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Physics: Motion

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Physics: Motion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Physics: Motion. The Insanity Begins!!! ( dum dum dum ) Mr. Fox’s Science Class. Motion. Something is in motion when its distance from another object is changing. But that doesn’t mean it’s constantly moving (OMG WHAT?)

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physics motion

Physics: Motion

The Insanity Begins!!! (dumdumdum)

Mr. Fox’s Science Class

  • Something is in motion when its distance from another object is changing.
  • But that doesn’t mean it’s constantly moving (OMG WHAT?)
  • Reference Point – place or object used for comparison to determine if something is in motion.
  • You are in motion if your distance is changing relative to a reference point.
has your brain exploded yet
Has your brain exploded yet?
  • What does that all mean? (you don’t have to write this.)
  • Does it hurt?
don t forget
Don’t Forget
  • We measure using the metric system.
  • Distance is measured in meters
  • Time is measured in seconds, minutes, or hours.
  • Naked Number are now wrong answers! No label on a number, no credit for the work!
  • The distance of an object travels in one unit of time.
  • Unit = m/s km/h cm/s….. etc.
  • A horse travels 21 meters in 3 seconds. How fast is the horse traveling?
  • A car drives on the Thruway from Kingston to Albany in about 64 minutes. It travels about 78.875 km. How fast was the car traveling?
  • A car is traveling at 72.34 km/h for 4 hours. How far did the car travel?
  • Michael Johnson is one of the fastest men on Earth with an average speed of 10.325 m/s. How long would it take him to run 200 m?
average speed
Average Speed
  • It is done a little different.
  • A cyclist travels 32 km during the first 2 hours, and then 13 km for the next hour. What is the average speed.
  • I hardly ask these.
  • The speed and direction of an object’s motion.
  • Speed in a given direction! You don’t know an objects velocity if you don’t know the direction!
  • Tough One: If a person runs around a track, that is 1,000 meters (the track is round.) in 100 seconds, what is the runners velocity?
  • The rate at which velocity changes.
  • Acceleration is increasing speed, decreasing speed, or changing direction.
  • Decreasing speed = - (negative) acceleration! (it is possible!!!!!)
acceleration formula
Acceleration Formula

Units: m/s/s or m/s2

practice questions
Practice questions
  • A car is running around the track at a slow speed of 96km/h. The green flag for the race drops and the car speeds up to 321km/h in about 25seconds. What is the cars acceleration?
  • A train needs to slow down to make stop for the station. The train is traveling at 150km/h. It will take the train 0.083 hours to stop. What is the trains acceleration?
  • Acceleration due to gravity is 9.80665 m/s2 (approx. 32.174 ft/s2 at sea level!)
  • Meaning that if you were to kick Mr. Fox out of a plane, he would keep falling 9.8o665 m/s faster every second!
  • 1 second speed equals 9.80665, 2 seconds twice that, 3 seconds… well you don’t want to think about it.
more practice
More Practice
  • A plane taking off from Newark airport goes from resting to 268.224 m/s in 300 seconds. What is the planes acceleration?
  • That same plane flies from Newark to LAX. It flies a total of 3918.66km in 6 hours. What was the speed of the plane?
  • A fight breaks out in the plane between CCand Mr. Fox. CCis able to throw Mr. Fox out of the plane. Mr. Fox reaches a speed of 274m/s while falling. He hits the ground in 30 seconds. What is his acceleration?