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Go to Cornwall. Fellow - geographers ! Go in for three days of visits during spring break to explore Cornwall. In your umbrellas and hiking bags !. PERNIN Amandine – SCHWAB Hélène – SOMMELLA Laëtitia. Dicovery of Cornwall :

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Go to Cornwall

Fellow-geographers! Go in for threedays of visitsduringspring break to explore Cornwall. In yourumbrellas and hikingbags!

PERNIN Amandine – SCHWAB Hélène – SOMMELLA Laëtitia


Dicovery of Cornwall :

In the south-western most tip, Cornwall is a bit like the Riviera for our English neighborsthanks to itsmildclimate, the beauty of itsrockycoasts and itsundulatinghills. This regionis the mostsouthwesterncountyin England, and is best known for itsfabulouslandscapes : a panorama of deep, woodedvalleys, wideseaview, combinedwithlush and colorfuloldmarkettowns, withcharmingfishing villages and quainthamletsalong the river. The Cornwall Peninsula, along the ruggedcoastline, ischarming by its isolation and wildness. Yet, Cornwall is not justitslandscapes. For studentsin geography, Cornwall iswellworthvisitingbecause of its attractive landscapewith a variety of ecosystems, its culture and traditions as well as a long industrialheritage: itsmininglandscape has been recognizeda World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There are traces of ancient architecture, such as stone circles and the remains of villages of the Iron Age and Celtic crosses throughout the country. Cornwall iscertainlyrenowned for itspeace and quietness, but when the sungoes down, anotherfacet of Cornwall appears: thereone reallyknows how to party! Withitsreputation as the best city for nightlife, Newquayis the place to go for a

fantasticall-nighter. Or youcan go partyingin

the collegetown of Falmouth. In sports, forget football: enjoythe spectacular

scenery of Cornwall and tryadventureactivities.

Cornwall is one of the best places to surf in


Finally, if you come to Cornwall to enjoy the

Cornishpasties (pies) and creamteas, youwill

not bedisappointed. But there are manyother

culinarydelights to Cornwall.


Sunday, April 21st



Sunday, April 21st

Return to Dijon

Monday, April 22 nd


Wednesday, April 24th


Tuesday, April 23rd

St Austell (Eden Project) and St Ives

for information
For information…

Sunday, April 21st :

- Gatheringat 11.45 am in front of the science faculty.

- Departure : 12 h 00 (bringyourpicnic)

- Ferry at 8.45 pm in Calais

- Arrival in Bodminat 7h00 am the nextday

Usefultips : Oceanicclimate, mild and humid, yetis one of the sunniestBritain. It rains 250 days of the year. We have southwestwinds, wet and soft, veryfrequent, bringinga gray, rainyweatherand sometimesdepressions or storms. Temperature patterns are shaped by the windsea (wintertemperatures = 5 to 15 ° C and summer = 15 to 25 ° C). The air ishumid and temperatures are mild. One characteristic of thisregionis the permanent presence of fog. The fogmay last severaldays. However, it never freezes in this locality.

Raingear (mid-season), waterproof raincoat + + umbrellas! No need to takewinterclothes.

monday april 22nd

Discovery of BodminMoor :………………………………………….The 150 square miles of moorlandis a great place for walking and bringsyoucloser to the fascinatinglandscape, bothnatural and manmade. Suchis the importance of the moorit has a wholeswathe of designationsincluding World Heritage Site statuswhichrecognizes the importance of the tin miningindustrydating back over 4,000 years. It has also been named an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and most of the moor has been declared a Site of SpecialScientificInterest. From the top of Rough Tor and Brown Willy, the twohighestpeaks in Cornwall, the views are spectacular, whilebelowyouancient buildings, standing stones and medievalfarmsadd to the feeling of a land full of historywaiting to beexplored.

