What is disorderly conduct and disorderly behavior?
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Disorderly Conduct and Disorderly Behavior in the Gettysburg Community - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is disorderly conduct and disorderly behavior?. Disorderly Conduct and Disorderly Behavior in the Gettysburg Community.

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What is disorderly conduct and disorderly behavior?

Disorderly Conduct


Disorderly Behavior

in the

Gettysburg Community

Living off-campus or in areas on the border of campus offer the experience of college life along with that of living in the broader community that is Gettysburg. As such, you must conform to the rules of both the College and the community, especially when it comes to disorderly conduct and disorderly behavior. The College's expectations can be found in the Handbook of Student Rights & Responsibilities at:

According to the Gettysburg Borough, disruptive conduct refers to any behaviors or actions which disturb other persons, particularly neighbors, due to the offensive nature, excessive volume, and/or inappropriate time of day of these actions. Disruptive conduct is not in the best interests of off-campus Gettysburg College community members, the College at large, or citizens of the borough of Gettysburg unaffiliated with the College. For a copy of the complete Borough Ordinance, please stop by the Safety and Security office at 51 W. Stevens St.


You might not be as familiar, however, with the laws of the borough of Gettysburg.  The purpose of this brochure is to inform you of what the laws are, as well as the consequences of violating them.  These laws all exist as an effort to make Gettysburg a better place to live, both for yourself and others.  When these laws are broken, it has a negative impact on everyone in the community.

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How does it affect the community?

What can I do about this problem?

What are the consequences?

Disorderly conduct affects the community in many ways. The most detrimental of these effects is that such behaviors create a hostile and uncomfortable environment within the community. People have a right to live without acts which are offensive or invasive occurring outside of their homes. When such behavior does occur, it contributes to the deterioration of community relations with the college.

As a student, it is important to understand how your behavior affects everyone around you. Make sure to report incidents of disorderly conduct and behavior to Safety and Security when the action occurs. If we work together to build partnerships, we can deal with this problem and reduce the harm that it causes.


A conviction of disorderly conduct can cause more problems than it’s worth. You will receive points from the new college point system. This offense can also show up on your record, potentially causing problems when you apply for jobs. And it might even have a negative influence if you have a future run-in with the law. For more information on the Alcohol and Drug Policy Points System, see this webpage:

These statistics show just how much these incidents have increased in recent years. And this only includes on-campus offenses, not ones that are committed by college students on properties near campus and in town.


Questions? Contact Safety and Security at 717-337-6912