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Silents , Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y… Oh My! PowerPoint Presentation
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Silents , Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y… Oh My!

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Silents , Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y… Oh My! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Silents , Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y… Oh My!. Jeff Smith, Principal Titan Group 540-400-6875. Agenda. Define generations (Silent, Boomers, Gen Xers , Millennials) Understand the forces that shaped them Discuss how best to leverage each generation

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Presentation Transcript
silents baby boomers gen x gen y oh my
Silents, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y…Oh My!

Jeff Smith, Principal

Titan Group


  • Define generations (Silent, Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials)
    • Understand the forces that shaped them
  • Discuss how best to leverage each generation
  • Share management tools/tips
    • Learn how to best manage each talented group
  • Silent Generation
    • Born 1925-1945
  • Boomers
    • Born 1946-1964; 80 million
  • Gen X
    • Born 1965-1981; 51 million
  • Millennials (Gen Y)
    • Born 1982-2003; 80 million
who is this guy and why should i care
Who is this guy and why should I care?

Your next Manager is likely a huge fan of his…

which of the following means the most to you
Which of the Following Means the Most to You?

Jimi Hendrix dies

MTV debuts

Kurt Cobain dies

Elvis joins the Army

then you are a
Then You Are a…

Elvis joins the Army (Silent)

Jimi Hendrix dies (Boomer)

MTV debuts (Gen Xer)

Kurt Cobain dies (Millennial)

silent generation at a glance
Silent Generation at a Glance

Born 1925-1945; smaller than boomers


Grave; fatalistic


Want to leave the work force

Looking to leave a legacy; mentor others

Believe in hard work, paying your dues, will be recognized if job is done well

silents shaped by
Silents Shaped By…

Great Depression


Korean War

Politics of Inclusion

Artistic expression

Saving money

silent management 101
Silent Management 101



Flexibility (review schedules; f.t. vs. p.t.)

Ask them what they want to be doing?


baby boomers at a glance
Baby Boomers at a Glance

Born 1946-64; 80 million

Challenged authority


Money, title and recognition

Stellar career; competitive

Starting to burn out

Believe in hard work, paying your dues, will be recognized if job is done well

boomers shaped by
Boomers Shaped By…



Vietnam, Watergate


Human Rights Movement

Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll

Shifting from Pensions to 401k’s

boomer management 101
Boomer Management 101





Show them key to success

Flexibility (review schedules; f.t. vs. p.t.)

Challenge them to continue growing








generation x at a glance
Generation X at a Glance

Born 1965-1981; 51 Million

Balance between work and life

Value freedom

Flexible and motivated

Build a portable career


gen xers shaped by
Gen Xers Shaped by…

Sesame Street, MTV

Game Boy; Atari; Nintendo


Divorce rate tripled

Latch key children

Parent’s laid off from AT&T, Chrysler, etc.

gen xer management 101
Gen Xer Management 101

Avoid judging

Accommodate individual needs whenever possible

Demonstrate competence to earn respect

Forgive impatience

Be a coworker until someone requires a boss

Create fun events and a stimulating environment

Celebrate the heroes on your staff

millennials at a glance
Millennials at a Glance
  • Born between 1982-2003; 80 million
    • Gen Y, Internet generation, Echo Boom, Nexters, Nintendo or Digital generation
  • Need mentoring; growth opportunities
  • Confident
  • Hopeful
  • Goal- and achievement-oriented
  • Civic-minded
  • Inclusive-like working in teams
millennials shaped by
Millennials Shaped By…

Focus on children and family

Scheduled, structured lives

Parent Advocacy






Hurricane Katrina

millennial management 101
Millennial Management 101

You be the leader

Challenge me

Let me work with friends

Let’s have fun

Respect me

Be flexible

Don’t expect them to pay their dues; don’t dampen their enthusiasm

Constant feedback

millennials at play
Millennials at Play

Source: Pew Research Center for the People & the Press 2007

80% talk to their parents daily and 75% see their parents weekly

50% have modified their body with a tattoo or piercing

20% have little or nothing to do with religion

33% pay attention to politics "most of the time"