  • Over the yearsBodminMoor has inspiredmany a story and once you have visited the area youwillsoonrealizewhy. The oldest tales would have been handed down through the generations, passedfromstoryteller to storyteller as theyjourneyedaround the county.
  • BodminMooris a home to Ravens, Ferns, Lichens and Mosses, Buzzardsmewingoverhead, beautifulyellow-floweredGorse, stuntedthorntrees, and a wonderfulvariety of birds, wildflowers, smallmammals and livestock. The mooris a wild place and remainsuntamed, yetat the same time itis a sympatheticallymanagedworkinglandscape. On the open
  • moorlandthere are marshes and mires,
  • treacherous to the un-warywalker.
Monday, April 22nd

Day’s programme :

7 h 00 : Breakfast in Woods Café

9h00-12h00 : visit of BodminMoor

12h00-13h30 : picnic

13h30-16h00 : the end of BodminMoor and free time

16h00 : Go to St-Austell

17h00 : arrival in St-Austell and free time

20h00 : dinner (Kingswood Restaurant )

Hotel : YHA Golant (in Par)

If youwant more explanations : and


The value of this site for studentsgeographersis multiple: natural site issubject to strong protection from the region (site with fragile naturaltourism) part islistedprotectedpark. In addition, wefindthat the man-environment interaction ispresent, an important concept in geography. This environmentalsoincludesmany animal and plant species and a multitude of rocks.

Useful tips in Bodmin :

Bodminits North Cornwall's largest, most flourishing city and Cornwall's former capital. Within easy walking distance of Bodmin`s center there are fascinating attractions like The Shire Hall-Courtroom Experience, Bodmin and Wenford Railway , Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry Military Museum , Town Museum , Bodmin Jail , St Petroc`s Church and Camel Trail.

Camel Trail is 18 miles long traffic free track that provides a very enjoyable day out for all the family whether walking or cycling. Converted from disused railway The Camel Trail runs through some of Cornwall's most beautiful landscape. It links the fishing port of Padstow to the market of Wadebridge and continues to the outskirts of Boodmin Moor home to the abundance of wildlife. There are many seats and picnic tables to stop and enjoy the views along the way.

Bodminand Wenford Railway this heritage steam railway attracts tourists, steam enthusiasts, hikers and cyclist who use it to reach various trails and nature paths. Opened in 1984 provides services between Boscarne Junction - Bodmin General and Bodmin parkway stations.

After the visit, wewill go to St-Austell. During the journey (about 45 minutes), youcan admire the green landscape of Cornwall.

tuesday april 23rd

Day’s programme :

8h30 : breakfast in the hotel (YHA Golant)

9h30-12h30 : visit of Eden Project

12h30-13h30 : picnic

14h30 : Go to St-Ives

16h00 : Visit of the city

17h30 : free time in St-Ives

Dinner and evening : free time

Hotel : St-Ives International Backpackers

Tuesday, April 23rd

Eden project: What’s it all about?

An environmental, social and charity enterprise: two large greenhouses where we will reproduce a tropical and Mediterranean climate for growing flora associated with it.

At the scale of the region, it’s Cornwall’s program for economic regeneration but also working on projects around the world. It is a place of learning, gathering, a place of artistic expression: a little corner of paradise on an old clay mine.

Why do geographers have a special interest in it?

A must in Cornwall

A project of environmental and social interest, issues approaching our consideration.

If youwant more explanations :


The journey will take us to St Ives Bay.

St-Ives is a coastalcity in Cornwall . It issituated on the shore of St-Ives Bay. Thus, itwasisolated for several centuries. This delightful village on the seafrontwas one of the first harbours of Cornwall. Fishing, miningactivity and farmingcarried St-Ives economy for a long time. The city is, nowadays, a seasideresort. Four beachessurround the town : Porthmeor ( a surfingbeach), Porthgwidden (sandycove), harbour and Porthminsteroffering sublime sceneries. Surfers look here for rollers and tourists look for sunshine. St-Ives isalsofamous for its modern art. An office of the Tate Galleryhas opened. Manyartistssettled in this village.To discover St-Ives, wesuggestyou a walk in itsalleys…

If youwant more explanations :


After the visit of the city, everybodyis off duty ! Actvities in St-Ives increasewithspringtime, particularly night activities.

Few adresses to extend the visit : - Tate St-Ives : 6.50£ per person ( ) - discovertraditionnal music with the BagasPorthia - boat trip to Seal Island : 10 £ (

St-Ives isalso a wonderfulgastronomic break : - The Alba : contemporary menu with local produces. ( ) £ 25 on average for a main course and dessert - Harbour Fish and Chips : good quality-price ratio. Wecanenjoy one of the best country’s Fish and Chips.

