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Chapter Two Test Review

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Chapter Two Test Review. Your test is Fri day , November 19, 2010… STUDY!. What did the Makahs make from the whale parts? What is one thing they DID NOT make out of whale parts?.

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chapter two test review

Chapter Two Test Review

Your test is Friday, November 19, 2010…



What did the Makahs make from the whale parts? What is one thing they DID NOT make out of whale parts?

They used whales for food, oil, and to make ropes and bags. They DID NOT make totem poles out of the whale bones.


Why are totem poles important to the native people of the Northwest?

Totem poles are important because they show the history of a family.

what type of home is this
What type of home is this?

We are Navajo Indians and this is our hogan.


The Iroquois people were spending their time fighting each other. What did they do to solve this problem?

The Iroquois formed a confederation. This confederation was called the Iroquois League. Each tribe could make decisions that affected them, but decisions that affected the Iroquois Nation had to be decided by the Grand Council.


Please define: Confederation

A confederation is a loose group of governments.


A Clan is…

A group of families that are related to one another.


What type of home is this? Where in North America could you find one? Which tribe built this type of home?


Do you think it was important for the Pueblo People to keep a surplus of food?

It was important for the Pueblo People to have a surplus. They lived in the desert southwest and there were many droughts. If they did not have food stored, they would starve to death during the droughts.


Why did tribes throughout the Northwest travel to the Dalles?

They traveled to the Dalles to barter. The Chinook Tribe controlled the bartering that occurred at the Dalles, they created a trading language, hosted the trading and controlled the Columbia River which flowed to the Dalles.

what did a longhouse look like who lived in them
What did a longhouse look like? Who lived in them?

The Iroquois people lived in longhouses. Longhouses were homes made out of elm bark. They had a door at each end. Many Iroquois families lived in each longhouse.


Which tribes got most of their food from the rivers and oceans close to their homes?

The Makahs & Chinooks

what did a hogan look like who lived in them
What did a hogan look like? Who lived in them?

The Navajo people lived in hogans. Hogans were cone-shaped houses made of a log frame covered by mud or grass.

what did a pueblo look like who lived in them
What did a pueblo look like? Who lived in them?

The Hopi people lived in pueblos. They were adobe buildings with rooms on top of and next to one another. Many families lived in each pueblo.


What are kachinas, and which tribe were they associated with?

Kachinas were the guardian spirits of the Hopis.


Because the Northwest Coast Indians lived along the Pacific Ocean…

(Please list two effects)

  • They learned how to build canoes
  • They could hunt whales
  • They got most of their food from the sea

What is: slavery

Slavery is holding people against their will and making them carry out orders.


What type of home is this? Which tribe used this type of home? Where could they be found?

This is a pueblo home. They were build by the Hopis, in the arid Southwest region of North America

what did a pit house look like who lived in them
What did a pit house look like? Who lived in them?

The Chinook people lived in pit houses. A pit house was built partly over a hole dug in the ground. Pit houses took advantage of geothermal energy.

because the hopis lived in an arid climate please list at least two effects
Because the Hopis lived in an arid climate… (Please list at least two effects)

The Hopis kept a surplus of food

The Hopis built pueblos

The Hopis dug underground to access spring water for drinking, cooking and watering their crops.


Why did the Chinook develop a special language

The Chinook developed a language so that all of the tribes could communicate more easily while trading.


The Mayas borrowed many ideas from the Olmecs, and improved on them. Which tribe borrowed ideas from the Mayas and used these new ideas to build an enormous empire?

The Aztecs


How were the Mayans similar to us? Please use at least three supporting details.

  • They had a calendar with 365 days
  • They used a number system which included zeros
  • They ate tortillas
  • They had a written language (although their language utilized pictures instead of words.

Which tribe had, “city-states” and what were they?

The Mayan Empire was made up of city-states. Each city-state had its own ruler and its own government.

because the plains indians needed a source of food please list two effects
Because the Plains Indians needed a source of food…(Please list two effects)

The Plains Indians hunted buffalo by following the herds

The Plains Indians performed elaborate rituals to prepare for the hunt.

The Plains Indians made tepees which could be put up and taken down easily while they were hunting.

because the aztec needed more land for farming please list at least two effects
Because the Aztec needed more land for farming…(Please list at least two effects)

The Aztecs constructed roads and canals to connect the islands to the shore.

The Aztecs built small islands in Lake Texcoco.

bonus question aka your essay question
Bonus QuestionAKA: Your essay question!

Many of the early cultures and civilizations borrowed ideas or products of earlier peoples and made them better. The Mayas borrowed from the Olemcs, and the Navajos borrowed from the Hopis. Choose EITHER the Mayas OR the Navajos and tell what ideas and/or products they borrowed from the earlier people.

  • The Mayas borrowed ideas about stone buildings, large cities, social classes and pyramids.
  • The Navajo borrowed ideas about baskets, pottery, weaving looms, tools and crops.