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Human Capital Management. Paula Varnes Fussell, Vice President, Human Resource Services October 18, 2012. Agenda. Baby Gator Child Development & Research Center Benefits, Retirement and Leave Classification and Compensation Equity and Diversity (EEO and Title IX Officer)

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human capital management

Human Capital Management

Paula Varnes Fussell,

Vice President,

Human Resource Services

October 18, 2012

  • Baby Gator Child Development & Research Center
  • Benefits, Retirement and Leave
  • Classification and Compensation
  • Equity and Diversity (EEO and Title IX Officer)
  • Employee Relations
  • Recruitment and Staffing(academic personnel, employment and immigration Services)
  • Privacy Office
  • Training and Organizational Development
baby gator child development and research center
Baby Gator Child Development and Research Center

Pam Pallas, Director

Three locations:

  • Newell Drive, Lake Alice, and PK Yonge


  • ~310 children enrolled
  • Over 300 on the waiting list

Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies (COM, COE, BG and others)

benefits retirement and leave
Benefits, Retirement and Leave
  • New hires, retirees, employees leaving the university, leave of absences
  • Health Insurance, voluntary benefits
  • Three retirement plans for faculty and staff
  • FICA Alternative for OPS/Temporary/Residents
holidays 2013
Holidays 2013
  • Wednesday, November 21st – Classes Cancelled, University open
  • Monday, December 24th – University open
  • Encourage supervisors to approve employee requests for vacation leave for those days

Open Enrollment 2012

  • Open Enrollment -- 10/8/12 thru 11/2/12
    • GatorCare
    • PeopleFirstBenefits (State of Florida)
    • UFSelect Voluntary Benefits
  • Post Doc Open Enrollment - 10/8/12 until 11/2/12 at 6:00 p.m.
  • UF’s Benefits Fair 10/23/12, 9am - 3pm in the Touchdown Terrace (Free flu shots, gifts and food)

Open Enrollment 2012

  • State/People First Changes
    • FSA annual contribution maximum amounts decrease from $5,000 to $2,500 annually
    • Name change
      • BlueCross and BlueShield of Florida to Florida Blue
      • Medco has changed to Express Scripts
      • CompBenefitshas changed to Humana
    • Some dental rates and copays are changing
    • New Address Updates and Verification Process
    • New Dependent Eligibility Certification Process
    • New Enrollment Screens/Process

Open Enrollment 2012

  • GatorCare
    • New UF’s self-insured health plan
    • Florida Blue is the claims administrator
    • Magellan Pharmacy Solutions is the pharmacy manager
    • 2 new health plan options
      • Prime Plus plan (PPO with steerage )
      • Premium plan (PPO)
    • Eligibility for specific employee groups
      • UF domestic partners effective 1/1/2013
      • UF Foundation- 5/1/2013
      • Clinical faculty & housestaff/residents – 7/1/2013
      • Post docs and postdoc fellows – 7/1/2013
      • Vet Medicine residents- 7/1/2013
      • GA’s on appointment and Predoc Fellows- 8/16/2013
      • UFICO -5/1/2013
      • Florida Seed Producers – 5/1/2013
    • Other entities joining GatorCare 1/1/2013 include: Shands Gainesville and Jacksonville, UF JHI/JPI


  • New voluntary plans managed by FBMC Management company
  • Various post-tax plan options available during open enrollment
  • Eligible groups:
    • UF Faculty, TEAMS, USPS
    • Clinical faculty, Housestaff/Residents
    • Post doc associates and post doc fellows
    • Vet Medicine residents for 7/1/13
  • 2 ways to enroll:
    • Online enrollment via the myUFL portal. Navigation:

Main menu > My Self Service >Benefits > UFSelect & GatorCare Benefits

    • Meet with an FBMC Enrollment counselor
      • Visit
      • Or call (866) 998-2915
uf open enrollment
UF Open Enrollment

During the open enrollment period, please contact Jordon Schultz for the following issues:

  • Your department needs additional enrollment days scheduled
  • Your department needs additional Enrollment Counselors
  • Any questions or concerns for Worksite/FBMC

Direct Line: 888-636-0112 ext 126

enrollment scheduling
Enrollment Scheduling
  • Go to
  • Locate your Department/Work Location from the pull down menu. You may choose any location that is convenient.
  • Select the day then time that best works for you.
  • Enter your name, phone number and e-mail address.
  • You will receive an e-mail within 24 hours confirming your appointment.
  • You will also receive a reminder e-mail the day before your appointment.