To finish yourevening, an English custom : pubs ! - The Hub : delicious cakes and on the harbour front. - The Royal Oak : the oldest pub in St-Ives, a tradition.


The Royal Oak

The transformation of activities and economy present an interest for geographers. Ives is a dynamic city inCornwall, which illustrates the conversion of a former fishing port. Today it is a tourist resort popular with the English. The city has taken advantage of its geographical location.

wednesday april 24th

Day’s programme :

8 h 00 : Breakfast in the hotel

9h00 : Go to Pendeen

9h45-12h00 : coastalpath

12h00-13h30 : picnic

13h30-15h00 : visit of Geevor Tin Museum

15h30 : Go to Brighton (a step back to Dijon)

Wednesday, April 24th

TypicalCornishsceneries are the result of itsminingheritage, bothmagnificientand complex. Theselandscapesrecognizedas World Heritage site in 2006 have preserved a part of theirauthenticity. .Pendeencity extendsalong the NorthCoast of West Cornwall, between the sites of Lands End and St-Ives. Pendeenisfamous for itscopper and tin mines. The underlying rock, in granite, vouchesthat.The discovery of thesebeguilinglandscapescanbedonethrough the coastpath. This crosses hot-spots of former miningactivityViewsarevsplendid. Thus, wewill amble alongPendeenwatch, Portheras and boat coves, Geevor Tin Mine. ………………………………………………………..Geevor Tin Mine is one of the lastest mines to have closed down-itwas in 1991. This site, representative of Cornwall’s Culture, wasrehabilitated in museum in order to pass on collective memory. Geevorisalsoexceptional for its underground in order to pass on collective memory. Geevorisalsoexceptional for its underground tour : our guide carries us there. Wewillenjoygreen and seasideCornishsceneries.

This city reflects the mining heritage of Cornwall. The site overlooks the sea and offers a magnificent panorama. The museum’s visit will deepen our knowledge. The underground tour is an asset.

If you want more explanations :

for information1
For information …

Wednesday, April 24 th :

- leavingPendeenat 3.30 pm to join Brighton ( whereyou’llsleep)

- dinner-break in Douchester (everybodywillbuy a snack in a grocery SPAR) around 7.15 pm.

- arrival in Brighton around 11.00 pm.

The nextday (Thursday, April 25th) :

-Leaving Brighton at 8.00 am in bus.

- Ferry at 11.45 pm in Dover (arrival in Calais at 1.45 pm)

- Leaving for Dijon at 2.00 pm

- Arrival in Dijon around 10.30 pm.

Brighton is famous for its pier and .... Dover for its cliffs.

summary of meals and hotels
Summary of meals and hotels

Sunday, April 21st : - lunchtime : picnic - dinner : on the ferry

Monday, April 22nd :

- breakfast : Woods Café : It is located in a charming landscape. It is ranked among the best places for tourists. Breakfast can be taken outside if the weather permits that. Many drinks are served (tea, coffee, fruit hus).

- lunchtime : picnic

- dinner : Kingswood Restaurant ( Menu : Pan Fried Fillet of Sea Bass and Warm Gooey Chocolate Nut Brownie : £19.45 per person).

This restaurant can accommodate foutyplace settings. This restaurant is very famous in St Austell. Staff is polite, friendly and the food is amazing. It’s an original gastronomy for a reasonable price. This in an opportunity to have a good time together after an exhausting trip. - Hotel : in Par, YHA Golant(

This youthhostelcanaccomodatefortypersons, whichis not the case withmosthostels of the region. It has got a bar license. This is a relaxing rural setting. The youth hostel is also less restrictive than the hotel and is more suitable for young people. It is possible to have breakfast. Thus, it avoids bus rides.

Tuesday, april 23rd :

- breakfast : in the Hotel in Par

- lunchtime : picnic

-dinner : free time

- Hotel : St Ives International Backpackers( Several reasons have motivated our choice. This accommodation is within walking distance of the beach. The atmosphere is friendly. There are billiards, baby-foot, darts. Reductions are offered on the rental windsurfing. So fans can enjoy. No curfew is imposed. Everyone will enjoy the nightlife of St Ives.

