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World Wide Celebration

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World Wide Celebration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World Wide Celebration
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  1. World Wide Celebration St. Patrick’s Day

  2. March 17th of Every Year • St. Patrick’s Day celebrated • People from all over the world… • Share symbols • Tell stories • Engage in Irish activities

  3. Who really was St. Patrick • Was he even Irish? • When did he appear in history? • Why was he so important? • Why do people remember him now? • Why is March 17th so important?

  4. St. Patrick • Born in Great Brittan to a rich family • He began going to school • Was not particularly that special of a kid

  5. Well then why is he so important • When he was 16 he was kidnapped by raiders for ransom. • His parents would not pay. • He was sold into slavery in Ireland

  6. Irish Slavery • He never say his parents again • He stayed enslaved for the next 6 years • He was a herdsman for a flock of sheep (Sheppard)

  7. The Faith • He was a catholic as a boy. • Over his 6 years in Irish slavery he grew a strong faith • He studied the Bible and learned more & more about the faith

  8. His Vision • One night alone in his bed he had a vision • In his vision he was directed to fast for 30 days. • He was then told to escape from his slave master during the night • There would be a ship waiting for him • 200 miles • Had no map & knew no route (followed the direction of the Lord)

  9. The Ship • He reached the ship at night fall 4 days later. • He boarded the ship as was directed in his dreams. • The Captain stopped him. • Have you no money to pay the fare. • Patrick had no money • He was told “in no means try to board this ship” • So Patrick left the ship & headed for a hut. • He was stopped in the village where the hut was and told that the men of the ship were calling for him.

  10. Back in Great Brittan • The ship docked in Great Brittan • St. Patrick got out and found a Christian monastery that took him in. • He became a priest

  11. Missions • He led many mission trips to try to convert people to Catholicism. • Used the Shamrock to distinguish Holy Trinity • Everywhere he went Miracles happened.

  12. Miracles • He banished snakes from an island • Rose people from the dead. • He converted countless people to Christianity

  13. Story of his death • Died March 17th 493 A.D. • Natural causes • Made a saint hundreds of years after his death. • Made a saint because of his Christian teachings around the world.

  14. St. Patrick’s Day Symbols • Most do not have to do with St. Patrick’s day at all. • Three Leaf Clover • Four Leaf Clover • Leprechauns • Green • Luck of the Irish

  15. Three Leaf Clover • The Way St. Patrick taught the Trinity on his Missions • Father • Son • Holy Spirit as one

  16. Four Leaf Clover • Used by St. Patrick • Luck? • Not luck at all • The four clovers represent… • Hope • Faith • Love • Happiness

  17. Green • Why do we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? • Because you will be pinched if you don’t • School children in Ireland started the tradition • Green was the color of the Irish flag & you were pinched if you did not have it on.

  18. The Luck of the Irish • Say your Prayers • May blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow & may trouble avoid you wherever you go • Wear green • Catch a Leprechaun

  19. Legend of the Leprechaun • Leprechauns were crabby shoemakers • Fairies paid leprechauns to mend their shoes. • Paid them in gold coins • They collected them in large black pots • If you listen closely & hear their hammer you might be able to catch one. • If you catch one & threaten them they will lead you to which rainbow their treasure is behind but on the journey if you take your eye off of them they will vanish & you will be lost in the woods forever.

  20. St. Patrick's Day •