  • Call 1-866-998-2915and a representative will be able to schedule your appointment.
voluntary benefits
Voluntary Benefits

Provider CompanyBenefit

Eagles Direct Reimbursement Dental

Humana Dental (Preventive Plus PPO)

Humana Dental (Advantage Plan AVN1)

Humana Vision

Standard Insurance Group Term Life

Trustmark Critical Illness w/ Cancer

Trustmark Accident

Trustmark Life Events

Allstate/AHL Hospital Indemnity

Standard Insurance Disability

Hyatt Legal Legal Insurance

Preferred Legal Discount Legal Plan

VPI Pet Insurance

Retail Benefits Cash Back Retail

voluntary benefits1
Voluntary Benefits
  • All UF Select plans are offered on a post tax basis
  • Domestic partners and their dependents are considered eligible on all UF Select plans
  • New plans include dental, vision, critical illness, hospital, universal life with long-term care, accident, pet insurance and legal insurance
  • UF Select plans do not affect eligibility for state-sponsored benefits, but employees should take care to avoid duplications of coverage
sick leave pool open enrollment october 1 31

Sick Leave Pool Open Enrollment October 1-31


Minimum balance of 64 hours of accrued sick leave

Contribution of 8 hours of sick leave upon enrollment in pool

Balance, contribution pro-rated based on FTE

Applications must be received in Leave Administration by 5 p.m., Wednesday, October 31

Information and forms

Contact Leave Administration at 392-2477 with questions

qualifying status change qsc
Qualifying Status Change (QSC)
  • Major “life or work events”
    • Marriage/divorce
    • Birth/adoption
    • Dependent’s changes
    • Employment changes
    • Loss of coverage
  • Change must be made within 31calendar days of the QSC
  • Need documentation


Family and Medical Leave Act

what is the fmla
What Is the FMLA?
  • Federal law designed to protect employees when leave is required due to:
    • Serious medical situations/serious health condition of employee, parent, spouse, or child
    • Birth or adoption of a child
    • Foster care
    • Military Family Leave and other updates in 2008
under the fmla
Under the FMLA . . .
  • All USPS, TEAMS, and salaried faculty are eligible
    • OPS employees, upon meeting criteria, have protection as well
  • 12 workweek “entitlement” in the fiscal year (or 480 hours)
    • Prorated for part-time employees (OPS- 1,250 hours per year to be eligible)
fmla entitlement
FMLA Entitlement
  • Leave must be approved unless FMLA entitlement has been met
  • No additional paid leave is accrued under the FMLA
    • It is a designation associated with accrued vacation, sick, or leave without pay
  • Accurate record keeping is essential
uf policy extensions
UF Policy (Extensions)
  • Parental leave
    • UF policy grants 6 months - new program to advance 6 weeks
  • Medical leave
    • For self or immediate family
  • Immediate family
    • Spouse, domestic partner, great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children, and grandchildren of employee and spouse or domestic partner (“Step” relations are also included)
recent leave regulation changes
Recent Leave Regulation Changes
  • Reduce vacation leave payment when leaving UF to 200 hours, 352 max accrual
  • Staff (TEAMS and USPS) and Faculty not covered by the collective bargaining contract
  • No payment of unused sick leave after June 30, 2016, none for employees hired after April 1, 2010
  • Provided funding for 3% salary increases to reimburse for retirement contributions
uf employment groups
UF Employment Groups

Staff Appointments

  • TEAMS (~7,100)
    • Technical, Executive, Administrative, and Managerial Support
  • USPS (~1,200)
    • University Support Personnel System
    • No new USPS after 1/7/03
  • OPS
    • Other Personnel Services/Temporary
uf employment groups1
UF Employment Groups

Faculty Appointments

  • Salaried Faculty (~4,900)
  • Adjunct Faculty (OPS/Temporary)

Other Appointments

  • Residents
  • Fellows
    • Pre- and Post-Doctoral
uf employment groups2
UF Employment Groups

