business can rent at age 18
  • Student organizations are not covered under state contract
policy forms
Policy & Forms
  • Procurement Card
  • Procurement Travel Card
  • Corporate Travel Card
  • Penny Odell - (715-836-5171 or for questions relating to institutional procurement, procurement travel, and corporate travel card applications
  • Becky Zillmer (715-836-5266 or – for institutional procurement travel card log and travel policy related questions
  • Sheri Kuberra (715-836-5999 or for questions relating to travel policy related questions