customizing fte collections for your c lassroom n.
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Customizing FTE Collections for Your C lassroom PowerPoint Presentation
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Customizing FTE Collections for Your C lassroom

Customizing FTE Collections for Your C lassroom

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Customizing FTE Collections for Your C lassroom

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Customizing FTE Collections for Your Classroom Go to Register. You may use FTE collections without registering, but you must have your own (free) account to “customize” (edit and adapt for your students) collections. Log in with your new user-name and password.

  2. Once you’ve created an account, you can simply Login anytime you return to Gooru. OR, for faster access, bookmark the url and check “keep me signed in.”

  3. Finding the Collection(s) You Want to Customize Make sure you’re logged in. Type the title or a general topic in the search box. Select “Collections” (rather than “Resources” or “Quizzes”) Click the search button.

  4. Scroll through the results until you find the collection you’d like to customize Position the cursor over any collection in the left column to highlight it. The thumbnails in the right column allow you to quickly see the resources in that collection. Click the collection title in the left column to open.

  5. Familiarize yourself with the opening screen of the collection. If you give students this url and tell them to click “Study” they will access the collection in its original FTE form. The Econ Eddie “owner” icon tells you this is the original FTE collection, rather than one you’ve customized. The + icon is the tool you’ll use to add the collection to your shelf for customizing. Click it.

  6. Add the collection to your shelf by clicking the green + icon Clicking the green icon opens a list of the folders in your collection shelf. You must click on one of the folders to add the collection to your shelf before you’ll be able to customize it.

  7. Success! The original FTE collection has been added to your shelf.

  8. The collection you added will now be visible in your shelf To customize: Move the cursor over the collection thumbnail. Click the white triangle in the gray circle. Select “customize” from the pop up menu.

  9. Renaming the collection makes you the owner. You can rename the collection with any title to help you remember the purpose of the customization. For example, if you have an honors class and a regular class, you might copy the collection twice – naming one “Smith – period 3” and another “Smith – honors”. After giving the collection a new name, click OK to add an editable copy to your shelf.

  10. You now have 2 copies of the collection on your shelf – the original FTE collection, and your personal, customizable collection. AND, most importantly, when you click the white triangle, you now have the EDIT option will work.

  11. One of the easiest edits is re-ordering. To move a resource, click and drag. The green square will show you where the resource is being positioned.

  12. The edit screen provides many other editorial options:edit the collection title and meta-dataplay the collectionmake and title additional copies View each of the resourcesindividuallyand add text narration for students by clicking the blue resource-type icon. Remove a resource by clicking the white X. Expand the size and complexity of the collection by adding new segments.

  13. Clicking the “Add a Resource” thumbnail at the end of a segment opens a dialog box that configures to the type of resource you select. After you save the added resource, it will appear at the end of the segment. Click and drag to move it into the desired position in the collection.

  14. Click “Play” to preview the collection as your students will see it and to capture the url for student access.

  15. Copy this urlin the play mode to give students direct access to the customized collection. Note that Econ Eddie is gone, and you’re the new owner of the collection. (Not to worry, though. Econ Eddie and the original collection are still on your shelf for future reference.)