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Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene

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Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene. When Jesus was suffering on the cross , some women stood by His side: St. Mary (His mother) & St. Mary Magdalene . After Jesus died, these women went home in total darkness & sadness. .

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Jesus appears to

Mary Magdalene


When Jesus was suffering on the cross, some women stood by His side: St. Mary (His mother) & St. Mary Magdalene.

  • After Jesus died, these women went home in total darkness & sadness.

Joseph, a rich man who loved Jesus, asked permission to take the Lord’s body for burial.

  • Joseph & another good man Nicodemuslowered the Body, and wrapped Him in a shroud.

They placed Him in a new tomb. then rolled a stone to close the tomb; it was a BIGstone that took 3 strong men!


The Phariseeswent to the Pilate: “This Jesus told His disciples He can rise after 3 days, please make sure the tomb is well sealed so His disciples won’t steal His body & tell lies”.

  • Pilatetold them: “You go, seal it and guard it yourselves”.

Early Easter Sunday morning Mary Magdalene & her friends went to the tomb...

It was empty, Jesus was not there!


An angelat the tomb told the women to not be afraid.

Jesuswho was crucified is ALIVE, and go tell the others!


Maryran quickly to tell the others

  • Peter& Johnran to the empty tomb, they saw the linen cloths that wrapped Jesus was folded up neatly.
  • They went home sad & did not yet understand that Jesushad risen!

Marystood weeping

  • She saw 2 angels: ”Woman, why are you weeping?”
  • “Because they have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid Him”
  • Jesus standing there: “Woman why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?”
  • “Sir, if you have carried Him away, tell me where and will take Him away”.

Jesus called: “Mary!”

  • “Rabboni!” (Teacher)
  • “Do not cling to Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, ‘I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God’”.
  • Mary went home with joy & told the disciples what the Lord told her!

What does EASTERmean?

    • Easter celebrates the Lord’s Resurrection, His victoryover sin& death
    • The true meaning of Easter is notabout chocolate eggs, bunniesor candies.
    • We share in the victory of Christ, and the power to defeat sin & death!

Why did Mary Magdalene not recognize Jesus?

    • She was too busy in her sadness& despair
    • Our Lord had the new beautiful, resurrected & glorified body, different than the body He had before His crucifixion

How did Jesus get Mary’s attention?

    • He called her name …
    • MARY!

Why did Jesus tell Marynot to “hold on” to Him?

    • He needed her to be strong in faith
    • He had a jobfor her: to tell the other disciples of His Resurrection

What prevents us from recognizing Jesus voice?

    • Worldly distractions – money, greed …
    • Pride or lack of humility
    • Lack of love
    • Other sins …
  • How does Jesus call our name today?
    • He speaks through Abouna, mom & dad, teachers … when they remind us to:
          • Stop a bad habit
          • Pray
          • Read the Bible

This week …

  • Listen to the Lord’s voice …
    • Be obedient to Abouna, mom & dad
    • Don’t be busy in your worries, sadness, despair … “look up” at the Lord with prayers & trust that He will solve your problems!