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RUSSELL FINEX AFTERMARKET SUPPORT. By: Richard Kay After Market Sales Manager. CONTENTS. Introduction Sieve & Filter Meshing Demonstration (inc. Factory tour) Russell Finex Sieve & Filter Meshing Spares vs After Market - Policies ATEX overview.

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russell finex aftermarket support


By: Richard KayAfter Market Sales Manager

  • Introduction
  • Sieve & Filter Meshing Demonstration (inc. Factory tour)
  • Russell Finex Sieve & Filter Meshing
  • Spares vs After Market - Policies
  • ATEX overview
a machine sale doesn t stop at the machine sale
A machine sale doesn’t stop at the machine sale!
  • Spares Business – 2005-2006 Nearly £5,000,000
  • ~40% of RF turnover
  • Annual growth ~10%
  • Average value per order:

Ave value per m/c ~ £10,000

Ave value per spares order ~ £1,200

10 orders/month ~ £12,000

Spares value per month ~ £400,000

  • Spares stock value
  • RFL Employees (11)
meet the team
Meet the Team!


Tel (Spares Hotline): 020 88182020

Position: Aftermarket Sales Coordinator

Scandinavia, Far East, Australasia

Position: Aftermarket Sales Coordinator

Southern Europe, Middle East,

Position: Aftermarket Development Coordinator

why choose russell finex meshing re meshing7
Why Choose Russell Finex Meshing/Re-meshing?
  • Maintain sieving performance with support & guidance from Russell Finex
  • Quality Bonding Methods to suit all applications:
  • Bespoke mesh frames
  • FDA tested for Food & Pharmaceutical
  • High temperature/Solvent resistant
  • Spot welded/Backed meshes for extra strength
  • Certified mesh frames:
  • Certificates of Conformity (CofC’s)
  • Mill Certificates
  • Surface readings (Ra)
  • Tension measurements/Calibration
why choose russell finex meshing re meshing8
Why Choose Russell Finex Meshing/Re-meshing?
  • Russell Finex high quality mesh
  • VDS meshing – its part of the VDS system!
  • The Russell Service:
  • Customized stocking
  • Bulk Re-meshing - Pricing methods, cost effective transportation
  • Competitors mesh frames
russell finex mesh
Russell Finex Mesh
  • Maximum sieving efficiency – Micron (hole size) vs Mesh count (holes/inch)
  • Sieving accuracy – optimum product cuts, consistently
  • Improved mesh life – High precision mesh manufacture
  • Reduction in frequency of re-meshing

Russell Finex 75micron/250mesh

Low Cost 75micron/250mesh

Standard market grade 75micron/250mesh

vds re meshing a balanced system

Adhesive specification is critical

  • Efficient transmission of ultrasonics

Mesh specification is critical

  • Efficient transmission of ultrasonics

Mesh frame specification is critical

  • Tuned design
  • Condition

The VTP (Velocity Transfer Plate)

  • Tuned design
  • Material of construction
  • Condition
VDS re-meshing – A balanced system
vds re meshing a balanced system11
VDS re-meshing – A balanced system


  • Damage to control box + Probe
  • Power by demand system
  • Customer misinterpret sieve performance
  • Timely and costly
russell finex microscreens
Russell Finex Microscreens
  • Quality manufacture
  • Unique Russell product
  • Be alert to customers needs – Product development
  • Defined Hole Microscreens
  • Two dimensional perforated apertures for high accuracy filtration
  • Provides finer quality filtration
  • 10 – 3000 micron filtration
  • Angled holes to allow perfect cleaning
  • Can be reinforced and/or hardened for extra strength
  • Wedgewire Microscreens
  • For high capacity safety filtering
  • Very high strength
  • Longer life
  • High open area
  • 15 to 5000 micron apertures
overview of old spares policy
Overview of Old Spares Policy
  • Reactive to supply spare parts
  • Reactive to support machine breakdown
  • Stock policy based on Global usage
  • Emphasis on capital sales rather than customer retention
overview of new aftermarket policy
Overview of New Aftermarket Policy
  • Post-machine sale aftermarket processes

- Linking one machine sale with the next

- Helping us understand current and future needs

  • Website - Secure access, easy contact
  • Comprehensive operator manuals
  • Customised stock policies & recommended spares packages

- Minimising downtimes and lead times

  • Customer services

– helping customers maximise the use of their Russell equipment

  • Converting a problem into an improvement
  • Training Programs

– Comprehensive training programs onsite and at Russell Finex

overview of aftermarket policy new focus
Overview of Aftermarket Policy – New focus
  • In touch with new product releases
  • Machine maintenance agreements – Breakdown callouts
  • Service agreements – Health checks, Preventative maintenance (6-monthly, annually, bi-annually)
  • Training Programs – Comprehensive training programs onsite and at Russell Finex – Help operators understand the equipment
  • Comprehensive operator manuals
  • New IT system - Efficiency, improved monitoring of business processes (Global)
  • Building relationships to develop trust and peace of mind
how does mesh spares business effect you
How does mesh/spares business effect you?
  • Reputation – High quality equipment can be affected by non-genuine RF spares
  • Regular business ‘after’ each machine sale – Car Inds.
  • Strengthens relationship – when’s the next project?
  • Helps develop projects for your other principles
your part to play
Your part to play!
  • Break language barriers:
  • Optimise site visits - Machine health checks
  • Feedback to RF for support. Help us understand your market
  • Catch a problem before it manifests
  • Post machine follow up
  • Quote follow up
  • Proactively sell spares:
  • Recommended spares packages
  • Have up to date support info (manuals, GA’s, price lists)
recent aftermarket campaigns
Recent Aftermarket Campaigns
  • Recommended Spares Packages
  • Blue Gaskets
  • ATEX upgrades
  • Clamp assist
  • FDA bonding
atex explained

Additions to the explosion triangle:





Ignition Source

ATEX – Explained

The ATEX Directive is an EU legislation which affects all industries where powder, dusts, liquids and vapours are present. Its primary function is to eliminate the possibility of explosions and applies to electrical and mechanical equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The term "equipment" is defined as:

‘any item which contains or constitutes a potential ignition source and which requires special measures to be incorporated in its design and/or its installation in order to prevent the ignition source from initiating an explosion in the surrounding atmosphere.’

atex explained20
ATEX – Explained

Environment Classifications

  • ATEX introduced in March 1996 Voluntary, giving 10 years to comply
  • ATEX has been implemented under DSEAR (Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regulations)
  • Focus is on customer to carry out risk assessments to ensure work force are protected from risk of explosions.
  • Guidelines widely available to aid customers identify zoning in and around Russell units.
atex how does this effect you
ATEX – How does this effect you
  • RF offer equipment to meet customer requirements for any ATEX environment
  • Upgrade existing non-ATEX units:
  • Full compliance to ATEX is due: July 2006
  • RF offer peace of mind
  • Increase ATEX awareness to customers
  • Maintaining ATEX equipment
  • Benefits for non-Europe – Increased safety with continual development programs
  • Spares is regular business - 40% of RF turnover
  • Focus on customer retention – 80/20 pareto law
  • Meshing - Understand and sell the benefits!
  • A machine sale doesn’t stop at the machine sale!
  • An operating machine equals income!
  • Regular customer contact means repeat business