48% identify as Democratic Party and 35% as Republicans

40% feel that as a citizen they have a "duty" to vote

23% read the newspaper

67% feel that immigration is good for the country

74% support privatizing Social Security

47% support gay marriage

3 divides
3 Divides


Attitude toward business

Consumer attitude mindset


24/7 Connectivity

Breaks down hierarchies

Encourages networks

Challenges traditional management practices

Is it a tool or a toy

attitude towards business
Attitude Towards Business


Boomers—Competitive; move ahead


Millennials—What are you doing for—me, the community and are you honest?

consumer attitude
Consumer Attitude

Question value


Easily to handle microwavable experiences

Want to know how you have grown your skills

3 r s and 3 c s
3 R’s and 3 C’s







Decoding Generation Differences, W. Stanton Smith p. 26

key motivational factors
Key Motivational Factors

Daniel Pink—Drive

  • Autonomy
  • Mastery
  • Purpose

Carrot and stick is so last century!!!

management tips for all
Management Tips for All

Mindset of thinking flexibly

Work with friends


Have some fun

Sense of humor

Challenge and stretch employees minds


millennials management tips
Millennials Management Tips

Engaging experiences

Transferable skills

Provide rationale for the work

Reward extra effort

Variety of tasks

Help with flexible schedules


problem my younger workers want more flexible schedules
Problem: My Younger Workers Want More Flexible Schedules



Ability to connect with outside world

Less hours

More flexibility of location of work

More time off

problem my younger workers seem to need constant feedback why why why
Problem: My Younger Workers Seem to Need Constant Feedback…Why? Why? Why?


Pull-up to their desk

Explain the rationale

Okay to text or tweet responses

Schedule short meetings more often

Review their growth at least quarterly

problem getting people interested in management roles
Problem: Getting People Interested in Management Roles


Need to explain what’s in it for me (WIIFM)

Highlight the learning opportunities

Create a strong mentoring/coaching program

Outline who they will be working with

Identify how many extra hours will be required?

Define the compensation

Link their role to the vision; provide lots of feedback

problem keeping key boomers and silents
Problem: Keeping Key Boomers and Silents


Flexible schedules (Part-time)

Identify growth possibilities

Set up them up with a mentee

Leave a legacy (Silent; older Boomers)

Set clear expectations for promotion

problem retaining top young talent
Problem: Retaining top young talent


Make it less about work

Connect with the community

Let them work in teams

Let them choose a mentor

Give them meaningful work

Allow more flexibility

Ask for their opinions

what can i do tomorrow
What Can I do Tomorrow?

Create mentoring programs

Have a coaching session with a direct report about their career

Explain changes you are hoping for

Learn something new from a millennial

about titan group llc
About Titan Group LLC
  • Formed in 2001
  • Owners:
    • Lee Weisiger & Genevieve Roberts
  • 9 Employees (7 Consultants)
  • 100+ years of HR Experience
  • Headquartered in Richmond, VA
    • Office in Roanoke, VA
  • Five year annual growth rate over 30%
  • Named Small Business Success Story by Virginia Business Magazine in 2008.

our services
Our Services
  • Compensation Services
  • Employee Training & Leadership Development
  • HR Advisory Services
  • Talent Strategy Services
  • Executive Compensation & Benefits
  • Roanoke Regional Compensation Survey in the Fall—stay tuned!!!

recommended resources
Recommended Resources
  • Decoding Generational Differences: Fact, fiction or should we just get back to work? (W. Stanton Smith, Deloitte)
  • Generations at Work (Ron Zemke)
  • Millennials Rising (Neil Howe, William Strauss)
  • Millennial Makeover: MySpace, YouTube,

and the Future of American Politics

(Morley Winograd, Michael D. Hais)

  • Pew Research Center For The People &

The Press

      • How Young People View Their Lives, Futures and Politics
  • Managing the Millennials (Espinoza, Rusch and Ukleja)