the monsters are due on maple street n.
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“ The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street ” PowerPoint Presentation
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“ The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street ”

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“ The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street ” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“ The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street ”. We are our own worst enemy. The Twilight Zone. The television series was created by Rod Serling, a former teacher and writer. The television show began on October 2, 1959 and ran until May, 1964.

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“ The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street ”

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the twilight zone
The Twilight Zone
  • The television series was created by Rod Serling, a former teacher and writer.
  • The television show began on October 2, 1959 and ran until May, 1964.

Serling created another television show called Night Gallery. Both television shows explored human reactions to unusual situations.


What is a teleplay?

A teleplay is a play written for television. In the beginning of television, many comedies and dramas were written especially for the new medium. Today, we call them made for TV movies. Just like a regular drama, a teleplay has stage directions, suggestions for actors and director, describe props, lighting, and sound effects. Additionally, a teleplay offers directions for the camera.


Purpose and Standards

Identify a person’s character traits by their speech and actions

Identify the theme of the story

Connect a character’s words and actions which provide evidence for the theme

Write an essay on how the story is influenced by the setting

Identify characters into two categories: protagonists versus antagonists

*Review prefixes pro means for while ant means against.

Identify the author’s purpose: entertain, inform, express an opinion, or persuade. *On page 229 of the Interactive Reader we will be completing the chart seeking details about the plot, setting, and characters. As we read you are expected to complete the skill text mark up.

Determine whether a character’s conflict is internal or external.



  • The theme of a story is its moral. What can we learn about ourselves and others?
  • In “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” the theme is about human nature and our fear of the unknown. At the end of the story you will be asked to write your ideas about the theme.

Key to the story

Hysteria-the word comes from Latin and means: Behavior exhibiting excessive or uncontrolled emotion such as fear or panic. Other words that use the base form is hysterical meaning a person who is overcome with fear or panic. Some reasons for hysteria is learning about an impending disaster such as an earthquake, meteor strike, or tornado. Other reasons could be fright of any event or a lack of rational thinking. In “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street,” hysteria grips the townspeople, and they become a mob of frightened souls.


Key to the story

A scapegoat is a term describing someone who is blamed for another’s wrong doing. For example, if you and a friend are caught doing a deed which you know to be wrong you could say, “He told me to do it.” By placing blame on another, that person becomes the scapegoat. When reading “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” look for evidence which suggests the townspeople are seeking someone to blame for their troubles, a scapegoat.


Vocabulary in Context


Mary was flustered when she realized that the bus dropped her off miles away from her home and she was confronted with an unknown neighborhood and no idea of which way to go.

  • Bold
  • Clear
  • Confused
  • At ease

Vocabulary in Context

intense-adjective, a describing word

Martin’s intense stare was unsettling and somewhat frightening.

  • Mild
  • Dull
  • Concentrated
  • Complex

Vocabulary in Context

persistent-adjective, a describing word

The persistent woman refused to give up and continued to jump, attempting to reach the fruit on the tree.

  • Refusing to give up
  • Continue stubbornly
  • Repetitive
  • All of these

Vocabulary in Context

Optimistic-adjective: Greek op-to see;

Mariah’s optimistic outlook on her job opportunities were realized when she landed the top spot at the new law firm.

  • Unhopeful
  • Positive
  • Depressing
  • Cheerless

Vocabulary in Context

Defiant-adjective; willing to stand up against opposition, bold

Antagonism-noun; hostility, unfriendliness

Incriminate-verb; to appear guilty

Legitimate-adjective; reasonable, accepted practices

Idiosyncrasy-noun; odd mannerisms, a personal way of acting

Contorted-adjective; twisted or pulled out of shape