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bill hionas offers advice to fit specific needs of individua PowerPoint Presentation
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bill hionas offers advice to fit specific needs of individua

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bill hionas offers advice to fit specific needs of individua - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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(1888PressRelease) Investment is not a 'one-size-fits-all' business.

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Bill Hionas Offers Advice to Fit Specific Needs of Individual Investors

(1888PressRelease) Investment is not a 'one-size-fits-all' business.

MIAMI, FL - Every investor is unique: their reasons for investing; the amount of exposure they have, or are willing to have; the dollar amount they want to invest; the percentage of their investment they are willing to take a higher risk on; whether they are wanting short-term gains or are interested in long-term security; all these considerations affect the way they think and the way they will react to fluctuations in the market.

There is no 'catch-all' solution or advice that will benefit all investors. Bill Hionas leads a seasoned team of brokers at Pan American Metals of Miami, which deals in precious metals bullion. This is a market that has seen its fair share of volatility lately, while also being quite exciting. Some investors will be laughing all the way to the bank as they have seen the value of their bullion rise precipitously; others may be hesitant, wondering if the bubble is about to burst or if the prices are too high to justify buying. Some investors thrive on excitement; others prefer their investments to be boring but secure. The team at Pan American Metals of Miami tailors its advice to the unique and specific needs of each individual investor.

Those who are speculating and seeking short-term profit will be looking for rallies in the price of gold to sell and take their profits. Those who are more interested in the long-term will look at dips in the market as healthy corrections and be content to wait patiently for the price to rise again, knowing that it will. They may also be taking the opportunity to buy, adding to their bullion holdings while prices are temporarily lower. There are also those who are interested in acquiring, or holding, as much gold bullion as possible as insurance against devaluation of paper currency or hyper-inflation, which would effectively devalue their assets. This group will also wants to buy at the lowest possible price and will therefore see corrections as the perfect opportunity.


Bill Hionas and his team are available to assist any investor, whatever their needs and circumstances, with their precious metals bullion purchases.

About Bill Hionas:

Bill Hionas is CEO of Pan American Metals of Miami, LLC, a group of traders, investors and brokers who combine many years of experience to help clients invest in bullion. PAMM provides an individual investment service and is based in Miami, Florida for convenient access to both North and South American investors.


Press Contact

Debbie Bailey

Executive Administrator

Pan American Metals of Miami, LLC

Email: dbailey ( @ ) investpanam dot com