Wednesday, April 24 th :

- breakfast : in the Hotel

- lunchtime : picnic

- dinner : snack in Dorchester

- Hotel : Smart SeaView Brighton (

This is a youthhostel. The arrival time beinglate, thisaccomodation’s type isless restrictive. It isclosed to the beach. Nevertheless, dormitories offer a spectacular view of the sea.

Thursday, April 25 th :

- breakfast : in the hotel

- lunchtime : on the ferry

Picnics are not supplied: anyone can request a picnic at the hotel cheaply or buy a meal in the many shops. Similarly, meals on the ferry are your responsibility (thus, they can be adapted to any seasickness). For the snack in Dorchester, the bus will stop at a grocery store.The rest is included in the tour price.

We opted for picnics every lunchtime because they prove to be practical. Most visits are scheduled outdoors. Picnic will allow us to enjoy the exceptional landscape framework offered by Cornwall.


Summary of elementsincluded in the tour :

- Bus : 5560 € ( in reality, only 1160 € or 29 € per person)

- Ferry : 84 €/pers

- Meal in St-austell : £19.45 per personor 24 €

- Hotel in Par : 1 210,90 euro or 30,30 € per person

- Eden Project : 578 £ or 17,8 € per person

- Visit of St Ives : 6 £ per personor 7,40 € per person

- Hotel in St ives : 590,40 € or 14,8 € per person

- Geevor : £ 6 or 7,4 €

- Hotel Brighton : 577,98 € or14,5 €

Total price : 230 € per person

Transport, eitherbus or ferry are relativelyexpensive, amounting to 5560€ for the bus.This iswhymany efforts on the part of the University of Burgundy in Dijon and all 3rd yearstudents of geographywere made.The geographydepartmentassociatedwith AEHGD (Association of Students of History and Geography of Dijon) subsidizes 4000€.Futhermore, with the approach of the festive season, L3 studentswilloffertheir multiple services in the streets of Dijon! Sales of cakes, chocolate and mulledwine and packaging future gifts, all in a magicalatmosphere of winter and Christmas markets.Only the price of the Channel crossing (go and return) of 84€ willbeaskedto them for transport.


The bus companyTrans 2000 Dijon (10 Avenue Gaston Roupnel in Marsannay-la-Côte) willfollow us during the whole trip : threedays in Cornwall and the combined round trip crossings France-England and England-France with ferry "MyFerryLink", southernBritainbeingserved by many ferry linesfrom the continental coasts of the English Channel. Greenerthan a car, more flexible than the train and oftencheaperthan the plane, the bus appears as an essential means of transportation. Somestudentsrequestit for trips to the other end of Europe, othersfor cultural or professional circuits. Trans2000 Dijon also met ourneeds for this trip: they transport us over any distance on one or more days. 5 to 55 seats, the lineupisvery diverse in terms of capacity.

Whythischoice of transport?....................................................The boat trip isseveralpossibilitiesbecause of the many connections between France and Englandisless restrictive thanother modes of transport.………………………………………..The airportisdirectlyeliminatedbecausetransfers in French airports (Gatwickgenerally) would have been necessary. Flying to Corwallisthustoocomplex and alsoveryexpensive.The train has also been ruled out becauseof the privatization of the rail network. An obligatory passage through London Paddingtonthen change for a local Cornishtrain companywouldhave made the difficultjourney.The bus thereforeseemed the best option to traveleasilywithinthe territory of Cornwall to avoidchanging modes constantly.


Cornwall is one of the most touristic regions of England. Everyone will delight in at least one aspect of the region. Shopping amateurs will relish shops in Truro. Art loverswill runin St Ives, bargain hunters in Lostwithiel.

The major attractions of Cornwall are made for all tastes and all ages. The famous Eden Project in St Austellallowsyou to discover the relationshipbetweenhumanity and plants, and is one of the mostpopular attractions in Britain. St Ives is a must for art and craft, withits 30 galleriesincluding the Tate St Ives.

Friendsgeographers, enjoy in Cornwall good food, festive life and beautiful sceneries !