lo1 understanding the features of single camera production n.
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Lo1 understanding the features of single camera production. PowerPoint Presentation
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Lo1 understanding the features of single camera production.

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Lo1 understanding the features of single camera production. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lo1 understanding the features of single camera production.

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  1. By Danny Allen Lo1 understanding the features of single camera production.

  2. The different types of single camera production. • Series • Serial • Single drama • Crime

  3. Series: A series is a series of programmes that have a flowing structure of cast but the stories change per episode. In these programmes there is usually a dramatic ending to the main character on the last episode to finish the series however the ending could involve someone getting married, moving away or finally achievement something he has always wanted to do. Each episode of a series is different as there will be a different focus on a character as the last or a different problem that by the end of the episode will be sorted (most times) sometimes an episode can carry on to the next by using parts but this is only really done when there is a big story to follow on for example a death, wedding or funeral. These are primarily done in soap operas.

  4. The Inbetweeners: The Inbetweeners is a series about four male teenagers that go to college in the UK the format of the programme is a comedy. The programme consists of three series and each individual episode follows the boys going on various trips and days out and most of the time it going horribly wrong. The plan for an episode is the boys will usually come up with something to do on the weekend that will go wrong being that they embarrass themselves and then return home. Then the next episode will start involving the same characters but a whole new scenario and problem. A series of The Inbetweeners usually contains about 6-7 episodes, on the last episode they will round off the series with something related to the storyline for example the end of series 1 one of the boys is put in charge of the Christmas prom. This fits with the story seen as they are in college and break up for a holiday at Christmas. The next series (if there is one) will carry on from the start of the new term.

  5. Serial A Serial is a set of episodes for a programme that are only on TV for a few episodes. They are usually on for about 3-5 episodes. A series can also be under the title of a mini series were there are about 5-10 episodes for the whole thing. The difference from a series is that to fully understand what is happening in the serial you have to watch it from the beginning whereas if you watch a series you can just put a episode and find out what is going on. The advantage of a serial is that due to there long storyline they can be interesting to follow, they are unique to other programmes and if followed from the beginning they can be easy to understand and follow. The disadvantage if you have not watched all of the episodes it is hard to know what is going on and who everyone is. Serials are usually used for crime programmes and drama programmes.

  6. Luther Luther was a crime serial made for the channel BBC One. It was a crime drama and was aired for six episodes on BBC One. The programme is a crime drama serial meaning to really understand the programme you would have to watch episode by episode to understand the story, to follow the story and to learn about the characters. The programme follows DCI John Luther who works for for London's SCU (Serious Crime Unit). Luther is a dedicated inspector and is one of the best at his jobs, this is due to how caught up he gets in the investigation. He thinks the way the killers do this deepness of investigations caused to him to have a mental breakdown which he now has to recover from as he deals with another case. The programme in a way is both a series and a serial this is because to understand it you have to watch it from the beginning and also it flows from the first episode to the the last. The programme also is a series as the second series has been commissioned meaning it is in the making now. The second series will probably follow on from the story in the first one.