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Human Capital Management Assessment

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Human Capital Management Assessment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human Capital Management Assessment. Joe Burt Director, HRM March 31, 2004. Goal. Develop a diverse, capable, motivated staff that operates with efficiency and integrity. NSF Employees. Employee Comparative Data. Human Capital Management Plan (HCMP).

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human capital management assessment

Human Capital Management Assessment

Joe Burt

Director, HRM

March 31, 2004


Develop a diverse, capable, motivated staff that operates with efficiency and integrity.

human capital management plan hcmp
Human Capital Management Plan (HCMP)
  • The HCMP provides a “roadmap” of actions to improve over the next 5 years.
  • People remain our greatest asset, and recruiting, retaining, and developing them is critical to organizational success.
  • Use the established HCMP framework to assess the Human Capital Management component of Organizational Excellence.
hcmp development
HCMP Development
  • Input by team of representative staff.
  • Analysis of GPRA and A&M Strategic Goals.
  • Focus on ensuring NSF’s ability to achieve its strategic goals through core business processes.
  • Assessment of internal and external impacts, trends, and opportunities.
identified human capital goals
Identified Human Capital Goals
  • Human Capital Management Roles & Responsibilities
  • Integration of Human Capital Strategy with Organizational Strategy
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Recruitment and Retaining
human capital goals continued
Human Capital Goals (continued)
  • Educating and Developing
  • Motivating – Performance Management
  • Motivating – Organizational Culture
  • Transitioning
human capital management plan hcmp for implementation
Human Capital Management Plan (HCMP) for Implementation
  • The HCMP Documents NSF’s human capital goals and action strategies.
  • It is flexible to accommodate change.
  • Process ensures continuing alignment with NSF mission, vision, strategic plan, annual performance plans, business process improvements, and technological advances.
  • Our HCMP is aligned with and seeks to support the President’s Management Agenda in Human Capital.
organizational alignment
Organizational Alignment
  • The HCMP is aligned with organizational strategy.
  • Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) was appointed.
  • CHCO positioned to represent Human Capital needs to NSF senior management.
hcmp accountability
HCMP Accountability
  • Project Plan is developed as a framework and shared with senior management.
  • Includes timelines for Action Items.
  • NSF Regularly assesses progress and revises action plans as appropriate.
  • Progress is reported.
move to competency based system
Move to Competency Based System
  • Development of Competency Model for for all key occupations.
  • Use identified competencies in position descriptions, vacancy announcements and performance plans.
  • Use results of competency gap analysis in recruitment process.
outreach activities to support diversity
Outreach Activities to Support Diversity
  • Hire Senior Advisor for Science and Engineering (S&E) workforce.
  • Hire Marketing and Outreach Coordinators for HRM.
  • Increase involvement in Association and College/University Job Fairs.
  • Implement FY04 recruitment action goals in the HCMP.
academy initiatives
Academy Initiatives
  • Expand blended learning portfolio.
  • Expand NSF Enterprise Orientation.
  • Expand career development activities.
  • Implement educating and developing action goals in HCMP.
  • Acquisition of a Learning Management System.
  • The HCMP was developed to be aligned with agency and PMA goals.
  • It has an accountability framework established.
  • Continue use of this framework.