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Operating Regionally PowerPoint Presentation
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Operating Regionally

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Operating Regionally - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Operating Regionally

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  1. Operating Regionally Mark Towers Blackpool Council Helen Abraham Coventry City Council October 2009 Association of Democratic Services Officers

  2. Outline of Session – Branches and Functions How will ADSO operate regionally / sub regionally? 25 min Ideas and good practice will be shared on how branches will: - operate - link to existing regional /sub-regional networks How will ADSO develop a united voice, from its 5 functions? 20 min We need your views on how: - we can co-ordinate these various functions - we can speak with one voice Association of Democratic Services Officers

  3. Regions and Branches PART 1: How is the Association going to operate regionally and sub regionally? Association of Democratic Services Officers

  4. Memorandum and Articles of Association – MUSTS • 12 regions, up to 12 branches • Branch members=paid ADSO members • Can join branch they work in, or an adjacent one. • Branches have AGM each year • Regions could merge into a ‘Super Branch’ • Goal: all branches to elect ‘formal’ rep to ADSO Council by Oct 2011 Association of Democratic Services Officers

  5. Members ADSO Operating Structure Council • 1 rep from each branch • rep serves for 3 years Regional Branches (up to 12 ‘branches’) Sub regional/ regional networks (existing or new?) Members Association of Democratic Services Officers

  6. North West ‘Case Study’ • Some sub regional working, no overall ‘regional’ cohesion. • 5 sub regions – 2 with established networks. Some regional networks (e.g. scrutiny, Member Services). • North West Employers Organisation – key lead role in joining the region up – Sue Baxendale. • Launch of ADSO and new qualifications key to cross-region working. Association of Democratic Services Officers

  7. North West Approach • North West Network meetings • All 39 Authorities invited to send a rep • December 2008 + September 2009 North West Steering Group • 2 meetings – receive feedback + make proposals Operating Regionally Workshop – Sept 2009 • How networking could operate • What the structure would be? • Case study for today…… Association of Democratic Services Officers

  8. North West Workshop – Networking + Structure • Aims – Consider: • How could an ADSO branch work within North West? • 2. Could current sub-regional networks/meetings support an ADSO branch? • How could the branch communicate across the region? • How could all potential members of ADSO feel involved? Association of Democratic Services Officers

  9. North West Workshop – Findings - Networking • Include ADSO items on current sub-regional network agendas. • Develop sub-regional working where it is not in place – ADSO driven. • Develop networking sub-regionally for non-managers - focus on training. • Hold an Awards ceremony for those who qualify. • Use recently retired staff to develop networking and help establish the Association in the region. Association of Democratic Services Officers

  10. North West Workshop – Findings - Structure • Branch AGM to be run as a one day seminar. • AGM - vote on a rep for ADSO Council and other positions – use absent voting methods - keeps cost down. • 3. Have an Executive/Steering Group, possibly with sub-regional reps to co-ordinate work. • 4. Keep current regional or sub-regional networks, as some current attendees may not want to, or be able to join ADSO. Association of Democratic Services Officers

  11. END OF PART ONE! Any questions/ comments/ thoughts? Association of Democratic Services Officers

  12. Speaking as One Voice How will the various parts of Democratic Services work together, to put forward a united voice? Association of Democratic Services Officers

  13. Definition of Democratic Services • Meetings support – providing support services to various formal and informal meetings. • Overview and scrutiny support - providing assistance to the scrutiny function. • Member support –training, political and group support, members’ ward enquiries, etc. • Community Governance – assisting in the delivery of services in neighbourhoods/community areas • Civic support – supporting the Mayor/ Chairman of an Authority and other civic representatives. Association of Democratic Services Officers

  14. ADSO Mission/ Vision Our mission ‘To represent, promote and develop excellent democratic services, for the benefit of everyone who works within the sector and those we support.’ Our vision ‘To be a nationally recognised professional association regarded as such by Central Government, our membership and partners.' Association of Democratic Services Officers

  15. Democratic Services Business Plan Aims • Below are 3 of 8 aims in ADSO Launch Business Plan: • To promote the professional status of democratic services, within all aspects of local and community governance; • • To represent the democratic services profession through active engagement with others; • • To act as a body of influence on matters relating to democratic services. Association of Democratic Services Officers

  16. Body of Influence – How? • 5 different functions, as per definition • How would we have responded to consultation exercises like these, from recent years? • New model constitution • Councillor Call for action/ petitions • Councillors Commission feedback • Elected Mayor/ revised Executive arrangements • Delegated budgets to neighbourhoods/ Councillors Association of Democratic Services Officers

  17. Options for an ADSO response • ADSO Council responds direct? • ADSO Council – gets feedback from regions then responds? • ADSO Council refers issue to an expert functional Panel? What do you think? • If using regions then how could this work/ be co-ordinated? • If using ‘expert’ Panels how could this work? Association of Democratic Services Officers

  18. JOIN ADSO !!!!!!!!! • We all need to work together to promote the Association + the qualifications. • Encourage your employers organisation to get involved (if not already) + take a lead. • Work with your regional contact(s) -help set up your branch + how it will operate! Association of Democratic Services Officers