(1888PressRelease) Investors may have questions as to the best way to invest in precious metals.
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(1888PressRelease) Investors may have questions as to the best way to invest in precious metals.

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(1888PressRelease) Investors may have questions as to the best way to invest in precious metals.

MIAMI, FL - Given the recent volatility in the precious metals market, many potential investors may be asking themselves "Should I still buy gold?" or "How should I invest in precious metals?" Unlike stocks, bonds and other commodities, precious metals have an intrinsic value that cannot be eliminated, no matter what may happen to the global economy, even a stock market crash. Gold, in particular, therefore serves as a safe haven for investors interested in wealth protection.

Gold and silver are actually minted as coins and have served for centuries as actual money. They are not just a promise to pay, like a paper bill, but an actual precious metal. As people are becoming increasingly nervous about fiat currencies, which rely on faith in the governments that issued them, gold and silver represent reassurance.

There are many different ways to buy precious metals but bullion is the preferred method. Owning precious metals bullion is comparable to owning real estate, arguably better in fact. The value cannot be wiped out and it can be traded easily, anywhere in the world and in any major currency. Despite the recent volatility in the market, gold has still performed extremely well; anyone who bought gold a few months ago is showing a handsome profit, even at the current price.

"Precious metals bullion is a unique financial instrument," says Bill Hionas. "Most investors realize the value of gold as a hedge against economic uncertainty but investment demand is growing for the white metals also."

Bill Hionas runs Pan American Metals of Miami, which trades in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. PAMOM is located in Miami Beach where it is at the financial hub of North and South America.

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About Bill Hionas: best way to invest in precious metals.

Bill Hionas is CEO of Pan American Metals of Miami, LLC, a group of traders, investors and brokers who combine many years of experience to help clients invest in bullion. PAMM provides an individual investment service and is based in Miami, Florida for convenient access to both North and South American investors.

Website: http://www.billhionas.com; http://www.panamericanmetalsofmiami.com

Press Contact:

Debbie Bailey

Executive Administrator

Pan American Metals of Miami, LLC

Email: dbailey ( @ ) investpanam dot com

Website: http://www.billhionas.com; http://www.panamericanmetalsofmiami.com