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Money For The People to Restore The Economy And The American

(1888PressRelease) To restore the economy and the American Dream, the Government must give the money directly to the American people by Paul Chehade.

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Money For The People to Restore The Economy And The American

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  1. Money For The People to Restore The Economy And The American Dream by Paul Chehade:. (1888PressRelease) To restore the economy and the American Dream, the Government must give the money directly to the American people by Paul Chehade. Instead of the Government giving the Tax Payers money to the Banks, to big corporations and wasting trillions of dollars in unproductive expenditures, the Government must give the money directly to the American people. In view of no proposed solution to our economic problems by either the Government or politicians, while millions of Americans are suffering because they are unable to get a job, combine with an escalating high cost of living provoked by the devaluation of our currency, the rise of the prices of goods and services, the increase of fees and tolls, and the loss of the value of houses etc., we the people are force to come with a solution. Never the less, there are millions of people that are working and paying taxes but their salaries are not enough money to buy health insurance and even worst they cannot go to a doctor, pay for expensive exams and buy medicine; at the same time, these people are struggling to pay their Mortgages, Student Loans, Credit Cards, Car Payments, Rents, and/or plus other monthly debts, bills and expenses that they have.

  2. Additionally, on top of all this, we the people are obligated to tolerate the immoral practices of corporate greed coupled with the corruption that submits public officials to favor these powerful groups of interest against the needs of the Majority of the American people who are the tax payers of this Nation not them. All this and more has caused social economic inequality to the point of that the U.S. is among the 5 countries in the entire world to have such inequality and poverty among its people (1% against 99%), this is a great injustice and must STOP now! Neither political party has come up with a real solution on the inequality in the distribution of wealth; they both continue to favor banks and big corporations principally the ones related to oil, health, pharmaceuticals, insurance, weapons, etc. The Congress and Senate, who are supposed to represent our interests and needs, are sold to the needs of their own political party, their own agenda and especially to the needs of these powerful groups of interest. Before our own eyes, the government has rescued banks by SOCIALIZING their own GREAT LOSS with amount of money so huge that becomes incomprehensible to the average person. We, The People of America (the 99%), feel like we are living in a Dictatorship where our wishes and voices are never heard. The three branches of government Legislative, Judicial and Executive are always ready to suppress us, repress us and if necessary to send us the Police keep us under their control. They don't want to know or hear the screaming voices of the people, neither the wishes of our founding Fathers that wanted to create a country for the benefit of all the People; instead, they are so comfortable with their great salaries and benefits that they don't care if our Nation is really run with corruption and the greed in Wall Street and by the privately own Federal Reserve Bank. We want to recuperate our freedom and we want to have control of our own destiny. Our technology today can allow us to make all the decisions we want without intermediaries or representatives, we don't need others to make decisions for us, especially on how to spend our own money. Through the internet we can create a Direct Democracy without intermediaries, if we want too, that way we can avoid the corruption and the distortion of our wishes by false politicians. We together and united can become an unstoppable force, bigger than Police and Government combine.

  3. We should not fear them, because we must recuperate our power before they used our own money against our selves, before they create a society of a robotic mentality and Zombies, which can easily be manipulated and controlled. The immediate solution should be to stop the government spending the money of the tax payers as if it were there's. Then, under the label "Money for the People" we mean that we have come up with the only real solution to solve our social-economic crisis. Money for the People is a simple formula to eradicate and root out all poverty in the U.S., to restore the Economy and the American Dream. Also the Government will be able to balance their Budget and pay their National Debt. Unfortunately, the amounts of monies that have been spent and lost before our eyes to rescue the banks and to stimulate the economy become cloudy and incomprehensible to the Majority of people. Therefore in order to comprehend let's analyze the following examples: 1) Money used to rescue Banks: more than $ 700''000'000,000 (700 billion Dollars) Number of individual tax payers: 140'000,000 (140 million people) If we divide this numbers: 700,000,000,000/140,000,000 = $ 5,000 (5 Thousand Dollars per individual tax payer) 2) Money that the Gov. wants to give to supposedly help stimulate the economy by repairing roads, highways and schools ("Obama's job plan"). Another disaster based on the wrong principal of wasting huge amount of our own money that will only benefit a very small group of contractors and NOT THE MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. $ 447"000'000,000.00 (447 billion Dollars) Money the Government wants to give it away

  4. Let's divide this amount by the Number of individual income tax payers: 447,000,000,000/140,000,000 = $ 3,192.85 3) Now let's divide this amount again by the total population of the U.S.: 447,000,000,000/308,750,000 = $ 1,447.77 Now, if we subtract the 1% of the extremely rich people, there is MORE than $ 1,447.77 to give to each American Citizen. * What if the government gave the money to the people after taking out their Taxes, wouldn't the people be able to pay their mortgages, student loans, credit cards, insurance, etc.? The real estate market will be reactivated; the demand for automobiles will dramatically increase to the point that workers will be hired to work 3 shifts; consequently there will be an increase in all jobs, small business and big business will have more demand for their products and their services; the airlines, the hotels, the traveling industry, and all type industries and businesses will experience an increased in demand. The money can be given for some in one lump sum of money or could be given in a period of 20 years, after the taxes are collected for the government, plus the increased of capital gains in corporations and plus the amount of sale taxes that would be collected, it will be an enormous source of income for them. Wouldn't this be a win-win solution to all Americans? The U.S. must always be a great example to the world for true democracy, economic equality, freedom and justice for all. We the people are force to come with a solution. Paul Chehade:. For more information please visit: http://www.paulchehade.org/ Source: http://www.1888pressrelease.com/paul-chehade/solidary/money-for-the-people-to-restore-the-economy-and-the-american-pr-342666.html

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