Student Appointments

  • Student OPS
  • Graduate Assistants
staff classification and compensation framework
Staff Classification and Compensation Framework
  • Designed to help ensure that staff positions similar in duties and responsibilities are grouped together
  • Facilitates administration of funds allocated for wages and salaries in an equitable and legal manner
  • When there is a significant change in the duties assigned to a position, a reclassification should be requested
    • Focus on duties and responsibilities assigned to a position, rather than the individual occupying the position
    • The employee should already be performing the work
in general
In General …
  • HRS can provide information related to:
    • What’s the average pay on campus for a particular classification?
    • What’s an appropriate range to use when advertising a vacancy that takes into account appropriate market data?
    • What’s an appropriate amount for a Special Pay Increase, or SPI – market, counter-offer, additional duties (temporary or permanent)?
fair labor standards act
Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Prescribes standards for wages and overtime pay that affect most private and public employment
  • Requires employers to pay covered employees (non-exempt)
    • Overtime pay of one and one-half times the regular rate of pay
    • At least the federal minimum wage
fair labor standards act1
Fair Labor Standards Act
  • “Non-exempt” (hourly)
    • Not exempt from the FLSA
    • Must be compensated for hours worked over 40/workweek with overtime (1.5)
    • UF’s workweek: Friday–Thursday
    • NOT calculated on biweekly period
  • “Exempt”
    • Exempt from, or not covered by, the provisions of the FLSA
  • Overtime compensation for USPS/TEAMS is provided either as pay or accrued compensatory leave
    • Both calculated at 1.5
    • Employees cannot volunteer for their own job
  • In the event of a disagreement between payment and compensatory leave accrual, it’s the employee’s choice
  • Even unauthorized overtime must be compensated if worked
  • NOTE: OPS employees must be paid for overtime worked
minimum wage
Minimum Wage
  • Federal - $7.25/hour
  • State of Florida (Student and OPS) - $7.79/hour (effective January 1, 2013)
  • UF Staff Employees - $10.00/hour (up from $9.75, effective October 2012)
equity diversity

Equity & Diversity

How Federal Laws Affect Employment Decisions

federal laws
Federal Laws
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, and CRA of 1991
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967, as amended
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
federal laws1
Federal Laws
  • Equal Pay Act of 1963, as amended
  • Veterans Readjustment Act of 1974
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • Immigration Reform and Control Act
  • Executive Order 11246 from 1960’s (Affirmative Action Plans) - Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)
affect all employment practices
Affect All Employment Practices
  • Hiring
  • Promoting
  • Training
  • Disciplining
  • Providing benefits
  • Firing
  • Layoffs
non discrimination





Veteran status

Genetic Information



National origin

Marital status

UF policy added sexual orientation, gender identity and expression

it s illegal to
It’s Illegal to . . .
  • Refuse to hire or pay based on sex, age, race, or disability
  • Make employment decisions based on appearance, accent, religion or ethnic background
  • Discriminate based on citizenship status
prevention of sexual harassment
Prevention of Sexual Harassment
  • It is the policy of The University of Florida to provide an educational and working environment for its students, faculty, and staff that is free from sexual harassment. UF has a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment which prohibits any member of the University community—student, faculty, or staff—from harassing any other member or visitor.
  • Individuals who engage in such conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Reporting requirements:
  • All employees of the university are expected to complete the online training for the prevention of sexual harassment within 30 days of hire and a refresher course ever two years.
protection of vulnerable persons law
Protection of Vulnerable Persons Law
  • On October 1, 2012, a state law goes into effect that requires a state university ADMINISTRATOR, to report known or suspected child abuse, neglect or abandonment (including physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse) that occurred on university property or at a university sponsored event directly to the Department for Children and Families (“DCF”) via the Florida Abuse Hotline at (800) 962-2873 or via Children are people (including students and others) under 18 years old.  
  • Definition of administrators and training on HRS web site under policies
president s council on diversity
President’s Council on Diversity
  • Chaired by Director of Equity and Diversity (Amelia Luisa Dempere)
  • Representatives from campus and Gainesville community
  • UF’s Diversity Action Plan
  • Additional information:

recruitment and staffing
Recruitment and Staffing
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • E-Verify
  • Immigration Services
  • Rehired Retirees
criminal background checks
Criminal Background Checks
  • To foster and maintain safety and security of students, faculty and, staff.
  • Already performed for many hires.
  • Beginning March 1, 2011, will be completed for all “new” faculty and TEAMS staff hires.
  • Excludes temporary employees (OPS) unless legally required (Federal or State).
criminal background checks1
Criminal Background Checks
  • Cost of background check paid from central funds, including those for existing employees funded by departments.
  • Coordinate through UF Human Resource Services Recruitment and Staffing.
  • Form -
e verify
  • An employment eligibility verification system operated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • Implemented January 2010.

What does E-Verify Mean to UF?

  • All employees, including adjunct faculty and graduate assistants, must sign the I-9 ON OR BEFORE the first day of employment.
  • All employees must produce documents proving authorization to work in U.S by the end of the third day of work.
  • Hires must be entered into the UF payroll system, which is now connected to E-Verify, by the end of the third workday.

What does E-Verify Mean to UF?

