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Savanna. By: Leyla Lopez. What is a Savanna?.

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  1. Savanna By: Leyla Lopez

  2. What is a Savanna? • A Savanna is a hot, seasonally dry grassland with scattered trees. This environment is intermediate between a grassland and forest. Savannas are located in the dry topics and tropics and subtropics, often bordering a rainforest. Savannas have extended dry season and a rainy season.

  3. The SavannaAnimals

  4. This is a Savanna Food web. As you can see, all things get their energy from the sun. even you get energy from the sun. but in the Savanna it is eat, or be eaten. The lion goes after a zebra, while a giraffe will eat the leafs of a tree.

  5. This is a baby aardvark Baby aardvarks always stick to their mothers. When they are old enough, they leave their mothers.

  6. This is a Tiger Tigers are a dark orange with black stripes. They are at the bottom of the food chain which means nothing can kill them.

  7. Some animals from the Savanna. This is a long neck giraffe. And this is a red billed ox pecker

  8. The animal on the left is a black caiman, and the one on the right is a cape hunting dog.

  9. This is a male African Elephant The African Elephants are very large. They are not similar to the Asian elephants.

  10. This is a picture of an African Wild cat African wild cats depend on different small animals for food. Watch out for them on hikes!

  11. This is a Quagga Quagga’s are a mixture of a horse and a zebra. They are about to become exctinct.

  12. This is a Leopard Leopards live in the jungle and the Savanna. They mostly hide in the trees to stay cool. Note to self: watch out for Leopards in the Jungle and Savanna.

  13. These are animals that are hard to find in the Savanna This is a Zorilla This is an Antelope

  14. This is a Fossa Don’t be fooled, these little guys kind of look like a cat and seal mix, but there not! They are sort of like meerkats.

  15. This is a Green Pigeon. A green pigeon lives in the Savanna. They live in flocks and fly in flocks.


  17. This is a picture of poison ivy in the Savanna If you didn’t know, poison ivy can make your skin itchy. There are many bushes of poison ivy. Poison ivy has 3 leaves on each stem.

  18. This is before the fire in the Savanna

  19. This was after the fire.

  20. These are beautiful Savanna flowers. These are golden Poppies. This is related to a sunflower.

  21. These are some plants from the Savanna.

  22. They are lovely, aren’t they?

  23. Even more flowers. This flower reminds me of something that grows on a tree! This flower is called Cattail

  24. This is another plant from the Savanna.

  25. These are very exotic plants in the Savanna

  26. This is a single flower on a stem. Most of the flowers don’t grow in the close parts of the Savanna. They usually grow in the outskirts of the Savanna.

  27. This is a beautiful flower from the Savanna.

  28. They look very similar This is dark purple. While this is not.

  29. What I learned about the Savanna • What I learned about the Savanna is that there are many animals that live there, such as Green pigeons, anteaters, and giraffes. There are many other different kinds of animals but these are only 3 of them. I am glad that I picked Savanna for my PowerPoint presentation because it was the best one.

  30. THE END

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