  • Penalties for not complying with E-Verify within 3 days of the hire include fines and loss of federal funding.
  • By law, employees who do not produce documents by the end of the third business day are not eligible to return to work and must be terminated.
immigration compliance services ics
Immigration Compliance Services (ICS)
  • ICS provides administrative support services to departments/centers and foreign nationals as they relate to processes associated with sponsorship of exchange visitors, temporary workers and employment-based permanent residents.
  • Nonimmigrant Workers(H-1B, TN, O-1, E-3) Foreign national employees with an educational background which meets the qualifications for a “specialty occupation” with the intent to either return to a place of residence abroad or remain in the U.S. permanently.
  • Employment Based Permanent Resident Status Foreign national employees whose employment conditions meet federal and University requirements for sponsorship under an immigrant classification, which allows the employee to adjust status to one which permits one to reside and work.
rehired retirees
Rehired Retirees
  • New state and university requirements
  • State guideline

  • UF form

staff performance appraisals

Staff Performance Appraisals

UF’s performance appraisal system is designed to improve communication between supervisors and employees

performance appraisals for staff
Performance Appraisals for Staff
  • Exempt staff: Evaluated by supervisor via a narrative letter and form in March each year
  • Non-exempt staff are evaluated via a form, using a set of established ratings
    • Exceeds, Above Average, Achieves, Minimally Achieves, Below Performance Standards
types for non exempt staff
Types for Non-exempt Staff
  • Probationary
    • Typically completed during an employee’s sixth month
  • Annual
    • In March of each year—unless another appraisal was completed within the last 60 days
    • Next evaluation period: March 1, 2012-February 28, 2013
  • Signed form returned to HR by March 31
other uf staff appraisals
Other UF Staff Appraisals
  • “Special” appraisals
    • Covers evaluation for period of 60 days to 6 months
    • Notes changes in performance
  • Best practice
    • Please contact HR satellite office if you believe a special appraisal is warranted or when there are overall performance concerns
union representation
Union Representation
  • AFSCME – Staff USPS (1,150)
  • GAU – Graduate Assistants (4,500)
  • PBA –Police Benevolent Association (69)
  • UFF – United Faculty of Florida (1,700)
collective bargaining agreements contracts
Collective Bargaining Agreements/Contracts
  • Define working conditions
  • Drive salary increases
  • Provide grievance procedures
  • Typically three years in duration, with reopeners


UF encourages all staff members to contribute to a positive and productive work environment

progressive discipline
Progressive Discipline
  • Oral reprimand
  • Written reprimand
  • Suspension
  • Dismissal
appealable actions
Appealable Actions
  • Predetermination Conference
  • Option to Arbitrate
complaints grievances
Complaints & Grievances
  • Various options for faculty and staff
  • Includes internal and external reviews  
  • UF Regulations

  • Union Contracts

  • Non-reappointments/Non-renewals
    • Not considered disciplinary
teams appointments1
TEAMS Appointments
  • “New to UF” staff hires:
    • TEAMS non-exempt (hourly)
      • Serve six-month probationary period
      • Then issued annual appointment
    • TEAMS exempt
      • Department should issue six-month initial appointment
      • Then issued annual appointment
teams appointments2
TEAMS Appointments
  • Internal candidate
    • May be USPS or TEAMS (employee brings current status) unless position is TEAMS only
    • USPS employee will serve six-month probationary period if never been in classification
    • TEAMS issued annual appointment—no probationary periods—if employee has completed initial 6 months at UF
non reappointments
  • Hired after June 30, 2005:
    • Three months notice
  • Hired before June 30, 2005:
    • Six months notice
  • Does not apply if serving a probationary period
  • Employees may apply for other jobs on campus
time limited positions
Time-Limited Positions
  • When possible, employees are provided a minimum of 45 days’ notice in the event funding is being eliminated
  • Time-limited provisions in appointment letter take precedence over appointment and non-reappointment requirements
uf privacy office
UF Privacy Office
  • Dedicated to preventing unauthorized access to information, maintaining the accuracy of information, and ensuring the appropriate use of information.
  • Strive to put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial safeguards to secure the information collected in all formats.
  • Susan Blair, Chief Privacy Officer
training and organizational development
Training and Organizational Development

Leadership Development:

  • UF management/leadership competency model
    • “Managing at UF” curriculum supports competency development
      • 360-degree assessment available
    • Year-long leadership programs:
      • Advanced Leadership for Academics and Professionals program
      • UF Academy (emerging leaders)
training and organizational development1
Training and Organizational Development
  • Training – business and compliance
  • Education Benefits
  • Awards Programs
  • Strategic planning and retreat facilitation
  • Managerial coaching
  • Visit
hr resources are available
HR Resources Are Available
  • Mary Alice Albritton, Director for Benefits and Retirement
  • Melissa Curry, Director for Recruitment and Staffing
  • Kim Czaplewski, Director for Employee Relations,392-1072
  • Jodi Gentry, Director of Training and Organizational Development
  • Elnora Mitchell, Title IX Officer, EEO